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August Memes 2024: Funny Images for the New Month

We are rolling into a new month with funny August memes!

From August birthday memes, Leo season to back to school, we are sharing the best humor about the eighth month of the year. The weather is still hot, summer is ending soon, kids are getting ready to go back to school and parents, you probably are pulling your hair out by this point of the season.

Funny August Memes

We are laughing with the chaos that the month will bring with a huge collection of funny August memes!

august memes

You did it! Welcome to the new month. It’s taken 8 months to get here, but you have arrived.

new month meme

Here are the August memes for you to share!

funny memes august aint nobody got time for that

From summer ending to back to school, August birthdays and everything in between – here are the memes you will need to survive the month.

august meme funny  oh boy summer is here at last! And now it is August.

Wasn’t it just summer. I swear, we were sharing the summer memes.

here's a little song i wrote where the hell did my summer go
end of summer meme august

August 1 Memes

Yes, in fact someone did say August. Let’s get this month started with happy August 1 memes.

happy august 1st meme
happy august 1st meme

Here is a random fact about this month. Did you know that in a standard calendar year, no other month starts on the same day as August? The exception is when it’s a leap year. When there is a leap year, August begins on the same day as February.

Well folks, August 1st is here. Stay classy and brace yourselves for a whole month of outrageous shenanigans!

Not ready to hit the ground running? Just pretend it’s July 32nd.

august 1 meme
august 1 meme

First day of August meme, can’t you just hear these birds chanting “August 1st” over and over.

august 1st august 1st
first day of august meme

Trying to bring some positive into the month. If the end of work month is crazy, the calendar has flipped! Don’t miss all of our funny work memes that are perfect for sharing with co-workers (that appreciate humor.)

august 1st meme my mood july 31 august 1
august 1st meme

Hello August Memes

Let’s hope this month is kind to all! We need more kindness in this world.

hello august meme: please be nice
hello august meme

Will August be the month we get to say hello to our ET friends? Here are our alien memes for those who like to think about things out of this world.

funny hello august meme: i've been waiting for you
funny hello august meme

Back to School in August

Teachers and parents headed back to the classroom this august, these August memes are all about going back to school memes.

back in my day we started school in september
back to school august meme

Every time year I tell my kids, back in my day we started school in September – which they immediately give me the look that says exactly what they are thinking “but you are old, mom.”

August Teacher Memes

Educators, we love you and appreciate you. Sadly, so many teachers are quitting. If you are headed to the classroom – enjoy our August Teacher memes.

august teacher meme vs teachers in may
august teacher meme

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – a teacher is a hero. These people are ensuring our future is educated and for that, we can’t thank you enough!

teacher august meme i'm so excited it's august! said no teacher ever
teacher august meme

Share these teacher memes with our favorite educators. They need all the laughs they can get, y’all!

Fall Isn’t Until September

This August fall meme for those of us posting fall memes and dreaming that this heat would go away! The first day of Fall 2024 is September 23rd.

when you find out fall doesn't start in august
august fall meme

More Memes About August

Surely this August already meme hits home with more than just us.

its already august but you swore its may
already august meme

More of a positive, upbeat, not let the new month get you down kind of person? Spread some happy with our happy memes and this happy August meme.

happy august meme
happy august meme

Or if you are looking for minions, we have minion memes too!

Last Day of August Memes

When August ends – you know what begins. While we hope these last day of August memes provide all the LOLs to end a good month, at least you can laugh if it sucked!

august meme  me riding thru august wondering what type of hell september brings
august meme – me riding thru august wondering what type of hell september bring

This August 31 meme is accurate. Tomorrow, September 1 – the start of MY fall season begins. Halloween memes and all.

august 31 meme  august 31 vs september 1
august 31 meme

Hey it could be worse. Some of y’all will be decorating your Christmas tree. (Enjoy our Christmas Tree memes.)

christmas tree in august meme
christmas tree in august meme

Listen, I use to be you! Christmas is August because 4 months until December 25th, but who is counting? What I am here to do is give you these early Christmas memes for those of us who can’t wait to celebrate the holidays.

only 4 months until christmas buddy elf meme
christmas in august meme

While that is no longer me because 4 kids have taken the joy out of decorating, I’m not here to judge!

August Weather Memes

As much as I hate the hot weather, at the end of August the weather tends to start to cool off. While I can’t wait until I can share fall memes without being judged, so this will have to do until the new season is here.

this is me in august ignoring the heat and just pretending that it's fall
fall meme august

Friendly reminder, August marks the peak of hurricane season. Related: hurricane memes.

oh look here comes hurricane august meme
hurricane august meme

Whose responsible for the August stress? Point those fingers, Spiderman. Hot Weather memes if your answer is August heat.

august heat meme
august heat meme

Fear not, we will have some relief from the August heat when the rain finally makes an appearance. In states like Texas, it may feel like steam but it will be a relief none the less!

when it finally rains in august
rain august meme

Related: funny rain memes

Memes for August Birthdays

Don’t miss our birthday month memes – we have August Birthday Month memes, and every other month too.

hello august birthday month meme
hello august birthday month meme

Know someone who is having a birthday soon? Share one of our happy birthday memes!

august birthday month i have celebrate big we must
birthday month august meme

Allergies in August

While you just thought that the pollen was annoying, hello August allergies! With the summer ending and fall approaching, all kinds of particles are in the air triggering August allergies.

august allergies meme: my current Fave august musthave antihistamines
august allergies meme

Annoying and irritating, YES! Our remedy are these allergy memes.

Inflation is Still Real

While the FED keep trying to pump up that interest rate, we are still feeling the effects on inflation.

like it or not increase the interest rate on all the things
interest rate increase meme inflation

For that we give you inflation memes.

Last Day of August Meme

As the month comes to a close, share these last day of August memes.

last day of august meme: wait what? how is august already over?
last day of august meme

When its the end of August and you just want spooky season to be here already.

end of august meme halloween: its the end of August, you know what that means
end of august meme halloween

For our Seinfeld loving friends, who remember the summer of George episode? Poor George Costanza!

last day of august meme summer of george
last day of august meme summer of george

September is coming! So are our September memes.

september is coming meme
september is coming meme

We hope you enjoyed these August memes. We will be sharing more current events and pop culture thru out the month, so stay tuned!

Keep track of all the things this month with our free August 2024 Calendar PDF.

August Holidays 2024

Anyone else love funny holidays? Here are the June holidays that you need to know about both fun, serious, traditional and cause worthy!

  • August 1 is Colorado Day, National Minority Donor Awareness Day, World Scout Scarf Day, International Childfree Day, World Lunch Cancer Day, National Mountain Climbing Day and National Girlfriend Day.
  • August 2 is Dinosaurs Day, National Night Out, Take a Penny / Leave a Penny Day, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and National Coloring Book Day
dinosaur meme daily meme but seriously lets settle this debate once and for all
  • August 3 is my son’s birthday, Clean your Floors Day and National Watermelon Day.
  • August 4 is Barack Obama’s Birthday, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and National White Wine Day
  • August 5 is International Beer Day
  • August 7 is Sisters’ Day – celebrate sis with a sister meme, National Friendship Day, American Family Day, Purple Heart Day
  • August 8 in International Cat Day, International Infinity Day, Victory Day
  • August 9 is International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, Co-working day (send a teamwork meme!), and National Book Lovers Day
  • August 10 is National Spoil Your Dog Day, Lazy Day and National S’mores Day.
  • August 11 is National Son and Daughter Day (son memes for you boy moms) and my bro’s bday!
  • August 12 is Middle Child Day, National Vinyl Record Day, and International Youth Day
  • August 13 is National Bowling Day, National Garage Sale Day and Left-Handers Day
  • August 15 is International Homeless Animals Day, National Relaxation Day and National Back to School Prep Day
  • August 16 is Tell a Joke Day, National Roller Coaster Day and National Airborne Day
  • August 17 is National Black Cat Appreciation Day, National Thrift Shop Day, and National Nonprofit Day
  • August 18 is National Couple’s Day, National Fajita Day and Women’s Suffrage
  • August 19 is National Potato Day, National Aviation Day, World Photography Day and World Humanitarian Day
  • August 20 is World Mosquito Day, International Geocaching Day, National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day (yes and please and hungry memes), National Radio Day
  • August 21 is International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism and Senior Citizens Day. HBO 8/21 episode 1 – House of the Dragon memes for the Game of Thrones prequel!
  • August 22 is National Tooth Fairy Day, World Plant Milk Day
  • August 23 is Cheap Flight Day and International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
  • August 24 is Kobe Bryant Day, National Waffle Day and International Strange Music Day
  • August 25 is National Secondhand Wardrobe Day and National Park Service Founders Day
  • August 26 is Women’s Equality Day, National WebMistress Day and National Dog Day
  • August 27 is National Just Because Day
  • August 28 is March on Washington and Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day
  • August 29 is International Day Against Nuclear Tests
  • August 30 is College Colors Day, National Beach Day and National Grief Awareness Day
  • August 31 is World Distance Learning Day and International Overdose Awareness Day

NFL Pre-season is in full swing in August! For my Cowboy fans – Dallas Cowboys Memes.

August 2024 Observances

Each month, various causes, organizations and what not are celebrated. Here are the August 2024 monthly observances:

  • Admit You’re Happy Month
  • American Adventures Month
  • American Artists Appreciation Month
  • American History Essay Contest
  • American Indian Heritage Month
  • ARRR-Gust: International Pirate Month
  • Back to School Month – download a first day of school sign
  • Black Business Month
  • Boomers Making a Difference Month
  • Cataract Awareness Month
  • Child Support Awareness Month
  • Children’s Vision & Learning Month
  • Family Fun Month – share a family meme
  • Family Meals Month
  • Foot Health Month
  • Get Ready for Kindergarten Month
  • Happiness Happens Month
  • Home Business Month
  • Learn Japanese Month
  • Medic Alert Month
  • Motorsports Awareness Month
  • Mushroom Month
  • National Anti-Frizz Month
  • National Back to School Month
  • National Breastfeeding Month
  • National Brownies at Brunch Month
  • National Canning Month
  • National Catfish Month
  • National Crayon Collection Month
  • National Eat Dessert First Month
  • National Eye Exam Month
  • National Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Month
  • National Goat Cheese Month
  • National Golf Month
  • National Immunization Awareness Month
  • National Inventors Month
  • National Minority Donor Awareness Month
  • National Panini Month
  • National Parks Month
  • National Peach Month
  • National Publish Your eBook Month
  • National Read-a-Romance Month
  • National Runaway Prevention Month
  • National Sandwich Month
  • National Traffic Awareness Month
  • National Water Quality Month
  • National Wellness Month
  • Neurosurgery Outreach Month
  • Orange Month
  • Papaya Month
  • Pedestrian Safety Month
  • Professional Speakers Month
  • Psoriasis Awareness Month
  • Romance Awareness Month
  • Shop Online for Groceries Month
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month
  • Tomboy Tools Month

I’m still thinking about vacation memes and how much a new month is the last thing I care to take on. Upward and onward, I guess!

how bad i need a vacation meme
how bad i need a vacation meme

August Weekly Observances

We hit up the major August 2024 holidays and monthly observance. Here are the weekly observances you need to know. 

  • World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7) (see breastfeeding memes)
  • National Video Game Week (first week)
  • National Simplify Your Life Week (first week)
  • National Scrabble Week (first week)
  • National Fraud Awareness Week (first week)
  • International Assistance Dog Week (first week)
  • International Clown Week (first week)
  • Elvis Week (August 9-17)
  • Exercise with Your Child Week (second week)
  • National Smile Week (second week)
  • Friendship Week (third week)
  • Aviation Week (third week)
  • Be Kind to Humankind Week (fourth week)

Share the Memes about August

If you have visited us before, you know we love us some memes. Our funny August memes are meant for sharing (personal use, not commercial please!).

did someone say august meme

We just ask that you link back to this post and tag us on social so more people can enjoy the June humor. Have a great month and happy summering!

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