Pokémon Go for Parents – It’s all over the internet, the memes won’t stop and your kids (or in my case, husband as well) won’t shut up about it. I mean – we were on vacation and the whole family wanted to go catch Pokémons and we did. Everywhere from Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon – all the way home to Dallas – we were catching these creatures. What in the world?! If you are a parent and want to know what is this craze about – let’s chat.

pokemon go parents guide

In just a few weeks since it’s launched, this game has as many daily users as Twitter does daily users – thats a TON. Kids, parents, families are all using this app to connect. HOW? Let’s chat about what the game is, should you let your kids play, is there a security and privacy risk, how this game is getting kids MOVING (yes, outside – walking, not just sitting in front of a screen!) and how you can use this as a family activity.

Click the link below or image above. We want this to be a complete resource guide for parents. If you have questions, I left out or if I left out something you think parents need to know about – please leave a comment! We want this parent resource to be as helpful as can be for you, your family and your pokemon catching adventures!

View our complete Parent’s Guide to Pokemon Go

There’s a lot to this app and we want to make sure to provide with all the information we can that would be helpful for a parent. We’ve also created a Pokémon Go definition guide to keep you up with Poke Lingo. You know, so when your kid at dinner is trying to explain what how they need to go to a Poke Gym, you’ll know what they are talking about!

pokemon go for parents

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