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Last Day of School Party Ideas

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Schools almost out for the summer – why not throw a last day of school party to help celebrate the end of waking up early.

Last Day of School Party Ideas

Looking for last day of school party ideas? Celebrate sleeping in, no schedule, fighting kids and blistering hot temperatures with a party!

Several moms in our neighborhood got together and threw the kids a surprise last day of school party. These moms are so crafty. The only thing I can take credit for is the Target bought lemonade, cookies and the photos.

Last Day of School Party

Schools Out for the Summer 

The last day of school party was held at a park near the school. We had the kids meet us near the park. Several of us moms decorated the park area and setup fun activities listed below.  Right after school let out, half of the moms met up with the kids and led them to the park. There were a couple dozen kids. It was crazy, but boy they had fun and it was definitely a memory that they’ll have.

Need ideas for what to do with the kids this summer? Check out our Summer Bucket List!

End of Summer Party – WELCOME SUMMER Banner

There was a massive banner that said “Welcome Summer” for the kids to run through.

welcome summer banner

How to Make Marshmallow Poppers

We made marshmallow poppers using Solo cups and balloons. You tie off the balloons and cut the top of the balloons off. Cut the Solo cups in half (horizontally). You will keep the end with the lip. Take the balloon and fit it over the lip. Now you have a marshmallow popper.

marshmallow popper

We then lined up the kids and had a marshmallow popping contest to see who could pop their marshmallow the farthest.

Water Sponge Fight

In addition to the marshmallow balloon poppers, we did a water sponge fight which the kids loved. Simple, just full bins with water, throw in some sponges – let them attack each other and get wet!

Last Day of School Party - Water Sponge Fight

These BIG sponges are GREAT. We used storage bins full of water. Have the kids circle around the bins, blow a whistle and watch the water sponge fight chaos begin!

End of the School Year Party Food

Hot dogs, fruit, cookies, cupcakes, chips and lemonade served buffet style completed our end of the school year party. 

If you want to get creative, check out this last day of school cake!

End of School Cake

Last Day of School Cake –
image source: Craftster

Make sure to do an end of the school year interview – it will be a keepsake you will love to look back on as the years pass.

Them Kids Vlog Summer

In honor of school being out for the summer – and wanting to foster our kids’ thirst using our computers. At our Z’s request – our older kids, who we affectionately refer to as them kids – shot their first vlog. They’ll be chronicling their adventures through the summer and reviewing websites, games and apps.

Are You Ready for Summer and School to End?

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