Best Fortnite Gifts: Easy Gift Ideas for Players

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If you are like me, this Christmas you are searching for Fortnite gift ideas. I am beginning to think my son thinks he lives in the Fortnite game. Between the silly dances and lingo and non-stop game play – he is obsessed.

Since Fortnite is still a major thing. Originally our guide to Fortnite Gifts launched in 2018. Here are the latest gear to find your player the perfect present.

Fortnite Gifts – Ideas for What to Buy a Gamer

We are in the teen years where you have no idea what to buy and you don’t want to just hand over cash or a stack of gift cards for Christmas. I made the kid write down a Christmas wish list and of course, it’s filled with Fortnite gifts.

So here is what he wants and a few other great Fortnite gift ideas that will hopefully help you complete your shopping list (and make someone very happy on Christmas morning.) 

fortnite gift ideas for christmas

Fortnite Hoodie

My biggest fear with this Fortnite hoodie is that my kid won’t stop wearing it. He has a bad habit off finding a hoodie he likes and then proceeding to wear that same hoodie you know every single day.

fortnite hoodie
Fortnite Hoodies make a great gift

Here is another Fortnite hoodie (or hooded sweatshirt) if you are looking for something less loud.

fortnite hooded sweatshirt
Fortnite Battle Royale Hoodie

Floss Like a Boss Shirt

For the kid who doing Fortnite dances and flossing – this FLOSS LIKE A BOSS shirt is perfect. 

floss like a boss fortnite shirt

Don’t miss our entire post on the best Fortnite Shirts

XBox One Fortnite Bundle

Next on our list of Fortnite gift ideas, what about an xBox One? If you are going to buy an XBox One this Christmas, might as well go for the Fortnite bundle! Microsoft has done a great job pricing their bundles, so this is a great deal – plus the Fortnite game is included. 

fortnite xbox bundle
  • 1TB Xbox One S Console, wireless Controller, full-game download of fortnite battle royale, the Eon cosmetic set, 2000 v-bucks, a month Xbox game Pass trial, & Xbox Live Gold Trial
  • Battle to be the last One standing in the worldwide fortnite phenomenon
  • Includes the Eon cosmetics set download and 2, 000 v-bucks to spend in-game
  • Fight in 100-player battle royale PvP mode on a giant map, building and destroying the environment as you go
  • Enjoy Instant Access to over 100 games out of the box with the included one-month trial of Xbox game Pass

Fortnite Socks

Yes, socks that say Do Not Disturb I’m Playing Fortnite – this is pretty much the story of my teen’s life.

fortnite socks
Perfect Fortnite Gift for Boys – these fun game socks

These make awesome stocking stuffers and my kid will totally be wearing these, because hello Fortnite socks. 

Fortnite Gift Cards

The gaming currency in Fortnite is v-bucks. So basically to buy anything in the game you need these. So your kid will want v-bucks for Christmas and in order to get them – they will need a gift card or credit card. You will need to know what gaming platform your kid plays the majority of the time on. Why? Because you will want to buy a gift card for that platform and know that their v-bucks will show on the platform they redeem the gift card on. 

In 2018, when we originally wrote this post on Fortnite Gifts – there were no gift cards. I KNOW – how stupid. Hello 2021, you can now purchase Fortnite V-Bucks gift cards.

fortnite gift card

Here are links to where to purchase gift cards for the various platforms:

You may notice that Google Play Gift Cardis not listed. Because the Fortnite mobile app is not in the Google Playstore (you have to access thru Samsung’s app store on Android.

Don’t know what platform your kid is playing on? NO WORRIES – play it safe and just buy them a pre-loaded visa gift card.

Fortnite Llama Popsocket

Here is another great stocking stuffer idea. If your kid doesn’t have a popsocket, this is a phone accessory that is worth buying!

fortnite popsocket

If you don’t have a popsocket, buy you one. It’s such a simple idea, but makes holding your phone and standing your phone up as a display super simple. 

Fortnite Nintendo Switch Bundle

Like Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch has a Fortnite bundle as well. Get the Fortnite game and a Nintendo Switch with a neon blue and neon red joy-con.

fortnite switch bundle - fortnite gift ideas

Plus, you will get 1,000 V-bucks, (these are virtual items) Double Helix Set, consisting of a unique Character Outfit, Back Bling, Glider and Pickaxe. 

Fortnite for Kids Book

We did this with our younger boys, we got them to read by getting them Minecraft books! If you have a stubborn reader or kid that just doesn’t get into reading, maybe a Fortnite book will change their minds!

fortnite book
Fortnite Gifts for Boys – Pro Gamer Guides to Learn How to Play

This is book includes underground secrets and tips, secrets to become a Fortnite God (hahaha – not literally people) and Win Battle Royale Like THE PROs. 

Fortnite Monopoly

Family game night might not be so hard to get your kid off the computer if it’s Fortnite Monopoly. Maybe, no guarantee on that – but if you are wanting a new family board game – Monopoly never fails! You can play with 2 to 7 players. 

fortnite monopoly

The Monopoly Fortnite edition has a twist. It’s not about what the players own, it’s about survival! Kind of like the game, right? This features well-known locations as properties and players aim to earn health point chips instead of Monopoly money to stay in the game. This is a fun twist on an old classic and a Fortnite gift idea the whole family can enjoy!

How to Draw Fortnite Skins

Teach your kids how to draw Fortnite skins with this easy tutorial book. This books shows your kid how to draw 20 different skins!

how to draw fortnite skins book

Fortnite Backpack

It’s half way thru the school year, does your kid’s backpack need to be replaced? If they are a gamer, you know they would love this Fortnite backpage.

fortnite backpack - fortnite gift ideas

Bonus – it has a leather bottom and good reviews on Amazon!  It also comes in a wide variety of colors, even PINK!

Fortnite Calendar

Here is a practical Fortnite gift idea that any kid could use. Every year we get the kids a new calendar for the wall. It’s always something that represents them in hopes that they will keep up with it and actually turn the months on time. (Unlike their mother whose calendar still says 2017.) 

fortnite calendar 2019

This year it will be a Fortnite calendar on their bedroom wall! 

Fortnite Action Figures

If you have a kid who likes action figures or if you are looking to decorate a Fortnite bedroom – these Fortnite action figures are perfect. 

fortnite action figures

This squad pack includes 4 legendary figures, 8 accessories and 4 display stands. Let them Battle Royale off screen with these mini-figures.

Fortnite Llama Plush Toy

This llama is so cute and comes with a keychain and phone holder.

fortnite plush llama toy

The perfect edition to any Fortnite gift!

Funny Gamer Shirt – I Paused My Game to Be Here

And last on our list of Fortnite gift ideas, we have this funny gamer shirt. I PAUSED MY GAME TO BE HERE – because of course, how dare the kid have to stop playing their game to be with the family for DINNER.

funny gamer shirt - i paused my game to be here

This is perfect. 

Well guys, there you have it. I hope these Fortnite gift ideas help you out with your Gamer’s Christmas list!