Funny Last Day of School Memes for Teachers and Students 2024

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For the end of the year, funny Last Day of School memes are a must!

We are sharing our favorite funny memes about the last day of school – perfect for teachers and students. End the 2024 school year off with some laughs!

Funny Last Day of School Memes

Let’s say goodbye to the school year. Share these funny last day of school memes!

funny last day of school memes
funny last day of school memes 2024

Students and parents, these end of school memes are being shared with you in mind! Don’t miss our series of funny school memes for more laughs about educating kids.

last day of school meme funny
last day of school meme funny

If you are looking for more fun ways to celebrate the last day, don’t miss our last day of school party ideas list!

Summer Plans

This last day of school meme has KID who is tired of school written all over it. What are your summer plans, kids? NOTHING. Don’t miss our summer memes for more sunny funny humor.

summer to do list meme
schools out meme

Looking to keep the kids busy this summer? Enjoy this massive list of 75 summer ideas for kids. This parents last day of school meme is how most of us parents are feeling right about now.

parent realizing school is ending and the kids will be home all summer long - parents last day of school meme
parents last day of school meme

We have first day of school memes and now there. Let’s celebrate the end of class with these last day of school memes.

Schools Out for Summer

The range of dates for the first day fo school and last day of school is just crazy! Here in Texas, we start in mid-August and end at the end of May. For my niece and nephew up in the PNW, they start in September and don’t end until mid-June.

schools out for the summer. false school ends in spring and starts back up in summer
funny schools out meme

But leave it to Dwight Shrute to point out the specifics in this end of school meme.

If you are graduating, don’t miss our graduation memes.

Children of the 80’s who now have kids – scream this Alice Cooper song with me. SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER.

alice cooper schools out meme

Speaking of the SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER singer, Alice Cooper. I recently heard a podcast talking about where Alice Cooper is now. Talk about why we should not judge a book by it’s cover. Alice Cooper now spends his days in church and volunteering. Oh and there is that rock and roll thing he still does too! Here is a fascinating article about the rock star from Phoenix New Times.

Random fact, did you know the Minions movie was one of the most watched movies on Netflix this past April? And have you even seen our Minion memes?

schools out for summer minion meme
schools out for summer meme

Let’s celebrate school being out for the summer like the Minions would!

The School Year is Almost Over

Stay strong teachers, parents and kids – the school year is ALMOST OVER.

school year is almost over meme

When School is Finished

When school is finished, who else has this face?

my face when you see school is finished meme

Leaving School on the Last Day Meme

I can hear the music playing, see the confetti falling and my daughter doing a walk just like this as she leaves school on the last day.

leaving school on the last day of school memes
Last day of school meme

Last Week of School Meme

Our school ends with finals during the last week and this totally looks like how my kid acts as he finishes his tests.

last week of school meme
Last week of school meme

Last Day of School Meme

Are you more of a Braveheart – FREEDOM! person or a Alice Cooper, “SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER” person?

last day of school meme
Last day of school meme decisions

Speaking of the FREEDOM Braveheart meme and Alice Cooper meme…. we got you.


Freedom meme – when school is finally finished for the year!

freedom end of school meme
school is over meme

Vacation is coming y’all! Here’s the vacation memes.

Last Day of School Teacher Memes

Teachers, we did not forget about you. You have worked so hard and done so much, especially this last school year. You deserve it all.

While I can’t give you everything, I can give you these last day of school teacher memes. (Don’t miss our teacher memes!)

teachers on the last day of school be like bye felicia
teachers on the last day of school meme

Parents, print out these end of school teacher memes and gift to a teacher that needs a good lol! (Including a gift card would not hurt!)

teachers last day of school year meme

Fun fact – at least in Texas, teachers have annual contracts that renew each year. I had no idea this is how teacher pay works. The amount of work that the teachers in our district put in, the hours, the heart and soul and care given to each student is cramming 12 months worth of work into 10 months.

teachers dont have summers off meme

And after a year like this year, I am sure that all teachers are counting down the days until summer! (Teachers end of the year meme from We Are Teachers)

teachers counting down days school meme

So teachers, thank you. End your year well and leave that school classroom in style.

schools out for summer teachers meme

This is such an accurate representation, especially after having 4 kids home virtual learning for 12 months now of what parents feel vs what teachers feel.

Every parent on the first day of school and every teacher on the last day of school be like
funny last day of school meme parent teacher

Run teachers, as fast as you can and enjoy your summer. I promise you, there will be plenty to do after your summer break is done.

last day of school teachers be like meme
last day of school meme

Don’t worry, us parents will be anxiously here waiting for you come mid-August when we go back to school. (Fret not, we have your back to school memes)

end of school year meme teachers

We hope you enjoyed these last day of school memes! Share with your family, kids, friends and of course TEACHERS! Enjoy your summer!

When the new year rolls around, we got you. Check out our free First Day of School signs.

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