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35 Sizzling Hot Weather Memes for Beating the Summer Heat

When the mercury rises and the heat becomes almost too much to bear, a good laugh might just be the best cooling system available. Join the world of hot weather memes, your go-to source for a lighthearted take on the scorching summer days.

As a life-long Texan, heat and hot weather is just par for the course. There are a few things that we just have to live through and that hot weather is just one of them. Enjoy a laugh, through the sweat by letting these funny hot weather memes help by bringing you some comic relief.

hot weather memes funny

Funny Hot Weather Memes about the Summer Heat

These memes offer more than just chuckles; they provide a shared experience of battling the heat, making everyone feel a little less alone in their sweat-soaked plights. We are serving up the funniest, most relatable memes to lighten your mood and maybe, just maybe, make you feel a bit cooler.

hot weather heat index meme: sign that says the heat index is between somewhere omg and wtf

From the dry heat to the hot weather into the fall, we’re bringing the hot memes. You saw our summer memes – now get ready for some heat humor!

driving in hot weather be like meme
driving in hot weather meme

These funny memes about hot weather are for those days when it’s just too darn hot.

high temps are hot swamp butt is not
hot weather meme funny

When that summer weather starts showing off – share this hot weather meme.

dear summer, stop showing off. we get it. you're hot!
hot weather meme funny

When you Melt in the Summer Heat Memes

This funny hot weather meme is a total accurate description of how I feel when we hit 100 degrees here in Texas for 2 days in a row. Once, in 2011 Texas hit 100 degree days for 100 days.

me trying to survive the summer heat
summer heat meme

Triple digits and convertibles don’t mix. Driving with the top down during the hot summer months be like…

driving with the top down during summer be like
convertible meme hot

Sweating Like a Sinner in Church Meme

June to September, moms be like “I’m sweating like a sinner in church!” If you grew up in the bible belt, chances are you’ve heard this phrase before. If you are a sweater, don’t miss our hilarious sweating memes.

Funny hot weather meme from @spicydisastermama

Hot Summer Rain

Oh that HOT summer rain. You guys, summer rain in Texas is not like the wonderful summer rain in Oregon and Washington. It feels like the ground sizzles when it rains. Though I should say, we need all the rain we can get.

i'm looking forward to the summer the rain gets warmer
summer rain meme

Why yes, we do have rain memes – thanks for asking.

I’m Melting Meme

Don’t be dramatic they say. Whoops. When it’s 105 degrees, you better believe we will be dramatic! Just like us Texas winter memes where we are freaking out about the cold, we freak out about the heat too.

melting meme dramatic summer wizard of oz  "I'm melting"
i’m melting meme

When it’s soo hot that the trees start melting. Yeah, I get it tree.

when its so hot the trees start melting
melting meme

Hot as Hell Meme

Not sure if it’s summertime or if I woke up in hell. Texas is huge so various parts of our state aren’t always AS HOT as it is here in North Texas. Though there are other places like south Texas that are smoldering.

not sure if its summer time or hell meme
funny summertime meme

Don’t even get me started on Houston. Here is more about the average Texas temperature. This hot as hell meme got me good. This is what it feels like every time you open the front door.

hot as hell meme  what it feels like everytime i open the front door
hot as hell meme

Thoughts and prayers to all those who don’t have air conditioning. Get a box fan or window a/c unit, please!

hot as hell meme funny
hot as hell meme funny

There you have it – hot weather memes for those of us suffering in the summer heat. Stay cool, friends!

Heat Memes

Y’all the weather is HOT. From talk about a heat dome to the obvious heatwave that is hitting all of us in the south, we are sweating over here!

the heat index is somewhere between omg and wtf
heat meme

Let’s get into it with the heat memes.

Heatwave Memes

This summer isn’t here for jokes. These heatwave memes know exactly what is up when it comes to the extreme hot weather we are experiencing.

heatwave life be like
heatwave meme

The length of a heat wave can vary depending on the location, the weather patterns, and the definition of a heat wave.

heatwave is here
heatwave meme funny

However, in general, heat waves can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Or in the case of Texas – MONTHS.

summer heat meme: i pity the fool who has to live in the south during summer
summer heat meme

Heat Dome Meme

Every summer it feels like there is another heat wave, but this year – first to hear of a heat dome! What is this marvelous (p.s. thats sarcasm) weather phenomenon that we now get to experience? Well, here’s a heat dome meme and an explanation of what this is.

heat dome meme: welcome to the heatdome where it only gets hotter
heat dome meme

A heat dome is a weather pattern where a big area of high pressure traps hot air over a place. The high pressure keeps the air from moving, so the hot air just sits there and gets hotter and hotter.

This can cause dangerous temperatures, and it can be deadly for people and animals who are not careful. (read what is a heat dome?)

Texas Heat Be Like Meme

Texas summers never disappoint. This is actually how you feel standing out in the blistering Texas heat. Sunscreen highly recommended at all times.

texas in the summer be like
texas summer meme

No seriously, like even if you think meh – I can do hot weather.

just stepped outside to see it it's hot hot weather meme
hot weather meme

And for all my friends from the Lone Star state, I give you Texas memes. Gotta love those high electric bills from keeping the air conditioning running at ALL times.

high electric bill every where meme
high electric bill meme

Opening the front door mid-summer can lead to all kinds of regret.

what it feels like everytime i open the front door during the summer months
summer front door meme

Sun Memes

While previously I thought of the sun as a beautiful thing that provides us warmth and vitamin D – my thoughts have since changed.

sun meme funny dear sun,
can we just chill?
your rays be raying too hard for
my liking.
sun meme funny

This sun meme says it like it is. I think the sun may be out for revenge.

sun meme the sun is mad and out for revenge
sun meme

Sunburn Meme

Who can relate? Don’t miss our beach memes including funny sunburn humor (the only thing funny about sun burns!)

sun meme bring on summer me being in the sun for more than 2 minutes and burning
sunburn meme

Hot Memes

When it’s not just regular temps, but so hot. From hobbits throwing rings to other humor, here are the hot memes for days like that.

its so hot at my home that 2 hobbits just threw a ring in my backyard
its so hot meme

You guys, it’s so hot that the cold water comes out luke warm here in Texas. It’s disgusting.

hot meme  its so hot the cold water comes out warm
hot meme

It’s so Hot Meme

When it’s too hot. Don’t miss these SpongeBob memes.

its too hot meme
its too hot meme

How Hot Is It Meme

Aaron Eckart’s face is one of beauty but y’all, this how hot is it meme just tells you how it feels driving down the road when half of your face is feeling the heat.

how hot is it meme too hot!
how hot is it meme

How how is it? When it’s too hot for the church to change their sign. Don’t miss our funny church signs!

too hot to keep changing sign sin bad jesus good details inside
too hot meme

Remember the level in Super Mario Brothers 3 where there is an evil sun who tries to get rid of you? Yeah, that’s today. Stay hydrated, friends!

super mario sun meme  remember the level in super mario bros where the sun tries to get rid of you? yeah thats today stay hydrated
super mario sun meme

Summer Hotness Meme

Looking for a fabulous way to stay cool in the heat of the summer hotness? This dog has the right idea, laying in a pile of ice.

me during summer heat wave meme
summer heat meme

Biggest advice, head for the mountains! Plan a mountain vacation in the PNW and don’t miss our vacation memes.

Air Conditioning Memes

Because we all know air conditioning memes come in way too hand when you either don’t have an a/c or someone won’t turn it on!

when the air conditioner finally works
air conditioning meme

If you have ever wondered who to thank for inventing the air conditioner, thank Willis Carrier.

invented the air conditioner before it was cool. thanks willis carrier funny air conditioner meme
funny air conditioner meme

When mom refuses to put on the air conditioner… Thoughts and prayer for everyone without a/c!

when mom refuses to turn on the air conditioning   itd be a lot cooler if you did
air conditioning meme

No AC Meme

That feeling when it’s hot as hell and the meteorologist warns of a heat wave. Of course, then is the best time for the air conditioner to stop working.

when the ac stops working
ac meme

Walking Into AC Like

When you walk into the AC like. My sister-in-law was explaining that the PNW does not do air conditioning by default like we do down here in Texas.

that feeling when you walk into a store with cold air conditioning
funny ac meme

That is mind blowing and even more of a reason these insane heat waves are crazy. I can’t imagine not having a heater but I guess things up north are just different.

summer weather meme: when that summer weather is trying to take you out  dog laying down in heat

Air conditioning in the south is a matter of life or death. Since the 1960s, the Washington Post reports that in home air conditioning has cut deaths by 80% on hot days!

Share The Memes About Heat

As we reach the end of our comedic journey through the high temperatures, remember that these hot weather memes aren’t just for your personal amusement. Take a moment to share your favorites on social media, tag us, and link back to this post. As we always say, funny memes are for sharing!

my face when i realize it's going to be 100 degrees tomorrow
100 degrees meme

Let’s spread the laughter far and wide, turning up the dial on summer fun and making the heatwave a bit more bearable for everyone. After all, when the heat is on, laughter is the coolest remedy.

Here is where you can find us: @digitalmomblog on Facebook or @digitalmomblog_com on Instagram! And follow along for funny memes about all the things!

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