Minecraft Gameband Review: Save Your Worlds and Play Anywhere


Minecraft Gameband is a new device that you need to know about if you have a gamer in your family! We partnered with Gameband Game Stop to tell you about this device. 

Introducing the Minecraft Gameband

My family is slightly Minecraft obsessed. So when I was introduced to Gameband I knew I had to get it for my kid! How obsessed is he with the game?  Let’s just say that it’s SO bad that when we went to get my son a new computer for his birthday (a laptop rather than a desktop) – he declined at the store informing the sales guy that he didn’t want a laptop because of his Minecraft world.

Portable Minecraft with Gameband

Fast forward a few months and guess what dies? HIS DESKTOP. Guess what happened? His Minecraft world was gone. Like forever and ever GOOD BYE. He was devastated to say the least.

That was a few months ago, and you know how cool technology is – one month we can’t do anything, the next month *POOF* a solution is made so you can do it.

Here is where I introduce every Minecraft player to their new favorite product. Introducing the Minecraft Gameband. Minecraft goes wearable. This will blow your mind away! Gameband Minecraft is the first-ever Minecraft wearable.

gameband minecraft review
gameband minecraft review

We gave E, our Minecraft obsessed 9-year-old a Minecraft Gameband as an early Christmas present.  To say that he is over the moon, would be an understatement!

Play Minecraft Anywhere

The game band will allow you to play Minecraft on any computer by just plugging it in. The kids have never played Minecraft on my Macbook Pro. I let my son have my computer to test the band out. He just plugged the USB drive in and was up, logged into his account and playing Minecraft in a matter of 2 minutes!

play minecraft levels anywhere
play minecraft levels anywhere

If your kid loves MC – check out these kid friendly Minecraft Crafts!

E has already informed me that he is so excited that he can now play Minecraft at his Grandma’s house — this is definitely a huge win for him!

Your Minecraft Worlds Are Backed Up

Your games are backed up to the game band and saved to the cloud so you will never lose a world again!

USB Gameband

So in addition to being a USB drive, it also works as a watch with an LED display that is customizable! Gameband ships with PixelFurnace, an App that lets you customize Gameband with messages, images and animations that you create and share on the PixelFurnace site.

minecraft gameband backup
minecraft gameband backup

My son wanted his to say MINECRAFT. Check out this band LED customizations:

BONUS! The band is splash proof!

The Minecraft Gameband allows you to take your Minecraft game on the go. The actual Gameband is a USB drive, but it also serves as a watch (and you can customize it to say different things!)

Where to Find Minecraft Gameband

You can pick up the Minecraft Gameband at GameStop. These are quite popular. I would suggest going online and searching gamestop.com to see which stores have them in-stock near you. You can even reserve for in-store pickup.

If you are out shopping at a GameStop, you may need to ask in-store where to find them. We went to the GameStop at the Firewheel Mall in Garland, TX – the bands were stored behind the counter.

gameband for minecraft
gameband for minecraft

Gameband belongs to Now Computing and is affiliated with Minecraft. If anyone has any feedback regarding Gameband, they should reach out to Now Computing. This device makes Minecraft portable and is a great gift idea for Minecraft lovers!

Here are a few key features:

  • Gameband Minecraftis the first-ever Minecraft wearable!
  • You take your Minecraft Worlds with you and play Minecraft anywhere, anytime on any computer.
  • Features ultra-fast, long-lasting hardware, Gameband saves your Worlds and also backs them up onto their secure, cloud-based servers. Lose it? No problem – just contact Now Computing and order a replacement with all your data intact.
  • Gameband ships with PixelFurnace, an App that lets you customize Gameband with messages, images and animations that you create and share on the PixelFurnace site.
  • Comes pre-loaded with stunning maps from Sethbling, Hypixel and Dragonz. Minecraft™ Game License sold separately
  • Available in 2 sizes:  Minecraft Gameband Small (6.7 inches / 15.7 cm) and Gameband Large (7.2 inches / 17.3 cm).
  • It’s splashproof!

Happy Minecrafting!

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