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Funny Alien Memes: Laugh at the Strange Happenings of 2024

While we have no idea what 2024 is delivering, we are giving you the funny alien memes.

From UFO or should I say UAPs to extra-terrestrial life, there are many questions swirling from the oddities happening on planet Earth. When life gives you weird, it’s best to just laugh. Things are getting weird with this alien and UAP / UFO talk, y’all.

funny alien memes

With all of the mystery happening with the vague news from the media, White House and Pentagon – we are left here speculating what in in the universe is going on?

Outrageous Alien Memes

Let’s break down all things extraterrestrial with humor. Rather than fear the unknown, we can laugh with there hilariously funny alien memes.

i'm not saying it's aliens but its aliens

If you can’t beat them, join them – well maybe. This week we’ve been playing a lot of is it a weather balloon, drone or UFO.

who else is tired of playing is it a weather balloon drone or ufo
weather balloon meme

Ain’t nobody got time for UFOs, UAPs and aliens. We are about to celebrate Lent.

ufo uaps aliens aint nobody got time for that
alien meme

Up until we recently learned that China has also discovered weird flying objects in the sky, this funny alien meme is what their map of Earth looked like.

aliens map of the earth
us aliens meme

Yet, here we are. The United States government is shooting down who knows what along the United States and Canadian border.

shoot down all of the flying things
ufo meme

Imagine being an alien, just chilling on a family vacation to Alaska. That didn’t end well.

how the alien family vacation to alaska went
alaska ufo meme

For all of those who love the thought of life from another planet or universe visiting Earth, this alien meme is for you.

my face when i hear aliens maybe visiting our planet
funny aliens meme

I got 99 problems, and the last one that I want is to have to worry about an alien invasion!

i got 99 problems and i dont want aliens to be another one
funny alien meme

Abducted By Aliens Meme

When being abducted by aliens sounds like a fun time, you need our vacation memes.

abducted by aliens meme
abducted by aliens meme

UFO memes

What would this collection of funny alien memes be without a little UFO meme fun.

ufos and aliens may the odds be in your favor
ufo aliens meme

It all started with a Chinese weather balloon (or was it a surveillance balloon?) Regardless, things pivoted quickly.

the us has show down a chinese weather balloon and update the us is shooting down ufos

So are we believing what the government is telling us about aliens and UAPs or is this just another conspiracy or hoax? I’m feeling very punked.

government aliens meme
government aliens meme

Anyone else tired of being apart of history?

when you are tired of being apart of history
being apart of history meme

See our SpongeBob memes.

UAP Memes

So while most of us think of aliens flying around in UFOs (unidentified flying objects) – apparently not.

uap meme funny

Now extraterrestrials have upgraded their vehicles and are now using UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena)

uap meme
uap meme

Stay tuned, y’all. The United States Congress is holding a public hearing on July 26th to release UAP details. Previously classified information maybe released which makes this UAP meme even more relatable.

funny uap meme
funny uap meme

Just when we thought we had the worse of 2024, the aliens arrive. Welcome friends, I hope you like memes.

alien uap meme
alien uap meme

Conspiracy Memes

For the conspiracy theorist in your life…

you believe in conspiracy theories? i too like to live dangerously
conspiracy theory meme

We even have this hilarious funny conspiracy birthday meme. Make sure to check out all of our birthday memes.

may your birthday be as wild as your crazy theories
conspiracy birthday meme

When you aren’t sure if this alien, UFO and UAP talk is a government conspiracy or just a bad reality.

when you aren't sure if its a conspiracy or a bad reality
conspiracy meme

And why aren’t we hearing more about this crazy Ohio train derailment?

there was a massive chemical spill in east palstine, ohio when that train derailed that media isn't fully covering but thats none of my business
east palentine meme train ohio

Yeah, let’s just not.

brace yourself the aliens are coming

Project Blue Beam Meme

Another conspiracy theory is that this is really just Project Blue Beam. If you aren’t in the know, here’s a brief of what this crazy theory is.

ufos and aliens nah project blue beam
project blue beam meme

Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory that suggests the United Nations is secretly working on a space-based program to implement a New World Order.

aliens, project blue beam russia, china or north korea
project blue beam meme funny

According to the Project Blue Beam theory, the UN (United Nations) is developing advanced technology to create holographic projections and simulate earthquakes, wars, and other events in order to manipulate and control global populations.

Tin Foil Hat Meme

Maybe it’s you who should be wearing that tin foil hat (they now sell them on Amazon!) Or whoever has wild theories, share a funny tin foil hat meme.

time to put on your tin foil hat
tin foil hat meme

My other hat is made of tin foil.

my other hat is made of tin foil
tin foil hat meme funny

ET Meme

Probably the most popular alien from the ET movies. E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, is a cult classic sci-fi film that was released in 1982.

et phones home but he should have just texted
et meme

All of us 80s and 90s babies will never forget.

Alf Meme

From 1986 to 1990, a popular television sitcom about ALF – an alien life form broadcasted in America. The wise cracking alien from the planet Melmac crash landed into the garage of the Tanner gamily and moved in.

never forget ALF the o.g. alien life form
alf meme

Alf’s favorite food? Cats, of course!

always happy to help with unwanted cats
alf cat meme

More Funny Aliens Memes

Everything that comes out of the news conferences feels classified. What are they not telling us? Maybe I need a tin foil hat.

when the government keeps shooting down objects and is keeping everything classified y tho
classified meme

Maybe the aliens just want a brewski.

wheres the beer
wheres the beer meme alien

Try not to freak out. Breathe thru the anxiety. Better days are ahead, at least we hope.

anxiety? i know her!
anxiety meme

Done operators be like.

how i feel when i fly my drone
drone meme

Life is a highway, and I want to ride it all – wait. Extraterrestrial highway? Thats a no thanks.

life is a highway the highway: extraterrestrial highway
life is a highway meme

Me waiting to be abducted by aliens. So I can avoid work responsibilities and life in general. Send this funny work meme to your favorite co-worker.

me waiting to be abducted by aliens so i can avoid work and all of my life responsibilities
alien abduction meme

So, do I need to pay my rent or are we just going to bet on an alien invasion.

not sure if i should pay my rent or wait to see if theres an alien invasion
alien invasion meme

Can we just get done with this crazy and life our life like it was? While the last few years have been crazy – let’s make 2024 normal again.

can we get this over with
talking to alien meme

For my pregnant friends, maybe not watch the Alien movie. Instead, check out these hilarious pregnancy memes.

do not watch this movie pregnant
alien stomach meme

Even our favorite Tweeter Elon Musk (not really) has something to say about the mysterious flying objects that the United States military is shooting down.

don't worry just a few friends of mine stopping by.
elon musk alien meme

When NORAD doesn’t rule out aliens. Read this article on Reuters.

when norad doesn't rule out aliens
norad meme

The truth is out there. Don’t miss these Star Wars memes.

the truth is out there embrace it we must
truth meme

Alien Birthday Meme

For your favorite alien friend. Send this funny alien birthday meme!

happy birthday hope its out of this world
alien birthday meme

End of the World Meme

When the end of the world is coming and you are trying to figure out how to plan to do all of the things on your bucket list before it happens. Side note, the world will eventually end for all of us.

end of the wthis is me planning on how i am going to finish my bucket list before the world end
end of the world meme

How about a little YOLO meme for the dooms day preppers.

dooms day preppers be like
dooms day prepper meme

Pre-gaming for the end of the world party.

pregaming for the end of the world party
funny end of the world meme

Share these Funny Memes About Aliens

We hope you got a good LOL out of these funny alien memes. Share them with your favorite conspiracy theory friend or boomer who is in denial that there is anyone else in this universe.

alien vs predator
alien vs predator meme

From aliens to ufo memes, we hope you enjoy and share! Tag us on social media and link back to this post so more can enjoy the humor.

woohoo aliens

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