Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys: Suggestions From a Boymom


We are sharing our favorite toys for 3 year old boys. As a mom to three boys that are now in their tween and teen years, I can tell you from personal experience what the best toys for this age.

More important that just buying a toy as a gift is finding toys that will last (not be destroyed!) and be played with for more than a week. We’re sharing our favorite toys for 3 year old boys, just in time for birthdays and the upcoming holiday season.

Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys

Listen, I am totally someone who gets gender neutral and you can raise your child without my judgement. But as a mom of 3 boys, I can tell you that there are just some toys that boys like. Not saying that girls won’t like these, but these are the best toys for 3 year old boys that I’ve raised!

toys for 3 year old boys

Whether you are looking for a boy toy for a gift or for your 3-year-old, here are our toy recommendations to keep your boy busy and entertained! In this post, we are keeping the toys non-digital. That’s right, these are screen-free toys. If you are looking for a tablet for your toddler, make sure to check out our Best Tablets for Kids post for our tech suggestions in regards to tablets.

Parents of tots, we know these years can be trying but like all hard things we like to find the funny. Don’t miss out on these hilarious toddler memes that are surely relatable!

Tonka Trucks

Tonka trucks

Tonka trucks are not only a favorite toy for 3 year old boys, they will be a favorite for years to come. Our investment into the Tonka trucks have been well worth it. While these metal truck toys originally were for the playroom, they have now moved outdoors and have lasted us for years.

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Bubble Machine

bubble machine

This is too easy, right? Seriously though, bubbles are a favorite toy of 3 year olds and to go with the bubbles, why not get a bubble machine? Bubble machines are cheap and entertaining. Bonus – this also entertains our dogs.

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Power Wheels

power wheels boy toys

Each of our kids got a power wheels when they turned 3 years old. Our 3 year old boys got a 4-wheeler. Our oldest son got a power wheels truck. Our daughter got a Barbie corvette power wheels when she turned 3. Just make sure that you child knows how to stop. While it is quite funny watching toddler drive power wheels for the first time, it can be dangerous to them (and the walls!) 

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Sports Balls

play balls football basketball soccerball

Footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, bouncy balls, you name the balls – 3 year old boys will play with it. And yes, I know that could be a pun and you can take it for however you think. Amazon sells a collection of 4 balls for under $20, pump included!

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Toddler Trampoline

trampoline for toddlers

For Christmas this year, we bought my nephew a toddler trampoline. This was a favorite toy for our 3 year old boys. They would bounce non-stop and we quickly realized that it needed to be kept downstairs as the banging got so annoying! This is a great toy to wear your boys out. 

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Toy Broom

play broom

Our youngest boy loved his broom set that we bought him when he was around 3-years-old. He would sweep non-stop! This unexpected toy for 3 year old boys is actually a blessing in disguise because the broom actually work. The challenge is teaching the toddlers to sweep up the pile and get the trash into the trash can. 3 is a great age to start teaching simple chores, including sweeping with a toy broom.

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magnatiles for boys

Magnatiles weren’t around when our oldest son was 3, but our youngest and third boy received a set when they were toddlers and have played with these toys for years. The thing I love about Magnatiles is that they don’t hurt to step on like LEGOs (but do know they are slippery when on wood floor!)

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Little Tikes Slide

Little Tikes Slide

As you know, little boys have energy. Another one of our suggestions for toys for 3 year old boys is a Little Tikes slide. The slide can be kept indoors or outdoors. I can’t tell you how many times our boys ran up and down this thing. In the summer, the slide went into the kiddie pool. We still have a Little Tikes slide in my mom’s backyard that is severely faded but works!

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Play Tunnels

tunnel toddler boy toys

If you have a playroom, consider buying a tunnel. Tunnels provide hours of entertainment, but they do take up room. The good news is while they are big, if you have a closet – just throw the tunnel in the closet. It’s a lot easier to pick-up then a ton of toys!

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Balance Bike

Toddler Bikes Kinder Feet Balance Bike

We have an entire post on toddler bikes including the balance bike. You can read why we used a balance bike with our boys. It makes a great 3 year old boy toy.

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playdoh toys for boys

PlayDoh is a toddler favorite. Let me give you this suggestion though, put down a plastic table cloth. 

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We hope our list of suggestions for toys for 3 year old boys helps you find the perfect gift or toy for your toddler! 

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