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Dad Memes – 25+ Funny Father Images To Share With Pops

We have rounded up the best funny DAD MEMES! That’s right, you know we’ve got dad jokes, crazy photos of what happens when dad watches the kids and more dad humor.

We are sharing our favorite memes about dad. True story, my family pretty much communicates in stupid videos and funny memes. This includes communicating with my dad.. 

Funny Dad Memes 

There is something about a father’s humor that activates once a child is born.

dad memes funny
dad memes funny

Here are our favorite memes about dad, being a dad, dad jokes and even dad Star Wars memes!

funny dad meme that moment when your dad starts scrolling thru your phone
funny dad meme

When mom says no, but dad says YES!

no dad meme - when mom says no and dad says yes
no dad meme

The dad stare. Nobody tells you that 25% of being a dad is staring at your kids until they at right! Get more humor with these parenting memes.

dad stare meme - nobody tell you that 25% of being a dad is staring at your kids until they act right
dad stare meme

When dad takes your phone away. You gotta love those air quotes.

Im gonna take your phone away because I am dad - funny dad meme

Do you have a meme dad? 

meme dad - when memes crack him up too
dad meme

NO DAD, Please note again. 

no dad meme funny
no dad meme funny

Father and Daughter Memes

We are sharing the father and daughter memes that show the love for a girl has for her daddy and the love a dad shows for his girl. Having a daughter is just different than having a son.

dads with daughters vs dads with sons father and daughter meme
father and daughter meme

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When You Look Like Your Dad

That father daughter same look can be a blessing or a curse.

daddy meme for her when someone says omg you look like your dad
daddy meme for her

When you look so much like your dad you can’t deny that he is your father. Those genes, y’all. Don’t miss our family memes where we laugh at all of the genetic fun.

girl dad meme - when you look too much like your dad to deny that he isn't your dad
girl dad meme

Protective Dad

Did you grow up with a protective dad? You know, the dad who answers the door with a gun to meet your date. Those protective dads mean well, and so of course, there are protective dad memes dedicated to LOLing at their protectiveness. 

When your daughter gets cheated on - there is that dad. angry dad meme

While I am not a fan of guns – well we do like the a salt gun. This funny daughter and father meme is the cliche notion when the daughter starts dating. “Of course you can take my daughter to prom.”

dad riffle dating daughter meme
funny daughter and dad meme

Bring my daughter back before 8 or I will find you and kill you in all Christian love. 

daughter dad meme - bring my daughter back before 8 or i will find you
daughter dad meme

The girl dad calls her dad when the mechanic says more needs to be done when she just wanted an oil change!

calling my dad when i get an oil change and the mechanic says i need something else -father daughter meme funny
father daughter meme funny

Star Wars Dad Memes

Luke, I am your father.  Don’t miss these Star War Memes.

Luke, I am your father. Dad, not now - I'm posing. star wars dad meme

Join the dark side, son!

Luke, join the darkside or you are grounded. dad meme starwars memes

Let your dad-ness flow through you. 


Embarrassing Dad Memes

Do you have an embarrassing dad, if so – you will LOVE these embarrassing dad photos!

funny dad photos horse mask

Props to this dad who was sick of his daughter’s short shorts. 

This guy is a genius. Whats a little embarrassemetn if it is teaching your kids a lesson. Dad wears short shorts

When Dad Watches the Kids

Hilarious dad memes about when dad watches the kids. 

This is talent! Put a real piece of bread in your daughter’s hair next time she wants her hair in a bun. 

dad hair in a bun meme

When dad does the baby’s head. 

when dad does baby hair dad meme

All parents, dads included – master the reach around while driving move. 

Are you even a parent until youve mastered the hook me up with some candy reach from behind?

Dad gives daughter a maxipad with an eye on it. This is the type of iPad I’m getting my teen!

Dad gives daughter a maxipad with an eye on it. dad joke ipad meme

When your baby cries for your wife – and creativity is all you’ve got. BRILLIANT dad uses a mask of mom’s face to calm the baby.

When your baby cries for your wife - and creativity is all you've got.

To the mothers in the house – funny mom memes.

Being a Dad Memes

Being a dad is amazing, so says my husband. Here are memes about being a dad. 

funny dad images - taking one for the team is being a dad is great - baby puking on dad

Gotta love the dad that can multi-task. Gamer dads can relate. 

This is how guy want to be as a father - gaming dad meme
funny how to dad meme

New Dad Memes

When you become a father, may somebody send you one of these funny new dad memes. If your wife is pregnant, these pregnancy memes are a must.

we have a winner pregnancy announcement meme
pregnancy announcement meme

You’re tired? Please tell me how hard it was for you dad. Signed daddy’s little orgasm.

new dad meme - dad you are tired please tell me about how hard it was for you to deliver me
new dad meme

Here is the new dad starter pack, complete with white New Balance shoes, a grill and let’s not forget the fanny pack!

new dad meme funny starter pack
new dad meme funny starter pack

For the parents of littles – funny baby memes.

Perception vs Reality

The realities of fatherhood. Perception vs reality.

fatherhood meme

Sleeping Dad

There’s a sleeping dad, let’s go ask him questions. 

daddy meme funny - every child oh look daddy is asleep lets go ask him questions
daddy meme funny

Dad Joke Memes

When your dad has jokes, we share dad joke memes with him!

When dad tells a terrible jok but you need $20 - funny dad meme need money from dad
dad joke meme

Dad jokes, everywhere! (Here is the Best Dad Joke Book, BTW)

dad jokes everywhere toy story meme
dad jokes meme

Dad joke caught in action. Kids embarrassed and dad is LOLing!

Exact photo description of a dad joke in action - dad jokes meme

This is the LAST STRAW! Dad protests with a gigantic straw.

dad joke meme last straw

A dad joke meme about a dad whose got jokes.

my dad got a new chair - i havent seen him since. Dad in camouflage chair
dad joke meme

More Funny Dad Memes

We aren’t done quite yet! Here are even more of our favorite memes about dad. For the kid who has a dad who calls asking for tech support 3x a week.

daddy memes for him - dad calling for tech support
daddy memes for him

This is applicable to dads and moms – don’t give my kid a whistle!

I dont know who gave my child a whistle but i will find you and i will kill you.

Whose dad owns or owned these dad shoes? And whose dad had green shoes after mowing the grass? Funny the things we remember!

Dads out here cant wait to turn these bad boys green this mowing season. dad shoes meme

Dad Bods or 1975 Pro Wrestler Bod? 

dad bod meme

Asks for the TV remote, even though it’s an arms reach from it. 

Asks for the TV remote, even though it's an arms reach from it. 

Bad Dad Memes

The bad dad meme about the father who tries to explain sex but just fails miserably.

funny dad texts meme

For the sarcastic dad. If you don’t have one of these, I’m sorry. They are the absolute best.

real father meme
real father meme

Favorite Child Meme

I love this favorite child meme so much. Please share this or these sibling memes with your brother and sisters.

I love how we dont even need to say out loud that im your favorite child - favorite child meme

This is the shirt I made for my dad, if you are a favorite child – you must buy this!

favorite kid shirt - funny dad shirt - best fathers day gift
best shirt for dad

Share These Memes for Dad

Parenting humor is a must when you are a parent. Feel free to share with for Fathers day memes for the holiday, to troll dad, general harassment or however. We just asked you tag us on social at @digitalmomblog. Enough about this and that – let’s get to the funny!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

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