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Target Goes All Mario Kart 8 – as if we need another reason to go to Target

Target (the favorite retailers to moms) has gone all out for the launch of Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Switch. If you aren’t aware – the anticipated mega-hit video game Mario Kart 8 for Switch goes on sale April 28th. Ahead of the massive launch, 650+ Target stores across the country are going full-game mode. 

Target Goes Mario 

Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect at your Target store. 

Mario and Luigi Balls

Target Mario Kart 8 for Switch


Those huge Target balls – you know what I mean. The big balls that are outside of Target that your kid insists on playing on every time you walk in – those are now  Target says that those balls, which they call bollards – are designed to stop stray cars.

Starting Line

Target Mario Kart 8 for Switch

As you walk thru the sliding doors at Target, be prepared as motion sensors fire up flashing lights and play Mario’s catchy theme song. Are you ready to race? 

Target Carts Turn Mario Karts

Target Mario Kart 8 for Switch

That’s not all. Target for the first time has branded their carts – or should I say karts. That’s right – each store has a handful of carts decked out as “Super Target Karts,” featuring Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. Who is ready to take on Bowser? 

Too bad this isn’t Super Market Sweep! I love this marketing campaign with Nintendo – but I do hope Target knows that they are just encouraging my children to be crazy, racing their carts around the store!

image source: Target

Pre-Order Mario Kart 8 For Switch
Mario Kart for Switch Pre Order

Have you pre-ordered Mario Kart 8 for Switch? If not, do so now! I was fortunate enough to get to Target early enough when the Nintendo Switch launched to grab one. There has been many complaints on the low inventory of the Switch – so make sure to pre-order today!

Mario Kart In Real Life

This is one of my favorite videos. Some tricksters took to a mall to re-create Mario Kart in real like. Mario Kart IRL, people – definitely a fun watch – and thru a shopping mall!

Don’t miss the fun at Target this week with the new Mario Kart decor. As if we needed another reason to go to Target. Heads up, with the launch of Mario Kart 8 for Switch happening on April 28th – I’d suggest heading to Target before then if you want to see this!