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Funny Graduation Memes for the Class of 2023

Celebrate the Class of 2023 with funny Graduation Memes!

Like most things in life, when times get difficult – I am just one of those people who needs to laugh. DISTRACTION, AVOIDANCE, whatever you want to call it. These funny memes about graduation are perfect for this momentous life event.

Graduation Memes 2023

Whether you are graduating high school or college, or are a parent who is in disbelief that their child is graduating – these funny graduation memes exude all the feels.

funny graduation memes
funny graduation memes 2023

Senior moms and dads, as well as graduating seniors – enjoy these funny graduation memes. Share them, be a nerd like myself and print them out or do whatever you wish. And CONGRATULATIONS!

graduation get all the things
graduate meme

Make sure you thank Google in your graduation speech. Without Google, would you have even graduated?

thank you google - without you graduation would have never happened. funny graduation meme
funny graduation meme thank you Google

Or for 2023, how about chatgpt memes.

Meme Graduation Caps

This trend of making meme graduation caps is the absolute best.

meme graduation caps
meme graduation caps

Related to our graduation memes, enjoy our funny school memes.

Graduate Meme

Baby yoda says it best – graduate, you are! Celebrate, you must!

graduate you are - baby yoda graduation meme
baby yoda graduation meme

Class of 2023 Meme

Woohoo to this class of 2023 meme!

woohoo to the class of 2023 meme
class of 2023 meme

College Graduation Meme

This college graduation meme says it best. May your first phone call after graduating college not. be your college asking for donations.

may your first phone call after graduating college not. be your college asking for donations college graduation meme funny
college graduation meme funny

Yes, now that you aren’t forking over your tuition, they now want your money in the form of voluntary donation.

Senior Year Memes

The senior year, God Bless all of you parents. Having just survived two kids graduating – why did senior year feel like the hardest?

did someone say last day of high school ever?
senior meme

Maybe it was the emotions or could have just been the senioritis. Speaking of…

Senioritis Meme

Can we talk about senioritis? We are dealing with the end of senior year blues and OVER IT emotions over here. This senioritis meme nails it and have made sure that my graduating daughter sees this regularly by printing and placing on her door.

senioritis is strong in this one
senioritis meme

You know senioritis is real issue when Wikipedia defines it.

senior year it is go to class you must
senior year meme funny

Senioritis is a colloquial term mainly used in the United States and Canada to describe the decreased motivation toward studies displayed by students who are nearing the end of their high school, college, and graduate school careers, or the end of the school year in general. It combines the word senior with the suffix -itis, which technically denotes inflammation but in colloquial speech is assumed to mean a general illness. – wikipedia

As the end of the school year comes upon us – make sure you enjoy these funny last day of school memes.

senior year meme: walking out of school on the last day of senior year
senior year meme

When you are at graduation and your favorite senior walks the stage. Oh the memories of seeing all of your friends walking across the graduation stage and thinking that they are gone to start their life.

senior year meme
senior year memes – this was found from @band_nerds.unite

It’s such an emotional time for both the senior and the lower class men who have friends graduating.

Happy Graduation Meme

Praise Jesus, you did it! The perfect happy graduation meme for that student who you have prayed long and hard that they would be able to walk the stage.

praise jesus you did it happy graduation meme
happy graduation meme

Cheers to you, graduate!

cheers graduate meme
cheers graduate meme

Happy graduation – sorry Ryan Gosling won’t be there on the other side of the stage to wish you a congratulations. This hey girl graduation meme will have to do.

hey girl happy graduation meme
hey girl happy graduation meme

Graduating From Online School

When the postman delivers your diploma because you are graduating from online school.

online school graduation meme

Online graduation just rubs different.

online graduation be like
online graduation meme

Funny Graduation Photos

The tiny hands used in this funny graduation photos session are just perfect for the mom who wanted normal senior photos.

funny graduation photos meme: all my mom wanted was "normal" graduation photos
funny graduation photos meme

Graduating is a BIG DEAL

Yes, graduating is a BIG DEAL! Enjoy this time!

graduating meme: im graduating and im kind of a big deal meme
graduating meme

Sponge Bob Graduation Meme

GRADUATION – for all the kids raised watching their favorite sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea – enjoy this Sponge Bob meme.

graduation sponge bob meme
Graduation Sponge Bob Meme

Graduate Kanye Meme

All of those years studying and you are graduating, but can’t remember what you studied. It’s okay, you won’t use most of that information you obtained. Welcome to the school of hard knocks. This is where you learn the real life skills that will pay the bills.

graduation kanye meme
Kanye meme about graduation

Don’t miss our Kanye West memes.

Schools Out Now What

Don’t worry kid. After graduation, most of us have no idea what they are doing.

graduation future meme

High School Friends Meme

I hate to tell you this, but your high school besties may not be your besties. I talk to 2 of my high school friends. The good news with this – if you didn’t have a tight high school circle, you have the rest of your life to make those new friends that will stay friends for life.

graduation friends meme
Teachers on the last day of school be like – bye Felicia!

People grow and with values, ambition, and well, life – things change. Here is a fascinating conversation on keeping your high school friends after graduating on Reddit.

Graduation Meme

Class of 2023, you grew up with memes so graduation memes are just appropriate.

funny graduation meme

Its Done

And just like that, the stress and many years of studying are over. You are graduating. Congrats Grad1

done graduation meme

Congratulations Memes for the Class of 2023

Now that you’ve graduated, congratulations and welcome to adulting.

congratulations now that you've graduated, let the adulting begin!
congratulations meme adulting

There you have it. Our favorite graduation memes. Congrats seniors, we celebrate you.

congratulations you did it!
congratulations meme

Enjoy more funny memes!

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