13 Ultimate Fortnite Cakes That Will Level Up Your Party


We are sharing the ultimate guide to Fortnite cakes, where the world of baking meets Battle Royale! As we dive into the creative universe of Fortnite-themed confections, this post will showcase the most epic cake designs that are sure to impress any Fortnite fan.

Fortnite Cakes because what’s a Fortnite party with our a fun sweet treat? Planning a party and have on the list to find a Fortnite cake? Fret not, we are here to help you plan this birthday bash and make it awesome.

best fortnite cakes

Insanely Cool Fortnite Cakes That Are Anything But Basic

When planning a Fortnite party for my kid, I was amazed at what I found when it came to finding Fortnite cake ideas. Check out the best Fortnite cakes we found for inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite cake designs honoring Fortnite. These are everything from bakery fabulous to made with love, homemade diy style.

Awesome Fortnite Cakes – Birthday Bash Cake Ideas

From DIY cakes to fancy fondant cakes decorated in Fortnite style, we are sharing our favorite finds and cake ideas for your next birthday bash.

Fortnite 10th Birthday Cake

Victory Royale for this 10th birthday!

fortnite 10th birthday cake

This Fortnite happy birthday cake for Wyatt was found on Instagram.

DIY Fortnite Cake

This DIY Fortnite cake turned out so cute! For the last 3 years, Fortnite has been a staple game in our house and amongst the kids’ friends. This adorable Fortnite birthday cake was actually a mess up!

fortnite cake

The bakery didn’t decorate have the right Fortnite cake toppers so my friend took the cake decorating into her own hands.

Fortnite Cake Accessories

Using a print out of the Fortnite logo and straws, Mel made the Fortnite cake accessory that say FORTNITE. Then she got creative for the Fortnite cake accessories using Fortnite toys that her kid had in his room!

Grocery Store Fortnite Birthday Cake

While its easy to features all of the bakery Fortnite custom cakes, here is a simple alternative. (I am sure cheaper, too!)

grocery store fortnite birthday cake

This is a Fortnite image placed onto a cake.. I haven’t used edible icing paper before, but this is what is used at bakeries. Most grocery store bakeries will let you bring in your own image as well. This cake was found on Pinterest.

Battle Royale Cake

This gorgeous hand painted and crafted Battle Royale cake says WOW!

image source: instagram.com

battle royale cake

Fortnite Fishstick Cake

It’s FISHSTICK Fortnite birthday cake! This is a fun twist to the traditional cake and would be perfect for a girl’s fortnite party.

fortnite fish stick cake

image source: Pinterest

Battle Bus Cake

This Fortnite Battle Bus cake will make the birthday boy happy, ( or birthday girl!) no matter how old they are.

fortnite battle bus cake

This player turned 32 and his brother surprised him with this epic cake. Battle bus cake image source: reddit.com.

Fortnite Birthday Pie

Who needs a cake when you could have a Fortnite birthday pie! At least I think this is what it is, if not – its a great idea for a cake alternative that we found on Pinterest.

fortnite birthday pie

Fortnite Logo Cake

For the #1 a darling Fortnite logo cake made with colorful fondant.

fortnite logo cake

See this Fortnite birthday cake creation on Instagram.

Victory Royale Fortnite Cakes

Check out the OG victory royale banner on this Fortnite birthday cake idea.

fortnite cake toppers amazon
image source <a href=httpswwwredditcomrFortNiteBRcommentsaeuayhfortnte birthday cake target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>redditcom<a>

Another birthday cake celebrating a victory royale!

victory royale fortnite cake

Fortnite Drop Box Cake

This drop box cake is amazing and the yellow balloon makes it perfect!

fortnite drop box cake

This Fortnite birthday cake was found on reddit.

Fortnite Birthday Llama Cake

It’s the birthday llama bringing some LOOT (and sugar and carbs.)

DIY Fortnite Cake

I love the gradient icing on this homemade DIY fortnite cake. The cake maker just printed out various Fortnite graphics and added to the cake.

fortnite birthday cake idea

For an even easier hack, buy a premade cake at your local grocery store or bakery and add on the printables.

Don’t miss our free Fortnite invitations! We told you we would make this easy for you! Just customize and print. We’ve even included a evite template to simplify things, if you are sending your birthday invitations virtually.

Fortnite Cake Toppers and Accessories

If you are DIYIng a birthday cake and are finding yourself in need of a Fortnite cake topper, here are some great toppers and accessories to decorate with.

Birthday Cake Toppers

Here is an actual photo from a Fortnite birthday cake made using these Amazon cake toppers.

fortnite birthday cake toppers
Easy Fortnite Birthday Cake Hack <a aria label=Buy Cake Toppers from Amazon opens in a new tab href=httpsamznto31ixVdg target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener nofollow>Buy Cake Toppers from Amazon<a>

This is an easy hack for a fun and memorable birthday celebration.

Victory Royale Fortnite Cake Topper

This is an easy add to make a fabulous looking cake. Just buy a pre-made cake at the grocery store or bakery and add this fun Fortnite Cake Topper.

fortnite cake toppers amazon
Find these Fortnite cake toppers <a aria label=available on amazon opens in a new tab href=httpsamznto39flEdY target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener nofollow>on Amazon<a>

This Fortnite Cake decorating kit comes with 8 cardboard figures as well as llama, loot chest, tree, battle bus and #1 victory royale sign!

Perfect for an for an 8″ – 12″ round one-tier or multi-tiered cake.

Fortnite Birthday Bash

Did you know that every year for Fortnite’s birthday they celebrate with the annual Fortnite Birthday Bash event? It’s an in-game event that features official Fortnite birthday cake, party favors, a skinned battle bus and more.

And if you are super bummed that you are looking at actual cakes but wanted to find them in-game, fret not! Learn where to find birthday cakes in Fortnite.

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