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Draw Something App - it's like an app version of Pictionary!

Our review of the Draw Something app review initially went live in March 2012. It’s 2020 and guess what my teenagers are playing? Yes, you guessed it. Draw Something.

What is Draw Something App?

Draw Something is a social drawing game. Think of it as that you are playing Pictionary with your friends but all on your phones.

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Back in 2012, this app was all the buzz. I remember blogging about it being downloaded over 20 million times in the 5 weeks according to Business Insider!

In 2020, the Draw Something app is the most popular social drawing and guessing game in the App Store. Since launch, over 7 billion drawings created!

How to Play Draw Something

Draw and guess with your friends is the basics of this game.

In the drawing game app, you select a word to draw for a friend. Your friend attempts to guess as you draw the word as a picture. It’s a hilarious game, and no drawing skills are required. You just wiggle your fingers to create doodles that represent the word.

After your round, your friend will pick a word, attempt to draw it. Then it is your turn to guess what their doodle actually is.

Why is Draw Something App so Viral?

This app was growing faster than any other in the app store, even faster than Words with Friends or Angry Birds in 2012.

In 2012, gaming apps were often released on either iOS or Android, not both – but Draw Something did just that. This means anyone with a smart phone to play.

People love this game because it is a 2-person game with interaction and an element of fun. This isn’t your typical word game, that we’ve seen rise to app fame (Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends). This game allows you to show off your skills, or lack of. But regardless if you can draw or not, it’s tons of fun.

Great Family Game App

Draw Something makes a great family game app. Use this social drawing game as a fun way to connect with your kids. Have the whole family download the app and get your game on via your smart phone. Even Grandma and Grandpa can get in on the drawing fun.

Draw Something App is Free

Download the free Draw Something Class app and see why everyone loves this game!

2012 Fun Facts About Draw Something App

Since our initial post, Zynga now owns the social drawing app.

Draw Something App Review

Here are some interesting facts we found back in 2012 about the viral app.

  • CEO of developer OMGPOP, Dan Porter, says that the app is generating six figures a day.
  • The company has also made more money in the five weeks that Draw Something has been in the app store than they made all of last year.
  • Over one billion pictures have been drawn using the app.
  • March 11, 2012, over 3,000 drawings a second were being generated by users
  • Over 12 million users are actively playing Draw Something (only)
    • Draw Something has more users than 3-year-old Foursquare has. That’s almost as many users as 1.5-year-old Instagram.

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