Free Kids Weekly Planner PDF – Use This Printable To Get Your Kids on a Schedule

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Get organized with this free kids weekly planner PDF. Helping your kids learn time management and building executive functioning skills is critical! This simple weekly planner for kids can help.

Weekly Planner PDF Download

One of the things I really suck at as a parent is keeping a schedule. It’s just not in my nature, well it’s not now since I work for myself. Back in the corporate days, everything was scheduled, now…. not so much. Throw in 4 kids, virtual schooling, sports, church and life — we have CHAOS!

free printable weekly planner for kids

If you are looking for an easy way to help keep your family and kid’s schedule in one place, hopefully our free weekly planner pdf will help!

Download Free Kids Weekly Planner PDF

So here it is in all it’s glory and it’s setup to print nice and evenly on paper when printed thru a deskjet.

free kids weekly planner printable

7 Day Weekly Planner

7 days represented, with tasks to do on Monday thru Friday. There’s a space for putting chores/sports/etc. We’ve been sitting down on Sunday nights to do this. I include everything that is going on that pertains to them. This is really helpful for them kids to see the whole week at a glance.

printable weekly planner for kids

My son tapes his on the wall next to him, so he always knows what’s up.  I really wish the virtual school had a planner that they provided, but this works! Even digital me, who likes to do all the things digitally – likes having things written down for me to see as I am working.

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