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Best Margarita Memes That Will Have You Saying Cheers

Margarita memes are here to save the day! These hilarious and relatable memes will have you laughing out loud and craving a refreshing cocktail in no time. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the endless stream of margarita memes that will make you feel like you’re just chatting with your best friend over happy hour.

make me all the margaritas

It started with our drinking memes, but now we have expanded our collection! Raise your glass and share these funny margarita memes with your favorite happy hour or marg loving friends.

a guy in my office is shaking his protein shake and this woman pops her head in and says do i hear margaritas? no janet it's 10am

Margaritas and memes, two ingredients that guarantee a recipe for laughter and good times. When it comes to enjoying a Margarita, the fun doesn’t stop at sipping the delicious concoction.

Margarita Memes to Share with Your Drinking Squad

Post this margarita meme to social media and see who owes you a marg!

Margarita meme  your first @ owes you a margarita


Let’s not overlook the essential element that adds the fiery kick to Margaritas – tequila! This spirited liquor is renowned for igniting wild escapades, creating indelible moments, and, naturally, sparking a flood of Tequila memes.

tequila shots because its mexico somewhere
tequila shot meme

Salty Margarita

A little lime juice or fresh squeezed lime. Then add a little or lot of tequila, a splash of orange liquor, maybe some simple syrup.

don't be salty unless you're a margarita
funny margarita meme

Salt or sugar the rim and put over ice, or blend and serve for a frozen margarita! I guess that isn’t how you make a protein shake.

Protein shakes meme

Looking for a good Margarita recipe? Here’s a delicious recipe from one of my faves, Pioneer Woman.

Do You Want a Margarita?

The original official margarita inventor is well, unknown. Some say that Pancho Morales created the mixed drink in 1942 and named it after his wife. (Read more about the history and creator at Texas Monthly.)

margarita flow chart
Margarita Flow Chart

Though, that’s not the only one laying claim to fame of creating this favorite cocktail. According to Jose Cuervo, the cocktail was invented in 1938 by a bartender in honor of Mexican showgirl Rita de la Rosa. Both are from Mexico, maybe that’s why margs are so good with queso!

Funny margarita meme  the second half of your life begins when you accept the fact that margaritas and queso taste better than skinny

I Need a Margarita Meme

Send these need a margarita memes to your favorite drinking buddies.

i need a huge margarita meme funny

I mean, really who doesn’t need a HUGE margarita? This senorita definitely won’t say no.

Senorita needs a margarita meme
senorita margarita meme

More Memes about Margaritas

The only thing I throwback on Thursday is a margarita or 3. Don’t miss our Thursday memes.

Thursday margarita meme throwback

Do you ever wonder if something you think about thinks about you too? If you think about margs often, this margarita meme is for you.

Thinking about a margarita

When you are 10 minutes into work and already thinking that you need a drink. Sounds like you need one, but also maybe you need one of our funny work memes.

Margarita work meme
Margarita work meme

Some days even your margarita needs a margarita.

Needs a margarita meme

Keep calm and make everyone a margarita.

Keep calm meme margarita

TWO is always better than one, unless you are a lightweight like myself – then just stick to one. Or if my husband is making them. His cocktails are always on the heavy on the liquor side.

margarita joke

Or maybe one of each flavor? Strawberry swirl or peach is probably my favorite – no offense lime.

National Margarita Day

National Margarita Day 2024 is Tuesday, February 22, 2024. Not that we really need a reason to laugh at these funny Margarita memes, but none the less – it’s a good excuse to share. The National Margarita Day 2022 was Palindrome day and twosday – which of course we have palindrome memes for!

Happy national margarita day 2022 meme
Happy margarita day meme

Share the Memes about Margaritas

We hope you enjoyed these funny margarita meme! Whether you prefer a salt rim, sugar rim, flavored, frozen or over ice – so many choices drink wisely and feel free to share these margaritas memes! And don’t miss our taco memes.

i dont need much but i do need tacos and margaritas
tacos and margaritas meme

We are passionate about meme sharing, so share away! We do ask that you tag us on social and link back to this post so more margarita drinking meme lovers can enjoy.

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