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How to Make a Kids Snack Board

I’m going to show you how to make a kids snack board, aka kids smorgasboard. With the kids home all day, chances are they want to eat all the time.

How to Make a Kids Snack Board

This simple trick has helped curve the “MOM, I’M HUNGRY!”

Eating at Home

Here we are in the spring of 2020 and we here in the United States are isolated to our homes. School closings, quarantine and now we are even homeschooling – who would have thought?

MOM I'M HUNGRY solution

On top of that, we are now responsible for cooking 3 meals a day for our family. No more school lunches, never thought i’d miss those – but I do! Did I mention we have 4 kids? 3 of which are growing boys, God help us!

Snacking All Day

In the typical day, I am not making all of the meals and surely not having to hear about kids needing a snack. Alas, the kids are snacking all day. Here is my solution to help with this issue. Make a kids snack board.

healthy kids snack board

I saw this brilliant idea on a post from Jen Hatmaker. She suggested making a board, like a charcuterie board but filled with foods for feeding the kids throughout the day.

Not only will this hack help you keep the kids fed during lockdown, this will be super helpful during the summer months or during the holidays!

How to Make a Kids Snack Board

So here is the beautiful thing. Teaching you how to make a kids snack board is quite easy.

Get a board, like a cheese board, large plate or even just a cookie sheet!

Easy Food Board for Kids

Create groups of food snack items that you want your kids to eat. I want my kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, therefore I added fruits and veggies.

Add in some sweets and treats. We had 1 pack of chewy fruit snacks, added those. Leftover Valentine’s day Kit-Kats – added. The potato chip bag had only a quarter left, added that with some pretzels.

More Kids Snack Board Ideas

Here are some more kids snack board ideas that were featured on Jen’s facebook post from creative moms.

Fruit Veggie and Cheese Board for Kids

Perfect Way to Get Rid of Snacks

Use whatever you want to get rid of on the board! Empty out the veggie drawer in the fridge and half eaten snacks in the pantry that the kids forgot about, put it on the board. Get creative!

Giant Snack Board

Kids don’t care what this looks like. You can make it cute with smiley faces, or not. Whatever works with whatever you have!

This kids snack board took me 10 minutes total to put together. That includes washing and cutting fruits and vegetables!

Kids Snack Ideas

Leave Out All Day

Put the kids snack board out at all day for grazing. I fix the main item of lunch, example today the kids ate pizza rolls. Then this snack board contains their sides and anything they might eat before dinner.

No More I’m Hungry

The reason I even made this kids snack board was because I, like Jen and many other moms hate hearing the words “I’m Hungry!” Kid you don’t know what hungry is and please for the love just eat something off of the snack board!

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