5 Angry Birds Cake Idea and Inspirations That You Will LOVE!

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Angry Birds Cake? Yes, please! These are the perfect addition to any birthday party!

We’ve rounded up our favorite Angry Birds cakes that are just adorable! These would make such great centerpieces.

Angry Birds Cake Ideas

Angry Birds Cake Ideas That Will Have You Squawking!

This gorgeous Angry Birds cake would be the perfect addition to any party! The fondant on this cake is amazing, and love the blue bird additions. I wonder if these are cake pops!

angry bird birthday cake

Source: Flickr – By Alessandra Caldeira

Evil Pigs Cake

Adore Cake Decor in California made this adorable Evil Pigs Cake! Who knew those ugly green pigs could be so darn cute! The birthday child’s name in Angry Birds font totally makes the cake personal and is a great finish, with the crown with the child’s age!

What Angry Birds fan wouldn’t want the Evil Green Pigs head on a platter!

evil pig cake angry birds

Source: Facebook

Adorable Cake Idea with Name

I absolutely love the name added to the cake top. What a great cake idea. Those eyes are just staring right at you!

angry bird cake idea

Source: Cake Central

Red Angry Bird Birthday Cake

Here is an example of great cake piping. There is no way I could DIY this, I can barely frost a cookie. None the less this Angry Birds cake idea is impressive

angry bird cake round

Source: Pinterest

Angry Birds Scene Cake

This cake nailed it! Custom Cakes by Julie knocked it out of the park with this adorable cake! Check out the detail, those eggs and grass – super job!

creative angry bird cake

In conclusion, Angry Bird cakes offer not only a delicious treat but also a fun and vibrant centerpiece for any celebration. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or simply indulging in some creative baking, these cakes are sure to delight both kids and adults alike with their colorful designs and nostalgic appeal.

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