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Funny Fat Tuesday Memes: Mardi Gras Ends Lent Begins

It’s FAT TUESDAY MEMES because tomorrow is the start of Lent.

Before the start of the 40 days of Lent, there is Fat Tuesday. One last big hooray to end Mardi Gras before the start of the holy Lenten season. Fat Tuesday 2024 is on February 21.

Best Fat Tuesday Memes

We start off with Mardi Gras memes and now here are the Fat Tuesday memes. While we won’t be partying in the streets – we do have these Fat Tuesday memes that do not disappoint.

best fat tuesday memes
funny fat tuesday meme
psst lent starts tomorrow enjoy your fat tuesday but not too much
fat tuesday 2024 meme

The funny day where you drink, eat and commit all the sins because Mardi Gras is coming to an end which leads into Lent. Then there is the Lenten season where you repent and restrain from all those sins committed.

drink, eat and commit all the sins because after fat tuesday lent begins and we shall repent and restrain
fat tuesday meme funny

After all that sinning, this is about right on how I feel.

how i feel after fat tuesday
fat tuesday meme

Celebrating Fat Tuesday, may the odds be in your favor.

celebrating fat tuesday? may the odds be in your favor
fat tuesday mardi gras meme

See you in church service tomorrow night. Yes, we have the Ash Wednesday memes.

Mardi Gras Beads

People flash a lot for those cheap beads. You know you can just buy those on Amazon, right?

flash for beads  fat tuesday memes
fat tuesday meme

I had to flash a lot of tail for all these beads.

Fat on Tuesday

Every Tuesday is fat Tuesday for some folks, but that’s none of my business.

every tuesday is fat tuesday meme

This Fat Tuesday meme is so sarcastically on point, but like Kermit the Frog says… that is none of my business.

it can't be fat tuesday if you are fat every tuesday
vfmardi gras fat tuesday meme

Don’t miss our Tuesday memes.

No Mardi Gras Meme

Then there are the people who refuse to participate. You do you, boo.

throw me something! no
mardi gras beads meme

Party Mode

Mardi Gras is big business, y’all. The most famous celebration of Mardi Gras is in New Orleans, Louisiana. These parties and parades take place for several weeks, all leading up to the final day, today – Fat Tuesday.

mardi gras tim

Lent, But First We Party

Tomorrow we celebrate Jesus. Today we party.

you know what starts tomorrow? happy fat tuesday!
fat tuesday jesus meme

Not sure what you are giving up for Lent? Here are 80 Lent ideas on what to give up for the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday.

lent is coming
lent is coming meme

Lent is coming – but first, fat Tuesday.

What’s Lent?

Lent? What’s that.

fat tuesday meme followed by lent

Must Eat All The Things Before Lent

Get those carbs in now, tomorrow we keto. Or not if you are Catholic. During the 40 days of Lent, it is not acceptable to eat lamb, chicken, beef, pork, ham, deer and most other meats.

just one more day lent

However, eggs, milk, fish, grains, and fruits and vegetables are all allowed.

Just one more, then I start lent.

But You Are Fat Every Day

Not nice, but funny.

fat fat tuesday meme

Oh you celebrated Fat Tuesday – but you’re fat everyday.


Don’t party too hard. While today might be FAT, every other week we enjoy these regular funny Tuesday memes.

fat tuesday? commit all the sins
fat tuesday commit sins meme

Commit all the sins!

Fat Tuesday Catholic Meme

40 days of Lent begins tomorrow. Catholics, time to treat yo self.

hey catholics lent begins tomorrow time to treat yo self
catholic fat tuesday meme

As an ex-Catholic, I can relate.

catholic meme catholics be like

However you celebrate (or not celebrate) – enjoy and HAPPY FAT TUESDAY!

Share the Fat Tuesday Memes

Memes are meant for sharing! Feel free to share any of these Fat Tuesday memes.

happy fat tuesday or just happy tuesday to all of my friends who dont live in the south
happy fat tuesday meme

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