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65 Funny Vacation Memes and Images About Travel

It’s the season for travel and these vacation memes will give you all the feels of needing to be elsewhere.

If you are looking for funny memes about vacation, chances are you are either needing a vacay, about to go on a trip or are on vacation.

Funny Vacation Memes

We know the feeling as we attempt to pack our suit cases and finalize plans for our summer vacay. Let’s share the funny vacation memes.

vacation memes
travel and vacation memes

Whatever your vacay status is, we have you covered with these hilarious images about vacationing.

Travel memes for all your vacationing. We are meme-ing everything from needing a vacation to flying on a plane.

vacation time meme
vacation time meme

Have you seen our summer memes?

I Need a Vacation Meme

Long hours, stress, family, life in general – let’s face it. We could all could use a vacation. These I Need a Vacation memes are for our friends who need a break from life and time to recharge.

how bad i need a vacation meme
how bad i need a vacation meme

Send this I need a vacation meme to your significant other.

i need a vacation
i need a vacation meme

A 6 month vacation twice a year sounds perfect. What recession? (See recession memes.)

i need a 6 month vacation twice a year
in need of a vacation meme

Then there is the logistics of travel. What I want and what my bank account says I can do don’t necessarily agree on the places that I should go.

me i want to travel. my bank account like to the backyard?
broke travel meme

Here is some unsolicited advice. If you feel like you can’t take off of work, USE YOUR PTO or vacation time. And don’t miss our work memes for office humor to enjoy with your co-workers.

Getting Ready for Vacation

When the date is set and your know your destination but all you have to do is wait (oh, and pack your bags) – these funny ready for vacation memes are what you are looking for.

Countdown to Vacation Meme
Countdown to Vacation Meme

This ready for vacation meme is for anyone who thinks I’m not. I may not have my bags packed – I mean chances are I haven’t planned anything but the answer is always yes. I am ALWAYS ready for vacation.

when someone asks me if i am ready for vacation
ready for vacation meme

You can buy your plane ticket, schedule your travel itinerary and have your packed luggage ready – but waiting to actual leave is the hardest part!

day before vacation meme
day before vacation meme

These waiting for vacation memes are for those of you who are stuck playing the travel wait game.

waiting for vacation meme
waiting for vacation meme

Packing Memes

Packing for Vacation Meme Pack those bags, don’t forget any birth certificates, passports, luggage, wallet, ID or anything else you need to get out of town successfully. Vacay awaits!

over packing meme
over packing meme

Anyone else have a problem with packing too much for a trip? If you can relate, these overpacking for vacation memes are for you. Going on a trip, I need about 4 outfits so I packed 30 outfits just to be safe.

going on a trip i need about 4 outfits so i packed 30 outfits just to be safe. overpacking for vacation meme
overpacking for vacation meme

Who else starts to have vacation packing anxiety? I can’t help but think “but what if I need it?” and then proceed to overstuff my luggage with things.

packing for vacation meme - but what if i need it?
packing for vacation meme

It never fails that I overpack my bags leaving zero room for my shoes or toiletries.

Vacation Time

It’s FINALLY TIME so here are the vacation time memes! Cue the TikTok Song “I’m on vacation…” Who is ready to get on the plane, on the boat or in the car and ready to leave town? WE ARE!

ready for vacation meme
ready for vacation meme

Unfortunately, it’s not quite time my family’s travel plans but when it is, but when it’s time for you to go, these vacation time memes are for you. Who else runs out of work on the last day before vacation?

when you leave work to start your vacation yass
vacation start meme

All problems not related to holiday are not mine when traveling.

not my problem i am on Vacation Meme
Im on Vacation Meme

The perfect vacation meme to share for when your vacation starts. Cue the happy memes!

Vacation Starts Now Meme
Vacation Starts Now Meme

When any of your friends text while you are traveling, this im on vacation meme needs to be your reply.

girl im on vacation meme
girl im on vacation meme

Sunglasses on with my tongue out (okay, a smile but maybe my tongue out) are relatable to this vacation mode meme.

Vacation Mode Meme
Vacation Mode Meme

Sorry, not sorry to anyone who needs me while I am out.

sorry not sorry im on vacation Meme
On Vacation Meme

Let’s Cruise!

If your vacation is a cruise, these cruise memes are for you!

cruise vacation meme
cruise vacation meme - 65 Funny Vacation Memes and Images About Travel

Who else’s dream vacation is just booking a cruise, ordering drinks and escaping from reality? Me, just me? Surely not! Don’t miss our Cruise Travel Pinterest board for the latest in cruise tips and news.

Vacation is Over Memes

Sadly, all good things come to an end. Here are the vacation over memes for sharing your feels when you are back from vacation and have to head back to work.

when you go back to work from vacation meme
back to work from vacation meme

And just like that, those relaxing, stress-free days are over.

and just like that Vacation Over Meme
Vacation Over Meme

When you need a vacation from your vacation.

when you need a vacation from your vacation
Back from vacation from Vacation Meme

When you return from your vacation and can’t remember how to do your job.

Going Back to Work After Vacation Memes
Going Back to Work After Vacation Memes

That Monday morning when your vacation is over and your remember you have a 5 day week is the worse. See our Monday memes.

Monday After Vacation Meme
Monday After Vacation Meme

How I feel about life when vacation comes to an end. Those last few minutes of zen before an emotional explosion after you pull back into your home’s driveway.

my face every time i pull into my driveway after vacation
vacation over meme funny

One does not simply enjoy coming back from vacation.

One does not simply enjoy coming back from vacation.
coming back from vacation meme

Welcome Back from Vacation Meme

The love you receive in this welcome back from vacation meme is so well known to those who love inbox zero.

welcome back from vacation meme
welcome back from vacation meme

Don’t miss our email memes for more inbox humor.

welcome back from vacation meme funny
welcome back from vacation meme funny

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Traveling with Kids Memes

Y’all, as a mom to 4 kids ranging in age from 10 to 19, the need to get out of town is a must.

traveling with kids is not a vacation
traveling with kids meme

That said, there is a huge difference between a trip and a vacation and shown in this traveling meme. Image from @milknhoneynutrition

being a parent means you truly understand the difference between a trip and a vacation.
parent vacation meme

Family Vacation Memes

Y’all, planning a vacation for your family of 6 is hell. These family vacation memes are the perfect laugh for the mom whose head hurts from travel planning.

its time for family vacation meme
family vacation meme

We now have 2 kids that work, so trying to figure out work schedules, our family calendar and when we can get to our destination is a feat in itself. Don’t miss our complete drinking meme collection for more humor.

yes i know its a family vacation i promise i wont drink too much. also me...
funny family vacation meme

Let’s not even start with what it’s like trying to find affordable flights in this climate! See inflation memes.

one does not simply go on family vacation without matching shirts
family trip meme

As much as traveling with kids is not a vacation, you have to understand the memories made on family vacations are those that stick with us for a lifetime. Who else had a dad who doesn’t stop for you to use the bathroom on road trips?

my dad passing literally every bathroom on the road trip
roadtrip meme

Check out and share our funny road trip memes.

National Lampoon’s Vacation Meme

Speaking of family road trips, tell me you have seen National Lampoon’s Vacation!

what ever family roadtrip feels like
funny family road trip meme

While these National Lampoon vacation memes are about the 1983 Chevy Chase movie about the Griswalds road trip to Walley World and all of the family vacation shenanigans that happen when traveling with family.

the older i get the more i feel like clark griswold - national lampoons vacation meme
national lampoons vacation meme

Looking for Clark Griswold Christmas humor? Don’t miss our National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation memes!

Beach Vacation Memes

One of the most popular vacation destinations is the beach. If you are beach bound, enjoy these beach vacation memes. Don’t miss our beach memes!

im easy to please just take me to the beach and give me all the drinks
beach vacation meme

When your heart is set on going to the beach but the money just isn’t there.

i could be here on vacation but im broke af
broke vacation meme

This beach vacation meme is too fun! Make these sand shadow faces for your next vacation picture when you are on the beach.

next time you visit the beach dont forget to take a picture like this sand shadow
funny beach photo meme

In the infamous words of kids, – don’t miss these are we there yet memes for anytime you are road tripping.

vacation meme - are we there yet beach vacay
vacation meme

Summer is coming in HOT – and so are we with hot weather memes.

Funny Memes about Air Travel

If you are traveling by air this vacation season, these air travel memes about flying will totally be relatable.

my face when people start clapping after the plane landed
plane landed meme

When you realize you are 40,000 feet in the air away from all the crap that is happening in real life. Air travel can feel like a dream.

flying meme when you realize you are 40,000 feet from everyone's bs
flying meme

Who else refuses to sit in the airplane middle seat? We typically have kids traveling with us, so the kids get the middle seat and I am not a bit sad to not sit in what I call the mushpot.

me in the middle airplane seat for 5 years
airplane middle seat meme

When you have a long flight and remember to charge all of your devices! Don’t forget to pack that battery pack. This is battery pack kept my phone charged and saved my sanity when missing a flight and getting stuck overnight in the San Antonio airport.

taking off on a long flight remembered to charge all devices
long flight meme

This jetlag meme is the perfect representation of how one feels waking up the first morning in a new time zone.

how i feel waking up the first morning in a new time zone
jet lag meme

Work Vacation Meme

Continuing on the vacation funny travel memes let’s talk about work. We are sharing the funny work vacation memes for those employees who are trying to avoid thinking about working on vacation or maybe you are using your work trip for vacay.

think about work on vacation or draw 25
work vacation meme

Don’t be texting me about work when I’m on vacation. If you do, send this funny work vacation meme back to your boss or team who has the nerve to message you!

working on vacation - when a text comes in about work while im on vacation
working on vacation meme

When you are in an awesome travel destination but expected to work and not play. BOO!

work vacation meme funny - when im on an awesome travel destination by im on a work trip expected to work
work vacation meme funny

Are you sure that’s a work trip or maybe you just make it into a company paid vacation. Oh, the perks for corporate travel.

work trip vs company paid vacation
company vacation meme

More Memes about Vacation

It doesn’t stop there with the vacay fun. Here are some more funny vacation memes.

Would these vacation memes be complete if we didn’t include a silly vacation pun?

vacation alpaca meme
vacation alpaca meme

To the mom who gets a vacation without your kids, ENJOY EVERY MINUTE! You DESERVE IT! For more mama fun, enjoy these mom memes.

mom on vacation with no kids be like
mom vacation meme

We have a collection of groundhog memes – this one “can’t talk work I’m on vacation” just cracks me up every time I come across it!

cant work on vacation meme
cant work on vacation meme

Passport photos be like.

passport photo meme
passport photo meme

For my fellow introverted friends, this vacation quote is for you. Vacation is where the people aren’t. Don’t miss our introvert memes.

funny vacation meme - vacation is where the people aren't
funny vacation meme

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hey hey hey im on vacay
vacay meme

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