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May Memes 2022 – The Funny You Need to Survive Month 5

Starting month 5 off with the best May memes 2022 has to offer.

Each month we share our favorite monthly memes that you will want to share this month! It’s May 2022 and we have the funny memes about May images for sharing.

Funny May Memes 2022

Here are the funny May memes 2022 for you to share through out the month.

hello may meme
hello may meme

Thanks to this Nsync may meme, you can state the obvious… it is no longer April. Thanks Joey.

its no longer april nsync may meme
nsync may meme

Who else sang this as you read it? Sing it Brittney!

just so typically may britney spears may meme
britney spears may meme

Here is another May meme to sing along to… You’re gonna love MAYYYYYYYY!

gonna love may meme
gonna love may meme

Funny May Day Meme

It’s MAY Day on May 1, 2022.

may day force be with you yoda may day meme
hello may meme

May 1 Meme

Ring in May 1…

may 1st pidgeons
may 1 meme

Justin Timberlake Gonna Be May Memes

Yes, we know – it’s gonna be May memes are what you are looking for to start off the month.

adele hello its may meme
hello may meme

Poor Justin Timberlake will never live these memes down during the first week of May.

justin timberlake its gonna be may meme
justin timberlake its gonna be may meme


The FINAL episodes of the Netflix’s Ozark series just released. We are only one down but oh it’s so good. If you love you some Jason Bateman – here are Ozark Memes.

may ozark meme

Teacher Appreciation Week

We are kicking off the month with these May Memes to honor our Teachers. The first week of May – starting Monday, May 2, 2022 and ending on Friday, May 6 is Teacher Appreciation Week.

teachers in may meme
teachers in may meme

Whether you celebrate Teacher appreciation day or teacher appreciation week, there is a common knowledge with this gratitude holiday. Share these teacher memes with your favorite educators.

talking teachers be like memes
Funny May Memes for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are everything! If you have a teacher in your life, and if they have a sense or humor or need a good laugh – share these funny teachers be like memes for some relatable humor.

If you are looking for an easy teacher appreciation gift.

May 4 – Star Wars Day

May the fourth be with your – on May 4, 2022. We have the May the 4th memes to honor Star Wars Day.

may 4th meme
may 4th meme

May 5 – Cinco De Mayo

Get your chips and salsa on for Cinco De Mayo, which is Thursday – May 5, 2022. Celebrate with our Cinco de Mayo memes!

margarita cinco de mayo meme
May 5 2022 – margarita cinco de mayo meme

Celebrate all the best of Mexico:

  • Margarita Memes – our favorite alcoholic drink to enjoy with chips and salsa.
  • Taco Memes – if you don’t like tacos, I’m not sure if we can be friends.
  • Burrito Memes – the other favorite Mexican food, burritos!

May 6 Meme

Our time will come – May the sith. Who knew May was not only Star Wars day, but Star Wars month!

may 6 meme - our time will come may the sith
may 6 meme

May 8 – Mother’s Day

Don’t forget your mama! May 8, 2022 is Mother’s Day. We have Mother’s Day memes 2022 to share with your mama.

may your mother's day be more pleasant than child birth
may 8 meme mothers day

If you are a mama and need a good laugh, these funny mom memes will give you one! We didn’t forget about your single mamas.

These single mom memes are way too relatable if you are doing all the heavy lifting in regards to parenting.

Memes for May Birthdays

Don’t miss our birthday month memes – we have May Birthday Month memes, and every other month too!

hello may birthday month meme
hello may birthday month meme

We have a huge collection of happy birthday memes, that also work!

Last Day of School

The month of May means the end of school for our kids. And of course, we couldn’t end the school year without last day of school memes.

school is out for summer. false, school gets out in spring and start back in the summer. funny last day of school may meme
may last day of school meme

Looking for last day of school party ideas? Here’s a giant list of fun ideas to end the school year.


Whether you are graduating or know someone who is from high school graduation or college….

sponge bob graduation meme
may graduation meme

These graduation memes perfectly reflect this momentous occasion.

May Weather Memes

You guys, if you are here in Texas (don’t miss our Texas memes) – we have lots of feels about May weather.

Chris Farley - for the love of god stop raining meme
may rain meme

We don’t know if it will be hot or raining. If you need hot weather memes, we have those. And if it’s raining – of course, we even have rain memes.

May Allergies

If you have the sniffles or irritated eyes – chances are you can thank those May allergies!

may allergies meme
may allergies meme

These allergy memes are what you are looking for.

Inflation in May

Sorry folks, I am afraid inflation in May is just going to continue to rise so you will be forced to share these inflation memes.

not sure if everything is expensive or i am just poor - may inflation meme
may inflation meme

And if gas prices haven’t come down in your area – let’s be real, where have gas prices dropped in the last 6 months? Enjoy these funny gas memes.

Enjoy the May Memes!

We at Digital Mom Blog hope you have a VERY happy May ! We will continually add more April memes as the moth continues. Don’t miss our Best Memes 2022 to find the best from the year. That too is an on-going list that you will want to bookmark.

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