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Quarantine Memes About Coronavirus Isolation & Social Distancing

Saying home because we were exposed or trying to stay safe, social distancing means quarantine memes.

Listen this whole situation just sucks. Being away from family and loved ones is hard. While I don’t have a lot of answers, this is something I do know. I never thought we’d be talking or laughing about being in quarantine!

quarantine memes

This quarantine memes post was originally written in 2020. Here we are in 2021, still in the pandemic and quarantine is still a thing!

How many have had to deal with kids quarantining due to close contact to a positive case at school? With 1 of our kids getting covid from school and then dealing with over 20 days of quarantine, I can say that I look like this everytime I get an email home stating my kids has had close contact!

Funny Quarantine Memes

covid close contact school notice matrix meme
close contact at school quarantine meme – (dont miss our matrix memes)

Me in Quarantine

Isolation, quarantine, social distancing – 3 words before 2020 that we never said on the regular. Me in quarantine memes – that’s where we are. It’s so crazy that we have to laugh. Who knew staying home would be something we grew tired of?

Funny quarantine memes gaining weight during covid
Stop eating out, cook at home and you’ll lose weight. Maury says quarantine determines that was a lie.

So many of us have been the last year isolated from the world in an effort to remain safe. As we pass the 500k mark of deaths, it’s a sad reality we are having to face.

Me in quarantine memes  definition of isolation
Me in quarantine memes

Don’t miss our entire collection of covid memes.

Isolation is when you have tested positive for the virus and have to isolate yourself from the world.

Quarantine is when you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus and are waiting to see if you develop symptoms or test positive.

Social distancing is something everyone can do to reduce risk of transmission.

With all of this staying at home business, we might as well do something productive – like share all the FUNNY quarantine memes! If you are in quarantine, isolation or whatever – or know someone who is (don’t we all?!) – share and enjoy these funny memes about quarantine.

No Crowds Allowed – NO GATHER, Karen Meme

While yes, I do feel bad for all the people named Karen out there.

Gathering is illegal Karen

That said, you have to admit this No Gathering Karen meme is hilariousness.

Quarantine Birthdays

We are in birthday season at our house. Last week we celebrated a 10-year-old birthday via Facebook Live. Then our 17 year old we did a drive thru birthday party. Check out our social distancing birthday ideas.

Quarantine meme about birthday social distancing

Find creative ways to celebrate birthdays in quarantine, drop your loved one a birthday meme or text and talk thru a window!

Quarantine Snacks

I don’t know about you, but with a house of 4 kids home all day every day – these quarantine snacks are going quick.

Cabin Fever

This staying home stuff is going to get old and cabin fever will set in.

coronavirus cabin fever meme
funny quarantine memes – cabin fever

Quarantine has us all feeling like we’ve been cast in a reality show called CABIN FEVER.

Stay Home

Remember why you must stay home.


Our medical professionals and front line responders need us to help so we don’t go into total disarray. Yes, even those who are not high risk need to do their part.

We are all in some degree in a Coronavirus quarantine. Public places are closed, school closings are happening. People are being forced to work from home.

me imagining myself in quarantine spending my day playing video games  coronavirus quarantine memes

To top it all off, it’s best not to try to run to the store for toilet paper at time.


To ease your worries while staying home, enjoy this quarantine meme featuring a Coronavirus playlist. Music soothes the soul.

coronavirus quarantine playlist meme

Coronavirus Working From Home

Some of us are working from home with kids during the Coronavirus crazy. Don’t miss these funny zoom memes.

work from home with kids  coronavirus quarantine meme

Check out our tips for working from home with kids.

coronavirus quarantine memes about working remote meetings via video

Give your coworkers some grace during this forced remote working time.


And make sure to use these Coronavirus email sign offs.


Kick back, relax and enjoy the always at home life with a Quarantini. The ultimate drink for quarantining.

Coronavirus Drink  Quarantini Meme

Introvert Quarantine

Introverts, this quarantine thing may just be our moment. No people, all alone – bring on the energy! We love us some alone time, so of course we have introvert memes.


Extroverts Quarantined

As an introvert, this self quarantine, isolation or whatever you want to call it – isn’t TOO difficult. But extroverts, I can’t imagine how you feel.

Introverts Check on your Extroverts they are not okay  Coronavirus Quarantine Memes

Introverts, definitely check on your extrovert friends during the Coronavirus quarantine.

Introverts Check on your Extroverts they are not okay  Coronavirus Quarantine Meme

While introverts may love the social distancing, extroverts – not so much.

More Quarantine Humor

And the funny quarantine memes continue! Take your birth control, ladies – or else you might just have a corona baby.


This can be prevented if this isn’t something you want!


And the internet, well it is here for you with memes, funny Coronavirus quarantine memes!

In no way is this meant to poke fun at the awful COVID 19 situation that is happening.


Prayers to all who are infected or have loved ones dealing with this. It is not fun and can cause anxiety. Rather than be anxious, let’s laugh, or try laughter yoga.

Quarantine Quotes

We are all social distancing and isolation is not fun. But we make the best of it.

Just look what William Shakespeare did when he was quarantined during the plague.

Just a reminder than when Shakspeare was quarantined because of the plague he wrong king lear   Shakespeare Quarantine Meme

Then there is what your Grandpa did and what is being asked of you. Talk about perspective.


Let’s love one another, regardless of where we are, laugh and make the best of this tragic Coronavirus situation. Find the good.

Love one another

It costs nothing to be a kind human being.


Stay well, friends. Wash your hands and for the love – stay home.


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