Parents Guide to Pokemon Go

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Pokémon Go for Parents– It’s all over the internet, the memes won’t stop and your kids (or in my case, husband as well) won’t shut up about it. I mean – we were on vacation and the whole family wanted to go catch Pokémons and we did. Everywhere from Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon – all the way home to Dallas – we were catching these creatures.

What in the world?! If you are a parent and want to know what is this craze about – let’s chat.

pokemon go parents guide

Parent’s Guide to Pokemon Go

In just a few weeks since it’s launched, this game has as many daily users as Twitter does daily users – thats a TON. Kids, parents, families are all using this app to connect. HOW? Let’s chat.

  • What is Pokemon Go?
  • Should kids play Pokemon Go?
  • Is there a security and privacy risk?
  • How can I get my kids moving with this game?
  • How you can use this as a family activity?

Click the link below or image above. We want this to be a complete resource guide for parents. If you have questions, I left out or if I left out something you think parents need to know about – please leave a comment! We want this parent resource to be as helpful as can be for you, your family and your Pokemon catching adventures!

What is Pokemon Go? 

Pokemon Go is an game app released by Nintendo in July 2016. It took the world by storm and is still a top-rated game in the app store. The Pokemon Go app made a huge impact partially because the app makes you go places and move to accomplish things.

While yes, you can play the game at home – there are limitations. You excel in the game by battling at various locations.

Should Kids Play Pokemon Go?

You need to decide if playing the Pokemon Go app is something that is right for your kid. As far as content, it’s PG. The biggest safety concern that I can forsee would be adults meeting in public Pokemon spaces. 

It really is amazing how many adults play this game. I would recommend parents use this game as a family opportunity for game play. Go visit poke gyms and battles together. Go find some Pokemon! 

Security and Privacy in Pokemon Go 

As mentioned, in general Pokemon Go is a safe game for kids to play. You create a trainer who is your persona. But like mentioned above, kids should use with caution when attending public Pokemon events. 

Parents, it’s our jobs to keep our kids safe!

kids with smart phone playing pokemon go at a park

This Game Will Get Your Kids Moving

Here is the beautiful thing about the Pokemon Go game. In order to do certain things, you have to walk. The game uses your phone’s sensors to make sure you are moving.

This is great for parents who want their kids to do more than sit on a couch, staring into space. 

Use Pokemon Go as a Family Activity

When this game first game out and all of our kids were into it, my husband created his own account. On numerous occasions, he would find poke gyms and battles in various locations around where we live (or were on vacation) and took the kids to play. This was a fun and engaging way for the kids to connect to their dad thru the Pokemon Go app.  

We also have several friends who have done the same thing in using this app as a family activity. 

In conclusion, there is a lot to this app and we want to make sure to provide with all the information we can that would be helpful for a parent.


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