Best Minecraft DIY Crafts for Miners

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Minecraft Crafts – that’s right Minecraft fans, we have rounded up the best crafts related to Minecraft! 

Drag the kids away from the computer for some fun family time that while it doesn’t involve them building blocks on Minecraft, it has them using their creativity with Minecraft crafts!

Minecraft DIY Crafts

Get out your hot glue guns and get ready to start crafting, in real life instead of online. We have rounded up the best Minecraft crafts for you and your child to do. This makes a great rainy day or screen free day activity!

Best Minecraft Crafts for Miners!
Best Minecraft Crafts for Kids

DIY Minecraft Shrinky Dnks

How adorable are these? Who remembers making shrinky dinks as a child? Relive that fun but make this Minecraft craft because your miner will love it!

Buy printable shrinky dink paper online is much cheaper. I wish when I was little we could print shrinky dinks, but at least I can enjoy this craft now and with my kids.

minecraft shrinky dinks
image source: The Jersey Mom

I am absolutely loving these Minecraft shrinky dinks. I remember making these as a child and making them MC style is brilliant!

View Tutorial at The Jersey Mom

DIY Minecraft Plushes

These adorable DIY Minecraft plushes would make a great addition to a themed bedroom!

DIY Minecraft Plushes - Minecraft Crafts
image credit for minecraft plushes – kojo designs

View Tutorial at Kojo Designs

Minecraft Creeper Bead Keychain

Using Perler beads, help your child make this Minecraft creeper keychain. This Minecraft craft is so easy, a 6-year-old can do it!

minecraft keychain

Our kid made a similar Minecraft creeper keychain and hooked it onto his Minecraft backpack. It became a conversation piece and he was so excited to tell people that HE made it himself!

Minecraft Creeper

Here is another Minecraft creeper craft that your kids will adore. This creeper is made out of Perler beads and makes a fun toy or Minecraft bedroom decoration.

minecraft creeper craft

Using 896 Perler beads, create this three-dimensional Minecraft Creeper! Check out the creeper pattern and learn how to make this craft on

DIY Minecraft Shirt

Who needs to buy a shirt when you can make one! (If you want to just buy one, check out our collection of Minecraft shirts!)

20-Sided Minecraft Die

This is a fun Minecraft craft idea!

minecraft die

Download this template and create a 20-sided Minecraft die from

Minecraft Creeper Pillow

Grandma’s who want to make their Minecraft grandkids a gift, check out this Minecraft craft! It’s a Creeper pillow. While you may not understand it, your grandkids will surely love it!

minecraft creeper pillow

Get the complete tutorial on

Minecraft Creeper Doll

Pick up some green fleece and create this Minecraft Creeper doll. Check out the instructions on

minecraft creeper doll

Or if you aren’t crafty, just buy a stuffed animal – Creeper doll from Amazon.

Creeper Paper Craft

This is an easy Minecraft craft that requires minimal effort. The kids will love making the creeper face with bits of paper!

Minecraft Magnets

These Minecraft magnets are easy AND cheap to make, double win! These would make a fun craft to do at a Minecraft party!

diy minecraft magnets craft
DIY Minecraft Magnets image credit: Kerry Ann Morgan

View How To At Kerry Ann Morgan

Minecraft Bookends 

We are loving these DIY bookends from Keeping it Simple Crafts!

DIY Minecraft Bookends made with 2 by 4
Minecraft Crafts: DIY Minecraft bookends

Toilet Roll Creeper

Here’s what you can use those leftover empty toilet rolls for, toilet roll creepers!

There you have it! A collection of Minecraft crafts for you and your kids. Did we miss one? Leave a comment and we will include it in our roundup!

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