10 Honest Motherhood Truths Every Mom Should Know

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There are many truths about motherhood, talked about and untold. As a mom of 4, here are 10 lessons that being a mother has taught me.

Being a Mom

There have been many FAILS. There’s been a few wins. Out of all of the things that I’ve learned, 10 truths about motherhood ring true. I could tell you things like your house will never be clean or that sleep is a myth, but there are somethings you need to learn for yourself.

These truths about motherhood are things I want to tell every mom or soon-to-be-mom to know. I wish I had known and understood these things sooner.

1. You are unique.

How you parent should be unique. While Baby Wise may work for your half of your friends, it doesn’t mean it’s what will work for you and your family. You must learn to embrace being unique and finding what works for YOU.

2. Your kids are unique.

Our next motherhood truth, each child is different. Just because ONE is quiet, doesn’t mean the rest will be. Just because one responds to time outs, doesn’t mean it will work for each child. If one baby talks about 5 months, that doesn’t mean they all will.

motherhood truths about each kid being unique

The realization of each kid being unique becomes more distinct as they grow into adulthood and become their own person.

3. Time REALLY does fly.

I use to roll my eyes every time someone said “time flies with kids” or “they’ll be grown before you know it” or “enjoy them while they are young!”

motherhood truths time flies with kids and being a mom

Okay, I now get it. Time DOES fly. The kids grow up way too quick. The trick is just enjoying each moment of it the best you can.

4. The most important things didn’t cost tons of money.

MONEY! If ONLY we had more money, we could buy…. Sure, money is essential, but let me give you some money saving advice….Money isn’t everything and your kids will love you regardless.

I’ve spent so much money on CRAP. Baby crap. Kid crap. Mom crap. You know that CRAP you buy, thinking it will make your life better. The best stroller, the nicest clothes, throwing the BEST kid’s birthday party. Blah – it’s all crap I tell you! I only can say this after spending way too much money and realizing that in the end, the kids don’t care.

I still get caught every now in then in the money can buy happiness trap. Reality slaps me in the face each time. What does is that old song?? Money can’t buy me love… true. that.

5. People will judge you no matter what. Stand tall and ignore them.

Our next motherhood truth is something that is still a challenge but something all moms should know. It doesn’t matter how you raise your kids, someone will always have an opinion. The best thing you can do is keep your head high and ignore the judgement, oh and not judge other moms.

motherhood truths

People will judge you no matter how you parent. Just find what works best for you and your kids.

6. Being a mom can be isolating, if you let it.

An untold motherhood truth is that being a mom can be isolating. I remember spending months locked in the house, only seeing family. When our babies were little, I felt like that was my only option. It was awful and lonely.

I joined a mom group, which I totally DID NOT want to do. But I did, and it made me get out of the house. It made me talk to people outside of the internet world and I ended up making some great friends with moms who had kids my age.

Learn about overcoming loneliness in motherhood.

7. The mom who has it all together is a fake.

No mom has it all together, for real. Even the ones that you swear just know how to do the mom thing right, yeah – each mom has flaws. Each mom deals with crap on the floor that didn’t come from the dog.

Some people don’t let other people know about things like that. Not that we should call these perfect moms out, just know that achieving perfection as a mom shouldn’t be a goal because it’s totally NOT realistic.

8. Give Yourself Grace GMO’s are bad, but so is stress.

While my kids drink healthy smoothies in the mornings, they sometimes eat Macaroni and Cheese for lunch. I want kids with healthy eating habits, but stressing too much isn’t healthy either.

Inspirations for Moms

We have to let some things slide by. Pick your battles and most importantly GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. You give them grace, you deserve grace to.

9. Have fun!

I love having kids. I always knew I wanted to have a large family. What I didn’t know was how fun having kids can be. Sure there are stressful moments and it took me de-stressing my life, learning to say no and saying yes to what really matters to understand this truth.

not the perfect mom meme
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Our family likes to laugh a lot, we have fun whenever possible because people, this life is too short (and didn’t you read #3, it all goes by soo fast!)

10. You are doing a good job mom.

Last of our motherhood truths is a pep talk just for you. Despite the critics (chances are you are your own worse critic) – you are doing a GREAT job, Mom!

Keep up the good work. Don’t compare yourself to others. Stop yourself from judging other moms. Don’t worry about how other parents are parenting. Ignore the haters – there are ALWAYS going to be haters (haters gonna hate).

Motherhood is a marathon with a huge reward that we may not see until we hit the end. Run it at your own pace. Don’t worry about where anyone else is, this is your race not theirs.

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