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Ticonderoga Pencils – Official Pencil of Public Schools Everywhere

Ticonderoga Pencils – are these on your school supply lists as well? Ticonderoga PencilsHonest question. WHY Ticonderoga pencils? Do these hold some magical power? Seriously, would love to know why schools prefer these than other brands!

Why Ticonderoga Pencils

There seems to be 2 teams. Pro Ticonderoga and Against Ticonderoga.

The Pro team seems to be teachers, and we are all about making teachers happy – so I don’t want this to come off as we are against teachers!  

Expensive Pencils

Let’s face it. Back to School also means GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY. So when you are strolling thru Target shopping for school supplies and on the list are Ticonderoga pencils, do you buy them – or do you buy regular pencils?

Why Teacher Love Ticonderoga Pencils

I asked several teachers why they love Ticonderoga pencils. Here are some thoughtful responses. 

Danya:  OMG–the best. Seriously. I stock up when they are on sale! They write and sharpen SOOO nice

Debbie: I’ve bought these because they were advertised to be great, but I really dislike them. Yes, they sharpen great, but they didn’t write dark enough (like, when there is a powder left behind when writing hard). I spent so much on these when my son was in kinder, and I used them myself at school that year.

Nancy: I used to wonder the same thing – they really do sharpen better and don’t seem to break as easily. The school requested them and then I started buying them for home. Besides it says right on the package “The World’s Best Pencil.” | Ticonderoga Pencils - Official Pencil of Public Schools Everywhere

Paula: The wood is better quality, the lead doesn’t break as often. When you have 25-30 kids in a classroom with their pencil leads breaking every few seconds, the sound of the sharpener will drive you insane. Not to mention when the lead breaks it breaks the student’s concentration.

They have to get up, pass all their friends, act goofy, get the attention of their classmates, sharpen the pencil for 5 minutes because they are wasting time, go back to their seat while making faces and possibly poking or pinching fellow students then take a few minutes to get back on task. Multiply this by 25 students. So much time is wasted at the pencil sharpener. All because of cheap ass pencils.

Hope: As a teacher, I will actually go out and stock up so we can all have Ticonderoga all year. Just what the others said, better erasing, better sharpening, smooth writing. Ticonderoga black is even better. Truly, most others are a complete frustration and waste.

Best Pencils Ever

So to there you have it. Apparently Ticonderoga pencils are magic after all.

They are specifically called out by brand on the school lists so sounds like there is an actual benefit to purchasing these over the cheap pencils.  

Locally, these pencils are sold out everywhere. Stock up at Amazon, sending a few packs to of our favorite teachers after reading thru why these pencils are so loved!

| Ticonderoga Pencils - Official Pencil of Public Schools Everywhere

While yes, these are more expensive – if you can afford them – buy them if your school supply list asks for them. Teachers deserve whatever they want, seriously.

Sound Off: What are your thoughts on Ticonderoga pencils???

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