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20 Funny Taco Memes for Every Taco Lover


Welcome to the ultimate fiesta of internet humor, where taco memes reign supreme! Tacos have long been a beloved staple of Mexican cuisine, but in the world of memes, they become so much more.

From clever puns to hilarious illustrations, taco memes serve up a mouthwatering blend of humor that’s sure to leave you hungry for more.

funny taco memes featuring a taco with a happy face

So grab your salsa and guac, and join us as we dive into a collection of memes that celebrate the deliciousness and humor of everyone’s favorite food.

These relatable memes about tacos will reveal your secret obsession as some of these funny taco memes are a bit well, obsessive in regards to our favorite Mexican food! We withhold judgement, so share away and enjoy while eating your favorite taco.

Raining Tacos Meme

If you haven’t heard the hit song, Raining Tacos – just say “ALEXA, play raining tacos!” Raining tacos by Parry Gripp is the anthem for all of us taco lovers. Whatever kid made this, KNOWS what’s up.

raining tacos meme

We play this song while we make tacos, at least once a week, typically on Taco Tuesday. Here is the Parry Gripp YouTube video. Yum, Yum it’s like a dream. Yum, yum sour cream. It’s raining tacos!

Relationship With Tacos Meme

If you are in a relationship with tacos, these taco memes will speak deep to you. Perfect for those who want to declare a relationship status on Facebook with tacos. Go for it.

relationship with tacos meme

Why don’t more forms asking about relationship include tacos? Do you love burritos as much as you do the taco? If so, don’t miss our burrito memes!

taco meme funny

3 ways to my heart. Buy me tacos, make me tacos and BE TACOS. It’s really not THAT complicated.

taco meme

For the parents who worry about teen sexting, but for all of the rest of us who have no idea how to sext – this taco sexting is appropriate.

taco sexting meme

My face when I see tacos be like.

my face when i see taco meme

As for me and my house we will serve tacos. salsa 24/7

my house will serve tacos meme

I can live without a lot of things. Tacos is NOT one of them.

funny taco meme

What is your Disney Princess name? Mine is Taco Belle. See our Taco Bell memes.

taco belle meme

As much as I think about tacos, I often wonder if there is a taco out there thinking of me.

Hulk Taco Meme

Remember that time in the Avengers Endgame movie where Scott Lane aka Ant-Man is trying to eat a taco outside of the Avengers headquarters.

hulk gives antman a taco meme

Thankfully, Bruce Banner aka THE HULK rescues the taco and gives it to Ant-Man. This is what the world needs more of.

hulk taco meme

In 2019, after Marvel Avengers Endgame released, this hulk taco meme blew up reddit!

Taco Hack Meme

This simple taco hack is just brilliant. Get a double tortilla taco and leave a tortilla on the table. Eat your taco over the tortilla and BOOM. All of the taco filling that falls out are now the filling for another taco! WIN!

tortilla taco hack meme

If you like a drink with your tacos, see our tequila memes.

But What About Tuesday Tacos?

Yes, on Tuesday we eat Tacos but why just limit it to one day a week!

taco tuesday meme

We share these Taco Tuesday memes.

More Funny Mexican Food Memes

The hilarious taco memes continue, but let’s not just taco bout tacos, here are more funny mexican food memes for your meme sharing delight.

funny mexican food meme cant live without

Yes, while we love us some Mexican food, when those beans hit you be like…. I’m sorry (not sorry) ate too much mexican food.

ate too much mexican food meme

It’s the Mexican food dream team, y’all. Gimme all the elotes, street tacos and Mexican pastries. This Mexican food meme is drool worthy.

mexican food meme funny

More Funny Memes About Tacos

And fear not, the taco memes just dont’ stop. Send this taco meme to your favorite person who makes you crazy.

taco crazy meme

When you want to say something prolific but the only thing you can do is think about tacos.

funny taco quote

I want to grow my own food but can’t find any taco seeds. While I couldn’t find the taco seeds, oddly Amazon has Taco Bell Taco Supreme sunflower seeds.

grow tacos

When you got tacos on your mind and your mind on the tacos.

tacos on my mind meme

I don’t trust people that don’t like tacos. It’s like they aren’t even human!

like tacos meme

Tacos before vatos. Always and forever.

tacos before vatos meme

Your heart will break, but you know what will never break your heart? Though, that taco shell will break. See our love memes for more sappiness.

taco meme tacos will never break your heart

I didn’t choose the taco life, that taco life chose me.

taco life meme

Don’t tell me you miss me. Tell me you are outside with tacos. ACTION speak louder than words.

love taco meme

Peace, love and tacos. Seriously – this is the answer to solving all of the crazy around us! (maybe.)

peace love and tacos meme

When you are worried that no one can make you as happy as a taco can – you might have deeper issues.

happy taco meme

Thank God I don’t have to hunt for tacos. I don’t even know where tacos live. That’s a lie. They live in my belly.

hunt for tacos meme

When you wake up and instead of thinking about pouring a cup of coffee, you are thinking about eating a taco. (If you love you some coffee – we got you with coffee memes!)

thinking about tacos meme

The way to a (good) woman’s heart – feed her tacos and tell her she is pretty.

feed me tacos meme feed me tacos and tell me i am pretty

Vegetarian, nah. But TACOTARIAN is something I can get behind! (see vegan memes)

tacotarian meme

Stressed, blessed and TACO OBSESSED. Sounds about right. And if you want amazing tacos while in Austin, Texas – make sure to check out El Arroyo

taco obsessed meme

Surround yourself with taco not negativity!

surround yourself with tacos meme

Enjoy a good marg with your taco, see our margarita memes!

National Taco Day 2024

Did you know that every year one day is dedicated to the love of Tacos? While I guess some of us celebrate every week with Taco Tuesday, there is actually a National Taco Day!

taco day meme

This year, National Taco Day 2024 will be on October 4, 2024.

Share the Taco Memes!

Well there you have it. Our collection of hilarious and funny taco memes. Feel free to share these! Please either tag us on social @digitalmomblog or link back to https://www.digitalmomblog.com/taco-memes/

buy me tacos meme

As we wrap up our taco meme fiesta, may the laughter and cravings continue to spice up your day. Whether you prefer soft tacos or crunchy shells, these memes remind us that tacos aren’t just a meal—they’re a source of joy and laughter.

So the next time you’re in need of a chuckle or a taco fix, remember to revisit these memes and indulge in the delicious humor they serve. ¡Buen provecho y buen humor!

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