Get a Wobble Chair for the Kid That Has the Wiggles


Wobble chair, wobble stool, wiggly chair – things I searched after I got tired of hearing my kid fall over in his desk chair while doing virtual school. If you have a child (or maybe even an adult!) who fidgets and moves while they sit – this may just be the answer you are looking for.

We’ve created a jam pack guide to help you to learn all the things about these fun busy chairs.

wobble chairs photo of 4 different balance chairs for kids and adults

What is a Wobble Chair

SO, maybe you are asking – what is a wobble chair? It’s a chair that’s a stool that provides a constant wobble, allowing a child or adult to move while sitting.

let's talk about wobble chairs
what you need to know about wobble chairs

The definition of wobble – adjective: move unsteadily from side to side. And that is exactly what this chair allows you to do, WOBBLE!

Wobble chairs may also be referred to as: wobble stools, active chairs, active stools, wiggle chairs, wiggle stools, fidget chairs, or fidget stools.

Chair for the Wiggles

My boys wiggle, a lot. When we started this whole remote learning thing, we didn’t realize that this would be a long term adventure. (I mean, what word best describes the life we live in now – than adventure!)

Best Wobble Chairs

Looking for the best wobble chair for you or your child? Here are the chairs we recommend and why.

Best Wobble Chairs

Adult Wobble Chairs

While our experience is with kids, there are wobble chairs for adults! If you are an adult who likes to fidget and move (ADHD here, so I get it!) - one of these active chairs maybe for you.

Make sure that the chairs weight will hold you (no judgement - don't shoot the messenger!) and height. Here is a good rated adult version.

Wobble Chairs for Adults

Benefits for ADHD, Sensory and Stemming

After months of hearing my kid fall or flip over his desk chair, I knew the time had come to find a solution to the wiggles. This son in particular is especially wiggly. He is on the spectrum and one of the ways he stims is rocking in his chair. Now he gets to wobble.

The school district we live in is super diligent about finding sensory items that work best for our high functioning autistic son. When he was in a regular school classroom, one of the accommodations was a wobble chair (or a wobble stool – looks like a stool but works as a chair.)

Since we are doing virtual learning for another semester, I thought maybe a wobble stool could be a solution!

Everything Wobble Chair

Perfect for ADHD and Active Kids or Adults

Wobble stools and chairs provide a benefit for ADHD, sensory issues, ADHD and people who just like to wiggle. The stool provides a full body wobble movement, and for some kids and adults, this can improve focus and concentration. It keeps your muscles more engaged as you sit and move.

Keep reading, we are share what size to purchase for each age (even adults), as well as things you should look for when purchasing a wobble chair.

Using for School

For Christmas this year, under the Christmas tree, sat a wobble chair just for him. And as soon as he opened it – he proceeded to take it out of the box, sit on it and then opened the rest of his Christmas presents. He loved it.

Now that school is back in session for the new semester, was interested to see if the chair would work or just become another one of those things that we face palm as we think “WHY DID WE BUY THAT!”

Let’s just say it’s been amazing. So much so, that we are now owners of TWO wobble chairs and contemplating a third because there is another desk upstairs and again – the kids ROCK their chairs so hard while playing games.

In the Classroom

PARENT TIP: If your school district is not able to purchase a fidget chair with school funds (moment of silence for public school budgets) – here is another suggestion.

I have read parents working with teachers and purchasing these chairs with their own funds and teachers allowing the kids to use in class. You will need to talk to your school, but maybe an idea. There are multiple positive wobble chair reviews in regards to helping with attention span.

What to Look for in a Wobble Chair

Here are a few things to know before you purchase.

Ready to buy a wobble chair Here is what you need to know before you purchase


How much is a wobble chair?

There is a wide price range of wobble chairs. Budget between $50-$100 for a good chair.


What size wobble chair do I buy? There are various sizes for each stool. Here is what I could gather from suggested sizing:

Each wobble stool comes in different sizes. You will want to make sure that you are buying a chair that will work best for whoever is using it. A first graders wobble chair size will be different than one for an adult.

There are various manufactures that make these chairs, and each will have different specifications. Here is a general guideline, but make sure to check with the manufacture before purchasing:





Teen / Adult

Wobble Chair Size

10″ Tall

14″ Tall

16″ Tall and Up

18″ Tall and Up

We purchased 18″ tall wobble seats – these are perfect for our growing tweens. They also both fit perfect under a standard size desk.

Wobble Stool What Size to Buy
When ordering a wobble chair make sure to order the right size

If you are looking for a counter wobble stool – you will need around 24″ tall.

Adjustable Sizing for Wobble Stools

If you are worried about sizes and your kid growing, there are stools that adjust in height.

Another option for an adjustable option, there is a pneumatic (available on Amazon) version that allow you to change the height of the stool to the desired height.

The reviews are mixed on both of these, so we opted for a fixed height option.

Wobble Chairs Questions Answered

Let’s answer some commonly asked questions about wobble chairs.

What size wobble chair should I buy?

Refer to our chart for a general guide to stool sizing.

Where can I find a wobble chair?

We purchased our wobble chair at amazon. Check out our suggested options.

How do you use a wiggle chair?

wobble wiggle fidget

Think of a stool that you can pivot and move on. You have to keep balance but the stool allow you to move and sit while you are sitting.

What are the benefits?

Wobble chairs have many benefits, especially for those with busy bodies. These active chairs are often recommended for ADHDsensory issues or a nnyone who just likes to move while they sit.

The wobble stool lets you sit while still letting you move.

What type of floor works best?

carpet pad under wobble chairs for stability

We have our stools on wood floors and tile. We did end up putting a rug under the kid wobble stool in the kitchen. While there hasn’t been an incident – the kid moves quite a bit and decided to put it there just in case.

The chairs work great on carpet. A solution if you have slippery floors is to add a carpet tile underneath the chair to prevent slippage.

Digital Mom Blog is written by a mom with 4 kids. I hope that this fun find helps a parent who has a fidgety kid.

These wobble chairs have been a game changer the last few weeks that we have been back in school. I just wish I had thought about this the first semester after hearing our kid’s teacher rave about these.

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