Technology Tickets – A Creative Way to Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time

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Technology tickets and screen time. Let’s discuss and talk about this creative way to limit your kid’s screen time. 

Recently I attended the Activision Games for Girls Summit and a topic several of the moms were discussing was in regards to whether or not to limit your child’s screen time.

Screen Time and the Kids

In our house, screen time is defined by any electronics for our kids. These can include: TV, computer, iPod, Wii, xBox 360 or iPad.

Limit Screen Time with Technology Tickets
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Personally in our family, we have a liberal policy. A few rules we try (hey, we aren’t perfect) to enforce are:

  • No screen time an hour before bed. (Also read: No Screens in the Bedroom!)
    (This is the rule that most likely is to be broken)
  • Homework MUST be complete before any screen time.
  • If anyone is giving attitude or fighting occurs, no one gets screen time.
  • If friends are over, screen time is limited.
  • We really try to encourage educational games.

There have been times where we have thrown are hands in the air, like many parents as to how to control technology with our kids.

How to Use Technology Tickets

Recently, I was introduced to the idea of technology tickets. These are tickets that are given to your child at the beginning of the week.  A set number is given to each child and each ticket represents an allotted amount of time with technology.

Mom and Dad can have extra technology tickets to hand out as rewards.

Once a technology ticket is used, that’s it for that ticket until the next week.

Of course rules would need to be put in place per household, such as no using after 7 or only using up to 3 tickets in a row. Depending on each child and each parent a variety of rules could be set.

Download Technology Tickets

I love this idea – especially for parents looking for a solution to allowing kids screen time but without being overly strict.

download technology tickets
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Moms Who Use Technology Tickets

Here are several blogs talking about using technology tickets, see how they do it!

Technology Tickets – was originally published on December 14, 2011

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How Do You Handle Screen Time with Your Kids?  Have you used technology tickets? Leave a comment and tell us!

4 thoughts on “Technology Tickets – A Creative Way to Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time”

  1. Love this idea–we implemented it a couple of years ago, but using poker chips! Each was worth 5, 10 or 30 minutes of screen time depending upon the color. Neuroscientists agree visual stimuli like this before bed is not ideal for restful sleep, so we tried to stick with nothing an hour before bed. Kids also can earn time by reading–each minute of reading equates to additional minutes of screen time. The whole deal seemed to self-regulate. Never had crazy amounts of screen time going.

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