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Funny Summer Memes and Images for the Hot 2023 Season

Funny summer memes for sharing with anyone who loves and hates the hottest season of the year.

It’s that time again and summer officially begins on Wednesday, June 21, 2023. Happy first day of summer, y’all! Did you know, on average – summer lasts for 93.6 days in the Northern Hemisphere and 89.0 days in the Southern Hemisphere.

Best Summer Memes 2023

In honor of the first day of Summer Solstice 2023, we are bringing you the humor and fun. These funny summer memes provide the laughter we need to deal with whatever is ahead, hot temperatures and all!

summer memes
summer memes 2023

Whether it is battling the hot summer climate, finally getting back to somewhat normal after the last few years, or not quite achieving that summer body, these memes about summer are worthy of sharing!

brace yourself summer is coming meme
summer is coming meme

Happy Summer Meme

Kick back, stay out of the hot summer weather and enjoy these hilarious summertime memes.

happy summer meme
happy summer meme

Let’s be honest, the real people who are having a happy summer are those who don’t have to worry about what their kids are doing this summer. So to the kidless, wealthy enough for a nanny or retired – here’s a happy summer meme just for you.

happy summer for you if no kids you have
happy summer meme funny

First Day of Summer Memes

Here are your first day of Summer memes for June 21, 2023.

last day of spring vs first day of summer meme
first day of summer meme

A cheers and toast to the best season of the year. May the summer days be long but not too hot and filled with memory making moments over the next few months.

happy first day of summer meme
happy first day of summer meme

Celebrate the first day of summer, it’s finally here! After a chaotic school year, hopefully you can RELAX.

summer is here meme
summer is here meme

Moms, we feel you – we are you.

summer hot weather and kids everywhere
memes summer

This mom first day of summer meme is spot on. While you are anxiously awaiting sleeping in a little bit later and a schedule that isn’t so busy – don’t forget that you will have kids home from school all day.

moms on the first day of summer be like
moms first day of summer meme

Enjoy these mom memes for some more LOLs.

summer lover meme
summer lover meme

Summer Solstice Begins

The summer solstice marks the beginning of the summer season and is the longest day of the year in regards to sunshine.

brace yourself - summer solstice is coming
meme summer solstice

Enjoy our Summer Solstice memes.

Summertime Memes

Bring on the summertime memes!

homer simpson woohoo summertime meme funny
summertime meme funny

In 2021, the Will Smith Summertime song would come to mind. Now when I think of Will Smith, the thought just doesn’t slap the same. Ouch, too soon for Will Smith Chris Rock Memes?

summer summer summertime! will smith summertime meme
will smith summertime meme

This summertime meme gives me all the feels of that no schedule life. Bring it!

c'mon summertime meme
summertime meme

Summer Vacation Memes

These summer memes 2023 that you are looking for. Let’s start with summer vacation memes.

summer vacation mode has been activated - summer vacation meme funny
summer vacation meme funny

I mean, who doesn’t love a vacay? After a few years off, due to an unmentionable pandemic – we are now dealing with the wrath of inflation (see inflation memes).

summer vacation meme
summer vacation meme

Even though it’s summer, work still calls. Good news, there is quite a likely chances your boss will take off on summer vacation leaving you without the stress of a manager over your head. Share this work summer meme and more work memes with your coworkers.

summer work meme - when you realize summer means your boss will be on vacation soon
summer work meme

Everyone getting out of the house again be like. Embrace that body, however it looks.

hot girl summer meme
hot girl summer meme

Speaking of that hot girl summer…

Summer Break Memes

We know how normal parenting memes go – but these summer break memes about parenting kids will hit home. Like the kids first and last day of summer.

kids on the first day of summer break vs last day of summer break
kids summer break meme

Now let’s look at the parents on the first day of summer vs the last day of summer.

parents first day of summer break vs last day of summer break meme
parents summer break

Needless to say, we should just be honest about summer and kids. This is what summer with kids be like.

me trying to plan my kids summer activities be like...
planning summer meme

When the kids are home for summer it feels like 3 months of bedtime negotiations, non-stop noise, doors that don’t stay closed, a fridge that can’t stay full, trash cans overflowing and a crazy high electric bill. Who can relate?

funny summer quote about kids - kids are home for summer it feels like 3 months of bedtime negotiations, non-stop noise, doors that don't stay closed, a fridge that can't stay full, trash cans overflowing and a crazy high electric bill.
funny summer quote about kids

Let’s face it, the realities of summer are this. Summer camp, vacation planning, trying to work with kids at home. Summer break can feel like anything but a break!

summer break meme
summer break meme

Idle hands are what our summer memories are made of. This is why so many of us are busy trying to keep our kids busy all summer long! Parenting in the summer isn’t for the weak.

"the devil finds work for idle hands" my kids when they have nothing to do during summer
kids summer meme

Kid, you have no idea what missing every summer is like. Enjoy being bored. I miss being bored.

parenting summer memes

According to The Ledger, we should let our kids figure out summer boredom for themselves. Although parents appreciate the praise, they want to move quickly to the real question, “What do I do about the boredom?” And most parents are surprised to hear that it is not their job to cure their child’s boredom.

Summer Heat Memes

These summer heat memes are funny but the hot summer weather isn’t. As a Texan, we are in the middle of non-stop weeks of 100 degree days. It makes for a miserable summertime experience.

summer hot weather meme - not sure if its summer or if i woke up in hell
summer hot weather meme

If you can relate, don’t miss our webstory: Texas Heat Wave Humor – we can at least laugh thru our sweat!

summer heat meme - bringing my favorite dish to all the summer barbecues
summer heat meme

Don’t miss our hilarious hot weather memes if you are someone enduring the HEAT of the summer.

level 50 summer meme
funny summer meme

This summer heat meme says it all. I mean, I love summer and all – but high temperatures and humidity is a big huge NOPE for me.

outside summer heat meme

Thigh Chafing Meme

IYKYK – thigh chafing is the worse. I mean, my thigh gap would never know of such a thing (lies.) This chafing thigh meme don’t lie.

chafing thigh meme - how my chafing thighs feel thanks to the sweat and summer heat
chafing thigh meme

Here are 2 tips for my friends who experience chafing thighs in this bloody summer heat.

  1. Slip shorts help prevent thigh chafing. Perfect for wearing under summer dresses.
  2. Thigh chafing lube. Yes, friends you heard that right. There is a lube for your summer heat chafing thigh issues.

Yes, I know I should probably not live in Texas if I feel this way but born and raised so there is that. Texas memes for all y’all Texans (or haters.)

More Funny Memes about Summer

Here are more summer memes for your amusement.

Flip Flop Meme

File flip flop meme as something that we are writing about but oh how true this is about the feeling on flip flops between your toes!

flip flops meme
flip flops meme

SO WEIRD, yet they are the go to summer shoe in this house.

Tan Line Meme

When you wear your crocs during the summer months, be prepared for that croc tan line.

tan line meme - punishment for wearing crocs
tan line meme crocs

Don’t miss our sweating memes. That perspiration in the summer heat is something you just can’t hide.

Memes about That Summer Body

There is so much pressure on hot girl summer.

memes about summer bodies

Meh – enjoy the humor with these funny summer body memes but you do you.

When I Met You in the Summer Meme

If you are looking at this and reading aloud saying wenomechainsama confused, I’ll explain. This when I met you in the summer meme went viral when this music video for the Calvin Harris hit dropped.

when i met you in the summer meme
when i met you in the summer meme

The lyric video features the song with a total flub of misspellings that are hilarious.

Summer School Meme

Kids be like, stop talking about school during the summer. Sorry kids – parents, here are back to school memes if you need them.

school during summer meme
summer school meme

Summer Productivity Meme

This summer, I’m going to be productive. Where did my summer go meme because you know this season will be over before we know it! Enjoy more summer humor on our latest web story!

where did my summer go meme

Don’t mind me. This isn’t summer wine. This is summer happy little grape juice. I love this line, might just have to use it next time I’m enjoying my sparkling almond wine. (Don’t judge me – and if you are intrigued, it’s under $7 at Trader Joe’s.)

summer wine meme - bob ross

There you have it friends. Funny summer memes for you to LOL at.

End of Summer Memes

These back to school memes will help close out your summer holiday. Summer ends on Friday -September 22, 2023.

end of summer meme - just a little more summer, please
end of summer meme

When the times comes, these end of summer memes will hit with our labor day memes.

yeah if you could just not let summer end that would be great
summer is over meme

Share The Summer Memes

As we always say, funny summer memes are for sharing! We share memes often and hope that these summer memes bring a smile to your face. Please share away, we do appreciate a tag on social media if you do share one of our hump day memes.

wenomechainsama when i met you in the summer meme
wenomechainsama – when i met you in the summer meme dog

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dog days of summer
dog days of summer meme

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After June, it can only mean one thing. July memes are needed.

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