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Scary Memes About Spooky Things We Love During Halloween

We have rounded up the BEST scary memes about all the spooky things for sharing this Halloween season! From scary Elmo memes to horror movies and Halloween, we are sharing our favorite meme finds for the spooky season.

You have been waiting all year, and the time is now here. It’s October and there is no better time to share some spooky fun. Enjoy and share our scary memes!

scary memes image with chucky doll and a ghost with a full moon
scary memes

Best Scary Memes

From horror movies to scary ghosts, we are breaking down the crazy with some LOLs. For those who love sarcasm, drop this funny scary meme as a reply.

wow. that's scary
scary meme

Scary Doll Meme

Feelin’ cute, might move around the room later.

feelin' cute might move around the room later
scary doll meme

Scary Halloween Decorations Meme

We are talking scary memes here, but we have a huge collection of Halloween memes you won’t want to miss!

Work is Scary Meme

Some scary memes don’t involve ghosts. Need some office humor?

scary is the thought of you staying at a job you hate but that's none of my business.
scary work meme

Enjoy these funny work memes.

Scary Birthday

When you reach a certain age, the scariest thing is that number. Here’s the perfect scary birthday meme for anyone who’s old enough to be scared of their age.

i was going to send you a scary birthday meme, but then i remembered how old you are and that's scary enough.
scary birthday meme

Don’t miss all of our funny birthday memes!

Scary Elmo Meme

Who knew our favorite red Sesame Street friend had a dark side? This scary Elmo meme is iconic.

let it burn
scary elmo meme

Scary Clown Memes

Another must include, are scary clown memes.

dont be scared i just wanna cuddle
scary clown meme

Okay, some are just stupid funny.

if you look real close you'll see 2 clowns staring at each other
clown meme

Then of course, the afraid of clowns meme because we all know someone *cough* BILLY- that’s afraid of them.

someone told me you are afraid of clowns
afraid of clowns meme

Don’t miss these hilarious Scary Easter Bunny memes about that festive rabbit who sneaks in the night before Jesus was resurrected.

Haunted House Meme

Had to include a haunted house meme in our collection of scary memes! Is that the house settling or is it a ghost?

that noise? oh that's just the house settling
haunted house meme

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a haunted house said no one ever. If one door closes, and another one opens – your house might just be haunted.

if one door opens and another one closes your house is probably haunted
funny haunted house meme

Memes About Ghosts

On with our theme of scary, we have ghost memes. “I ain’t afraid of no ghost..” That’s until one visits me in the middle of the night.

if i've learned anything from these ghost hunting shows it's that every ghost speaks english
ghost scary meme

Scary Movie Memes

Looking for scary movie memes? Don’t miss our list of top 10 scary movies to watch before Halloween.

gimme all the scary movies meme
funny scary movies meme

This horror movie meme from YourStalkerAccidentally is accurate.

me watching a horror movie its not that scary also me hearing the slightest sound
horror movie meme

In case you are wondering where this face comes from, it’s from the Scream movie franchise. Scream 1-6 was all the late 1990s – 2000s.

whatcha doing bro, just chillin
scary movie meme

Interesting analysis in this what women want meme. Comparing the interests of women in a potential mate and the lead characters in our favorite horror movies is quite hysterical!

what women want in a man meme
what women want in a man meme
  • We have Jason from Friday the 13th who is the strong silent type.
  • The Texas Chainsaw Killer, Leatherface who will remember your birthday.
  • The Chucky Doll from Child’s Play meaning someone who adores children.
  • The unforgettable scary clown in IT who loves to laugh.
  • Jack Torrance from The Shining, who is a real family man.
  • Hannibal Lecter who will make a home cooked meal that you will never forget.

Friday the 13th

We have a whole series of Friday the 13th memes dedicated to this scary movie! Jason and this movie are both Halloween classics.

friday the 13th jason meme funny
friday the 13th scary meme

Chucky Memes

We couldn’t have these scary memes without our favorite doll! These Chucky memes will have you reliving the hell that is the movie Child’s Play.

when someone tells me to take it down a notch
chucky meme

Moms be like, dropping my angel off at school. Don’t fret mama, we got all the funny mom memes for you. We know those bad genes come from their dad.

moms be like dropping my angel off at school
funny chucky meme moms

You may remember the Chucky doll as this wild and scary character from the hit 1980’s hit, Child’s Play. This funny Chucky meme reveals what he looks like now.

remember chucky? heres what he looks like now
childs play chucky meme

Share the Scary Memes

Funny memes about scary things are meant for you to share! Send these horrific memes to your favorite friend who enjoys a good scare.

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