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10 Fat Tuesday Memes That Perfectly Describe The Day Before Lent

It’s FAT TUESDAY MEMES because tomorrow is the start of Lent.

Best Fat Tuesday Memes

Before the start of the 40 days of Lent, there is Fat Tuesday. And y’all, these Fat Tuesday memes do not disappoint. And if you are looking for lent memes – you know we’ve got those too!

best fat tuesday memes

From the beads to sin, here are 10 Fat Tuesday Memes that perfectly describe the crazy holiday before Lent starts. If you love these memes about Fat Tuesday, you will adore our Lent Memes!

#1 – Flashing a Lot of Tail

flash for beads - fat tuesday memes

People flash a lot for those cheap beads. You know you can just buy those on Amazon, right?

#2 Every Tuesday is a Fat Tuesday for Some Folks

every tuesday is fat tuesday meme

This Fat Tuesday meme is so sarcastically on point, but that is none of my business.

#3 Some People Just Aren’t Having it!

throw me beads meme

Then there are the people who refuse to participate. You do you, boo.

#4 Total Party Mode

mardi gras tim

Mardi Gras is big business, y’all.

#5 Lent, But First We Party

lent is coming

Tomorrow we celebrate Jesus. Today? We party.

#6 What’s Lent?

fat tuesday meme followed by lent

Lent? What’s that.

#7 Must Eat All The Things Before Lent

just one more day lent

Get those carbs in now, tomorrow we keto.

#8 But You Are Fat Every Day

fat fat tuesday meme

Not nice, but funny.

#9 Commit ALL THE SINS

commit sins

Don’t party too hard.

#10 Growing Up Catholic Be Like

catholic meme catholics be like

As an ex-Catholic, I can relate.

However you celebrate (or not celebrate) – enjoy and HAPPY FAT TUESDAY!

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