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Free Printable Angry Birds Invitations

Looking for a free Angry Birds invitations? Make your kid happy! Throw an Angry Birds party.

This post originally was posted on January 11, 2011 – during the midst of the first Angry Birds craze. Here we are in the summer of 2016 and Angry Birds are BACK, thanks to a new app – Angry Birds 2 and an Angry Birds movie!

We’ve updated this post to include several FREE Angry Birds invitations. We have also included instruction on how you can easily personalize these. 

Free Angry Birds Invitations

I love a good birthday party invitation. Confession: I have good intent, but my timing is always off so I can never put together personalized invites, plus I’m cheap.

FREE Angry Birds Invitations
free angry bird invitations – download printable

If your kid loves Angry Birds as much as mine do,  throw a party and guess what – have I got a treat for you! Download one of these free customizable invites – your guests (and kid!) will love them.

Birthday Printable Invitations

Just download the free printable Angry Bird party invite from the link below or by clicking on the invitation.

Fly on over and celebrate – printable invite.

First in our Free Angry Birds invitations – we have a COME CRASH THE PARTY. 

It’s a Birdday Party!

Join the flock and fly on over to the party

Print out the free Angry Bird printable invite (the size is 5×7), cut, and write in the party details. Or if you want, import into a PDF editor and fill in the details.

Customize the Invites on PicMonkey

You can customize these easily on Picmonkey! Just download the free Angry Birds invites. Go to Picmonkey and import the graphic. You can then customize these with your personal birthday party information. Then download and print. Super simple, FREE and personalized!

These Angry Bird invites use A7 envelopes (5.25″ x 7.25″)

How is that for simple, cheap and stylish? On top of that, you’ll have a happy kid! Everyone wins!

You may need to right-click then save image – to save the printable invite

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Tuesday 5th of March 2013

actually there is a nice sum up for the angry birds party idea at angry birds 365 website (i guess you know it if you're angry birds fan).


Tuesday 5th of March 2013

just download it right now... i'm planning doing a party for my 5yr old son and this invitation is smooth!


Thursday 21st of February 2013

thank you - this made my sons day!


Monday 18th of February 2013

Thank you sooo much, You save the day


Saturday 26th of January 2013

Thank You, Thank You, Im on a budget for this party and this cut back some of the cost and of course my son Loves them :)

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