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25+ Funny Minion Memes for Sharing

Share these funny Minion Memes for your favorite meme sharing occasions.

One of my kids favorite movie series is Despicable Me. About a longtime supervilla, Felonious Gru and his minions. The minions are these yellow creatures that have personalities that are over the top and definitely are the characters that make the show.

Funny Minion Memes

The funny expressions and quirkiness of the yellow minions also make the most hilarious memes! We are sharing our favorite Minion memes.

minion memes

Coffee, the most important meal of the day. See more coffee memes, also pretty sure these yellow guys don’t need anymore caffeine.

minion coffee meme
minion coffee meme

Happy Birthday Minion Images

For your friends, family and loved ones that adore these yellow minions. Celebrate them by sharing these cute Happy Birthday Minion memes.

minion birthday meme
hope your day is one in a minion

Or if your humor is more less Miniony, try these funny birthday memes on for size.

minion happy birthday meme
minion birthday meme

Minion Banana Meme

We all known Minions love bananas, so of course here are some Minion banana memes. But did you know these things about Minions and bananas?

minion banana meme
minion banana meme

The Minions speak “Banana language”, otherwise known as “Minionese”. What would people say the language you speak, in regards to your favorite food? People would say I speak “taco language” see taco memes.

banana minion meme
banana meme minion

And who can forget the adorable Banana song from Despicable Me 2.

Minion Memes for Moms

So moms out there, if you are sharing Minion memes with your kids, or if they catch you sharing them on Facebook watch out.

minion mom meme
minion meme for moms

Ironic Minion

Let’s throw some irony into the minon memes mix with these ironic minion memes! Apparently the jokes on us, or is it?

mom minion meme

If I have learned anything from having teenagers, its this. We Moms DO NOT SHARE THE SAME SENSE OF HUMOR AS OUR KIDS. How that for ironic minion meme?

mom facebook minion meme
facebook minion meme

Their humor is dank, though, I am sure they would say iconic which I say is ironic.

They can have their “humor” and we will have ours. Speaking of, here are more mom memes for your enjoyment. Looking for minion facebook memes, how about this one:

minion facebook meme

Filet Minion Meme

Who else after reading minion confused it with mignon? These funny filet Minion memes prove you aren’t alone.

filete minion meme

If you want to freak your child out at dinner, make their filet mignon look like a minion. Just print out a photo of a minion or put funny goggle glasses and googly eyes on the steak to complete the look.

filet minion meat meme
funny filet minion meme


filet minion meme  did someone order a filet minion meme

More Minions Despicable Me Memes

And the Despicable Me Minion memes continue! From Friyay to farting and exercise, these funny creatures are awesome for memeing.

Minion Fart Meme

Everybody poops, and everybody farts – Minions includes. See Bob farting.

minion fart meme  if you smell the fart stay 6 feet apart
minion fart meme

Spread some “YAY!” digitally with these yay memes.

Minion Love Meme

Share the Minion love meme with your loved one. Bonus points if they love Despicable Me and if it’s not on Valentine’s Day.

But if you need Valentines memes, you know we got you.

minion love meme
minion love meme

Money Talks and Waves Goodbye

They say that money talks, but mine just waves goodbye. 4 kids, y’all. Money doesn’t have a chance in my bank account.

minion meme
funny minion meme

Sad Minion Meme

Not all days are happy, even minions know that – right? For the gloomy, not so great day.

minion sad meme  even minions can have a sad day


Oh I thought you said “extra fries” not exercise. My bad.

minion exercise meme

Mexican Food

Who knew the yellow guys loved their Mexican food as much as I do. If you love you some tacos, don’t miss these taco memes.

tacos minion meme tacos before vatos

Did someone say burritos?

burritos minion meme did someone say burritos

And you know we have burrito memes too.

Minion Memes for Everyday

When we say we have Minion memes for everyday, we mean it. Sunday thru the weekend. Celebrate everyday with these yellow guys and some funny memes for sharing.

Sunday Minion Meme

sunday minion meme  if you love sundays post your favorite sunday meme
sunday minion

Monday Minion Memes

If you have a case of the Mondays, this Minion Monday meme is for you to share. I mean, it’s just meant to be!

minion monday meme
monday minion

Or if you are needing some even more funny, here are monday memes.

monday minion meme  hello monday


This is my Tuesday face is the perfect Tuesday minion meme. Who doesn’t feel like this on the second work day of the week?

this is my tuesday minion meme
tuesday minion image

Check out our Tuesday memes.

Hump Day

Get over the hump with this hump day minion image.

happy hump day minion meme

Hump day memes for getting over the week’s hump.

Wednesday Minion

Congrats you have made it half way thru the work week. This Wednesday minion meme is perfect for sharing with the co-worker that needs help to finish the week strong.

wednesday minion meme congrats you have made it half way thru the work week you can do it.

Maybe hump day isn’t for you. For the traditionalist, we have Wednesday memes.


May your Thursday be filled with bananas and not bananas.

thursday minion meme may your thursday be filled with bananas

See our Thursday memes.

Friday Eve

Another way of saying Thursday in a more optimistic light, would be Friday Eve. Enjoy this Friday Eve minion meme.

friday eve minion meme happy preweekend

Celebrate the weekend early with these Friday eve memes.


Who doesn’t love the end of the work week. How about a little Fri-Yay, which is something we can totally hear the yellow guys celebrating about.

friyay minion meme

End of the work week deserves Friday memes.

Weekend Minion Memes

Let’s celebrate the weekend! Whether its a 2-day, 3-day or 4-day weekend, this weekend minion meme exudes the happiness we all feel when it it time for rest and relaxation.

weekend minion meme get excited its the weekend

Enjoy all of our weekend memes.

Share the Minion Memes

There you have it, a collection of funny memes about Minions! These yellow creatures do have a way of just making you smile, right?

We believe memes are meant for sharing. There is enough crazy in this world, share the love, funny and smiles. And the best part, free memes don’t cost you a penny. Share away, we just ask that you tag us on social or link back to this page so more people can enjoy the funny Minion love.

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