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10+ Best No Regrets Memes Because YOLO

No Regrets Memes for all you YOLO people.

The older I get, the more I understand the NO REGRETS statement. YOLO is another statement that resonates. And YOLO stands for you only live once – that’s for you boomers (sorry, mom).

After 2020 the worse year ever, the no regrets statement can mean a multitude of things but for me its awaken me to the understanding that we really do not know what tomorrow holds and that what happens will happen. Go with the flow and think, focus and manifest for the best.

Share These No Regrets Memes

Here are no regrets memes – perfect for sharing with like minded people or if you like to troll your friends who are type-a and regret things that have happened.

no ragrets tattoo meme
No Ragrets Tattoo – the ultimate funny no regrets meme

I know, don’t be too big of a troll but trolling can be funny if done by people who love each other and appreciate humor and jabs. Like this pug who trolls the dog with his cart. (I love pugs so much!)

no regrets pug meme

Salt Bae

Speaking of no regrets memes – can we talk Salt Bae for a hot second. Talk about the ultimate regret, I am way too cheap for this guy. Call me whatever but I think spending $1000 on a gold wrapped steak is not in my future, no matter how carefree I am.

Yes, Salt Bae isn’t just an internet meme – it’s an actual chef who is making a KILLING with his Nurs-Et restaurant chain.

no regrets salt bae meme
salt bae no regrets follow him on Instagram

Nusr-Et is a global chain of 18 ultra-expensive steakhouses in cities like New York, Dubai and Istanbul, which has been greeted with hostility wherever it goes, and not just for the prices.

via Dallas Observer

Crazy Ex- Girlfriend

Are you the crazy ex girlfriend who writes I love you on your boyfriend’s whiteboard with permanent marker with no regrets?

crazy ex girlfriend no regrets meme

I Regret Nothing Memes

Living life with no regrets. Isn’t that something all of us Type B personality types strive for? These I Regret Nothing memes are for us.

parks and rec no regrets meme
I Regret Nothing meme from Parks and Rec

Why eat all the donuts when you can just bathe in donuts? Do carbs absorb thru the skin? This maybe a way to enjoy donuts without the carbs (hey Keto Dirty, what do you think?)

no regrets nothing meme

Pets grabbing food, I am pretty sure as my dog sits in her cage after grabbing the 2 pounds of chicken fajitas we had just grilled – she regrets nothing. I guess grilled chicken is better than Iams dog food.

i regret nothing meme

Next time I think of regretting nothing, I will think of this cat smoking a cigarette looking massive chill. Nice shades, kitty.

i regret nothing cat meme

Who has kids that have pulled this stunt? You know the kid move of where they color their bodies with permanent markers. If you have a sibling or a cousin, I feel like the drawing on yourselves marker trick is just something you have to do to have a great childhood.

funny kid marker regret meem
kids and markers

Maybe coloring yourself with markers is a right of regret nothing passage for kids. (Mamas, don’t miss these mom memes and toddler memes – if you relate to this regret nothing meme you will relate to those!)

YOLO Memes

Related to the no regrets memes, we had to share these funny YOLO memes. Because you only live once just naturally goes with not regretting anything, ammirte (my son writes that, look at mom being cool kid – YOLO.) I can just see his future eyeroll happening.

hans yolo harrison ford meme
Hans YOLO meme – Harrison Ford serving drinks. If you love Hans you will adore these Star Wars Memes

The Jesus YOLO meme just cracks me up. I mean, the irony the humor just is too funny. Don’t miss the series of Jesus memes and before the righteous get their panties in a wad – I love Jesus and his dad created humor so.

jesus yolo brb meme
YOLO Jesus Meme

We recently rewatched Back to the Future and wow, I feel old and I just feel like we as a society aren’t where we thought we would be. Thanks Doc.

doc back to the future yolo meme
YOLO Back to the Future Meme

The no regrets, YOLO to do list – NOTHING!

yolo to do list

Terminator YOLO – Arnold Schwarzenegger kept coming back to life. Did you know there are 6 Terminator movies? I can remember one.

arnold terminator yolo meme

Of all of the funny YOLO memes, you just go to love Fat Bastard from Austin Powers. Who else sings I want my baby back baby back ribs. If you have no idea what I am talking about, go watch this YouTube video. You are welcome.

yolo fat bastard meme
Fat Bastard YOLO meme

Sponge Bob do you really YOLO?

sponge bob yolo meme
Sponge Bob YOLO


And while us no regret people are YOLO – Yoda is over here OOYL. Only once you live.

ooyl yoda yolo meme

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