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Funny Summer Memes for Sharing in 2021

Funny summer memes for sharing with anyone who loves and hates the hottest season of the year.

Here we are, one month in to summer and what in the world is happening? And didn’t we ask ourselves the same thing last year? Alas, this is the life that we live and these funny summer memes provide the laughter we need to get thru the crazy.

Totally Relatable and Best Summer Memes

Where it is battling the hot summer, finally getting back to somewhat normal after the crazy of 2020, or not quite achieving that summer body, these memes about summer are worthy of sharing!

summer is finally here meme

Kick back, stay out of the hot summer weather and enjoy these hilarious summertime memes.

summer is coming meme

Waterpark Fun

This summer meme of the waterpark is giving me anxiety. All those people, you know what lurks in that gross water.

waterpark summer meme
waterpark meme

I mean, I really am not going to say what I feel but I will just leave those words up for you to create your own crazy image in your head of what you think is lurking below the surface.

lifeguard summer waterpark meme

Also, this summer meme of the dude’s face waiting for the life guard telling you it’s your turn to go down the water slide hits way too close to home.

Thigh Chafing Heat

IYKYK – thigh chafing is the worse. I mean, my thigh gap would never know of such a thing (lies.) Here are 2 tips for my friends who experience chafing thighs in this bloody summer heat.

chafing thighs meme about summer heat
summer heat thigh chafing meme
  1. Slip shorts help prevent thigh chafing. Perfect for wearing under summer dresses.
  2. Thigh chafing lube. Yes, friends you heard that right. There is a lube for your summer heat chafing thigh issues.

2021 Summer Memes

These summer memes are for 2021 because summer 2020 you robbed us of a good season. And no, I will never let you live that down. (see 2020 worse year ever)

summer vacation meme
summer vacation meme

Remember that summer vacation thing, where you leave your house and go somewhere wonderful that isn’t your house? Do it, be safe but omg I forgot how amazing summer vacations were after missing last year.

covid19 summer meme

Delta variant, go away and don’t even think about ruining my summer plans.

summer plague meme

Everyone getting out of the house again be like. Embrace that body, however it looks.

getting out of quarantinememe

Speaking of that hot girl summer…

Crocs During Summer Be Like

When you wear your crocs during the summer months, be prepared for that croc tan line.


Kids During the Summer

After the school year ends, summer begins. Teachers rejoice, moms think they have it all figured out, kids can’t wait for all of the screen time.

moms during summer meme
summer parenting meme

But let’s face it, the realities of summer are this.


Idle hands are what our summer memories are made of. Not saying that’s a great thing (especially now that we are PARENTS).

kids during summer meme

Kid, you have no idea what missing every summer is like. Enjoy being bored. I miss being bored.


Summer Body Memes

There is so much pressure on hot girl summer, meh – enjoy the humor with these funny summer body memes but you do you.

Summer Heat Memes

That summer heat is no joke. We just left the PNW and it was a breezy 70 degrees. Came back to Texas to blistering heat but then the world flipped and now Don’t miss our hilarious hot weather memes if you are someone enduring the HEAT of the summer.

favorite bbq dish summer ice meme

Texas is rainy and cool and the PNW is on fire. ONCE in a MILLENIUM heat. God bless.

level 50 summer meme

Summer is great and all but the hot weather, is a big huge NOPE for me. And yes, I know I should probably not live in Texas if I feel this way but born and raised so there is that.

outside summer heat meme

Don’t miss our hot weather memes!

More Funny Memes about Summer

Kids be like, stop talking about school during the summer. Sorry kids – parents, here are back to school memes if you need them.

school during summer meme

This summer, I’m going to be productive. Where did my summer go meme because you know this season will be over before we know it!

where did my summer go meme

Summer time be like.

summer swimming meme

Don’t mind me. This isn’t summer wine. This is summer happy little grape juice. I love this line, might just have to use it next time I’m enjoying my sparkling almond wine. (Don’t judge me – and if you are intrigued, it’s under $7 at Trader Joe’s.)

summer wine meme - bob ross

There you have it friends. Funny summer memes for you to LOL at.

Share The Memes!

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As we always say, funny memes are for sharing! We share memes often and hope that these summer memes bring a smile to your face. Please share away, we do appreciate a tag on social media if you do share one of our hump day memes.

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