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Hilarious and Relatable Family Memes That Will Make You Smile

Let’s delve into the hilarious world of family memes, where every quirky relative and awkward family gathering is fair game for a good-natured roast.

You gotta love relatives. They know you, oftentimes better than you know yourself since birth.

family memes

With that, comes all kinds of fun (if you want to use that word.) We are here with family memes for laughs and sharing with kin.

my family is full of nuts

Listen, I can say whatever I want about my family – but anyone else talking about them is a no.

one does not talk crap about my family

Getting ready for the fam to come over. May I suggest this easy lemon drop martini as a drink.

getting ready to spend time with family

When family is everything, cue the Godfather family meme. We’ve got the dad memes.

family is everything

Family Drama Meme

The sooner you learn that every family has drama, the sooner you can understand that it’s just part of each family dynamic. We are all a little weird.

this is me ignoring the family drama meme

Like Kacey Musgraves sings, Family is family, in church or in prison. You get what you get, and you don’t get to pick ’em. They might smoke like chimneys, but give you their kidneys. Yeah, friends come in handy, but family is family.

meet my family where the loudest person wins and logic doesn't matter

There is no such thing as the perfect family. Behind every photo is all kinds of crazy.

there is no such thing as the perfect family

Share this family drama meme anytime someone sends you a dramatic text that you want no part of. We all know mom is NEVER part of the drama (hahahaha) – see our mom memes.

family drama it is ignore i must yoda family meme

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Household Memes

The family household memes are just too relatable. When someone asks what it was like growing up, let’s just say the struggle was real.

household meme demonstrating what it was like
to grow up in our family household

Who else lives in a house that is made for families. No clean house in this household!

household meme our house is lived in by a family and it's not for show.

if you don't like the mess, you know where to go.

Funny Dysfunctional Family Meme

When your family puts the “fun” in dysfunctional.

when your family puts the "fun" indysfunctional

Ranking #1 for dysfunctional family meme is one thing, but when your family is the top search result – that’s a whole new level of crazy.

our family is so dysfunctional that when you google dysfunctional family; our family photo is the top search results

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Large Family Memes

Listen, I know this large family meme is something so many of you can relate to. With more and more people opting to not have kids or have fewer children, are the days of the large family gone?

the face you make when someone mentions what a large family you have

Any one who grew up with multiple siblings will understand. Large family problems be like…

large family problems be like sharing a room, noise, dirty bathrooms, sibling fights, parents had a van, budgeting, huge grocery bills, hand me down clothes

There are so many storylines and so many characters in our large family reality show!

large family meme Having a large
family is like
being on a
reality TV show: 

you never know
what's going to
happen next,
but you're sure to
be entertained.

Fake Family Memes

There’s the families that embrace their weirdness and understand that they aren’t perfect, but then there is the flip side of the coin. These fake family memes are for anyone who has or are dealing with a toxic family.

dealing with toxic family be like...

This fake family meme is all about that toxicity.

when she has a fake family but that's none of my business

This fake family meme is so many of us when it comes to posting on social media. It’s like Facebook can be a euphoric world where no tear are cried when milk is spilled. Unfortunate, for sure.

i dont always pretend my family is perfect but on social media i always do

Toxic Family Meme

When your toxic family member posts online like everything is perfect. I have heard this so many times from friends. So glad that I come from an imperfect family who knows we crazy.

when your toxic family member posts online like everything is perfect y tho

This toxic family meme is for anyone who is having to deal with that person who is always bringing in unnecessary family drama.

when your toxic family member starts stirring up unnecessary family drama

That amazing feeling when you have done the hard work and grown with self care to take out the trash. See our self care quotes for more inspo.

when you finally grow enough to take your trash out

Extended Family Memes

We are branching out the family tree and sharing the funny memes about extended family. You know, those relatives that you may or may not recognize on your branches.

trying to figure how people im related to are so different than me


They are your relatives, but also your best friends growing up. Send these cousin memes to your favorite cuz you love to harass.

when your cousin finally arrives

Family Tree Meme

When you have marriages, divorces, step parents, bonus kids and what have you – this family tree meme will hit home a little hard.

me trying to explain my family tree

Black Sheep of the Family

When you just aren’t like the others, these funny black sheep of the family memes will totally make sense. Just imagine how boring your family would be without you.

i am glad to be the black sheep of the family imagine how boring they would be without me

Every family has at least one black sheep, and that is me. If you just aren’t like your brothers and sisters, or parents – it maybe you! Don’t miss our sibling memes.

every family has at least one black sheep that would be me

For my fellow black sheeps, this funny black sheep of the family and family reunions is for you.

oh look, its me at the family reunion

For your bubba, we have brother memes.

Fast and Furious Family Memes

We couldn’t share about the fam without these fast and furious family memes.

fast and furious family meme

Dom family meme says it best. Family is family.

family is family

Family Time Meme

This forced family time meme is something my son would totally send me. Our kids LOVE forced fun time with the family. Parents, don’t miss our parenting memes.

forced family time meme

Family Fake News Meme

When your family keeps sharing fake news on Facebook.

when your family keeps sharing fake news on facebook

Oh, the fun that the pandemic brought to families with different beliefs and all of the fake news and cultish behavior that the online world brings. Here is how to talk to family that share fake information.

Family Gossip Meme

Who remembers when you became finally old enough to listen in on family gossip? It’s like “OH! That explains so much!”

when you are old enough to listen to the family gossip and everything finally makes sense

More Funny Memes About Family

The funny family memes continue.

Family Photo Meme

Who else has to deal with the pains of orchestrating a family photo shoot each year? I’m not complaining because we really do love the pictures but also omg.

whoever is saying to take family photos because you will treasure them someday is not the person who is in charge of planning the family photo shoot

And every year, mom suggests we all wear white shirts and jeans. Nope, sorry mom ain’t happening.

Are you even a family if you don't have a family photo with everyone wearing a white shirt and jeans?

Family Group Text Meme

For the love, don’t add me to a family group text that is going to message reactions and tapbacks all day long.

me when my family adds me to a group text

Family is Everything Meme

Some of us are lucky to have the people related to us be actually amazing. If you are so blessed, this family is everything meme will relate.

family is everything meme

Welcome to the Family

Whether it’s by birth, adoption or marriage – a welcome to the family meme is a perfect way to welcome the newbie to the crazy. Best to prepare them for what’s to come.

welcome to the family you are one of us meow.

Family Party Meme

Oh, that awkward family moment when you are being hugged by someone who knows you but you have no idea who they are. This family party meme is so many of us.

that awkward family party moment when you are being hugged by someone you don't know

Crazy Family

Aspire to embrace the family crazy. Don’t hide it, just put it on the porch and give it a cocktail. Notice what the crazy family quote states – porch, not Facebook.

crazy family quote  in our familiy we dont hide our crazy. We put it on the porch  and give it a cocktail.

You say crazy family like it’s a bad thing. Just remember, the definition of crazy is quite vast. Kind of like weird.

you say crazy family like its a bad thing

We Are Family

A little reminder that we are family.

we are family meme

Family is family, in church or in prison. You get what you get, and you don’t get to pick ’em. They might smoke like chimneys, but give you their kidneys. Yeah, friends come in handy, but family is family.

Thank you Kacey Musgraves for this song.

we are family i got all my sisters with me

Don’t miss our sister memes to share with your sisters or sissy.

Family Reunion Memes

Who doesn’t love getting together with distant cousins, uncles, aunts and other random people that you are related to. This family reunion meme shows you how to prep for such an occasion.

how i prepare for family reunions

Send this family reunion meme to Grandma and Grandpa. Because of them, and their parents and so on – the whole entire family reunion is their fault.

grandma realizing she's populated the entire family reunion

Addams Family Meme

Every family is weird. Maybe not as weird as the Addams family, but alas we all have our quirks.

addams family meme every family is weird

Family Vacation

This family vacation meme is one of those that you read and immediately save because you know it will come in handy in the future.

Yes i know it's family vacation and i promise not to drink too much

Don’t miss all of our vacation memes and good luck on that family trip. Thoughts and prayers.

Framily Meme

When you have friends that become chosen family, share this framily meme.

framily friends who become the family we choose

Find yourself friends that can become framily. Those are your people.

There are friend and there is family. Then there are the friends that become family, framily.

DNA doesn’t matter when it comes to framily.

Family Dinner Meme

The expectations of what family dinner is before I had kids versus now that I have teenagers. The once a week family dinner where we all sit down and eat a meal together is now once a month.

family dinner expectation vs reality

Home cooked meals are often replaced by Uber Eats. And while yes, we eat in front of the TV most nights – we do typically have 75% of the kids present, so I will call that a win.

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Share the Fam Memes

Sharing funny family memes about parents, siblings, cousins and other kinfolk.

family motto is well that escalated quickly

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