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Back to School Memes for Parents Who Are Ready For 2021 School Year

Today we are sharing our favorite Back to School memes! Parents who have had kids virtual or remote learning for the last year and a half – I don’t know about you but 2021 school year cannot come soon enough!

After the last one and half school years being remote, to say that I am excited to have my kids back in school is an understatement. I have my reservations because of you know that c-word, but honestly this mom needs a break and some quiet to get some work done.

back to school moms be like meme
back to school meme – moms be like

Yes, I know the realities of delta and kids – which does have me ultra stressed (don’t miss these funny delta variant memes). And to make things worse we are in Texas with 2 kids who are too young to get vaccinated so that’s just great, right?

picking up kids back to school meme
thanks @deathbydiapers for this funny back to school meme!

You count down the days until the kids get out of school for summer (yes, we have last day of school memes) and then you find yourself asking Alexa how many days until school starts back. Who is with me? You guys, back to school season is here and we are so ready for it.

back to school remote learning meme
2021 back to school be like

As a type B who would prefer not to have a schedule, I know this house functions better when there are bedtimes and kids not circling the place 24 hours a day. We’ve done vacation, we’ve done all nighters, now let’s get our butts back into gear for the coming education year – but first enjoy these back to school memes!

Are you a teacher? We have a special collection just for you of teacher memes and teachers be like memes.

Best Back to School Memes 2021

When summer is over and you have to remember what day of week it is. 

This was literally my kids face when he saw a commercial about going back to class. Now if only he could channel the talent of Jack White, not just his expressions.

when you see back to school commercials
when you see back to school commercials

Who else has a kid who is NOT happy about going back to in person school? We have a split of excitement about the 2021 school year and then there are is the other half pulling this face when you mention that summer vacation is almost over.

funny back to school meme when someone asks you if you are ready for school
funny back to school meme clean – when someone asks you if you are ready to go back to school

Don’t forget about the car line!

car rider line meme first day of school
car rider line meme

Does anyone else’s school have a crazy car line for kids riding home with their parents? It’s always a work in progress especially the first week of school (or semester.)

Summer is Over Memes

We love a good LOL but lets get serious for a hot second. Lucy’s face says it all. 

when you realize summer break is over - i love lucy meme
Lucy Meme – when you realize that summer is over

Yes kids, summer is over. 

summer why you no stay longer
funny summer school meme

We count down the days to the last day of school and then we could down the days until the first day of school. Funny how this works!

time to have a good summer break back to school meme
funny meme about school

Well we had 2 and a half months of summer vacation. You know, just enough time for the kids to forget half of the things that they learned.

you had three months of summer vacation back to school meme

Teachers, don’t miss our teachers be like memes – totally relatable to all of those in education.

Back to School Parents Memes

Parents be like… tears of joy, y’all. Sending the kids away for the day – after all of the homeschool that we have done – please kids, go back.

sending the kids back to school makes me want to cry


FREEDOM! Parents everywhere rejoice.

all parents this week after kids go back to school meme

Oh that joyous feeling of when your kids are back in class!

that feeling when your kids go back to school

Last year, the moms had a first day of school brunch. I hope we do this again because a celebration is in order. 

when the kids go to school

Cheers to you, parents. You survived the summer!

happy back to school day cheers meme

Sneaking in a little nap since you have a quiet house for the first time in months is not frowned upon. Just saying.

my kids are back in school

First Day of School Memes

These are totally true story – first day of school for parents memes. Oh that first day of school, parents be like… 

first day of school memes back to class parents funny

That first day of school exhaustion is real! My boys always fall asleep as soon as they get home. When is your first day back to school? Our 2021 first day of school is August 16th.

funny first day of school meme
first day of school meme

I have other friends going back August 2, 2021 and then more going back at the beginning of September.

School Supply Memes

Who loves school supplies?


I DO and I don’t even go to school.

when you get to buy all new school supplies

These funny school supplies memes are way too relatable.


Teacher essentials for 2021 should also include a hazmat suit!

2021 Teacher Essentials

School is Better Than Going to Work

Just wait kids, if you are complaining about school – just wait until reality hits. Enjoy it while you can!

kids all complaining about having to go to school
school is better than work meme

Kids, that adult responsibility thing is not for the weak. 

what if i told you being in school is much better than working

Homework Memes

When you are all excited about school starting back and then you remember that there is homework involved. These funny homework memes explain the feeling.

when you get homework on the first day back to school
Homework on the first day back… yeah, about that.

Yes kids, homework comes with the territory.

funny homework meme - welcome back i have some news for your i meant homework
homework meme – welcome back, I have some news for you. Did I say news? I meant homework.

More Back to School Memes

And more back to school memes for us parents… 

everyone is going back to school

Pro Tip: If your school offers school supply bundles – ORDER IT. It will cost you maybe $10 more, but will save you hours and your sanity. Also, who else has kids that have been wearing the same clothes all week?

back to school shopping woody buzz toy story meme
back to school shopping meme

I will say that I will miss being able to sleep in until 9 am without having to write a school note explaining that mom slept in (again.) We are trying to morning bus that gets here before 7am so this will be interesting.

i dont want to go back - funny dawson meme
I dont want to go back to school meme

Unfortunately high school isn’t anything like high school musical. 

high school back to school meme
high school meme

Do you have a kid who is excited about school to see their friends but not excited about the homework? SAME.

funny meme about school - cant wait to go back - but i dont want to do any school work
funny meme about school

That’s right kids, chin up – be brave, you’ve got this!

school meme walking into school with your mates like
walking in to school be like

Summer is Almost Over, Kids

And we conclude our awesome finds of funny back to school memes with Oprah saying it best.

you get to go back to school meme oprah

As I was posting this, my 9-year-old runs in here to tell me he needs more internet time (thank you, Qustodio for putting some kind of limit on his screen time!)

Anyways, he saw this and said “WAIT, are you telling people to be happy that I have to go back to school?” HA, sorry kid. I love you with all of my heart – here is some extra screen time but yes, I will be happy to have an empty house for a few hours and be able to introvert without kid chaos. 

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