10 Things Parents Need to Know About Fortnite

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 Let’s chat and talk about what parents need to know about Fortnite. Is Fortnite bad for kids? Those are the words being asked by many parents.

We have put together a comprehensive parent’s Fortnite guide to help parents navigate the game. That said, since so many parents are asking if Fortnite is bad for kids – let’s talk specifically about the game today. 

Parents Guide to Fortnite

We’ve put together a list of 10 Things Parents Need to Know About Fortnite. We are hoping this and our guide will help you get a better grasp of what this game is and whether your child should be playing it.

Fortnite game what parents need to know

Minimal Violence

1. Fortnite contains minimal violence.

While the game does involve guns, the violence is minimal and there is no real blood. That said, it’s not the violence that’s a concern; it’s the addictive nature of the game. It is a game of strategy and you need to decide if your child is mature enough to handle the contents and stress of the game. 

Fortnite is Addictive

2. Fortnite is addictive, but all games can be. 

Researchers have come out talking about the dangers of Fortnite addiction and gaming addiction in general. It’s our job as parents to create boundaries and help our kids understand that they cannot play Fortnite all the time!

While the game itself might be addicting, it is our job as parents to make sure that our kids do not become addicted. Set limits, create rules and boundaries for your kids!

Setting Up Parental Controls

3. Parents can setup Parental Controls. 

fortnite parental controls

Parents need to know that they can set parental controls to help limit what their kids are doing and how long they are playing the Fortnite game. Read about Fortnite Parental Controls.

Do Not Save Your Credit Card in the Game

4. To help prevent excessive charges, make sure that you do not let your kid save your credit card in the Fortnite game.

I am not naming names, but someone in my family told me about their child running up several hundred dollars on all kinds of in-game Fortnite purchases. My son a similar situation, but it was with his debit card and it was $80, not several hundred. He uses a Current debit card and it allowed me to block all charges from Epic. He now has to ask for me to make purchase. Read the Fortnite Stats to see how much Epic Games is making! 

And speaking of credit cards.

Turn on 2FA – 2 Factor Authentication

5. Make sure before you add any payment method the account is protected by 2FA – this is mandatory, do not use any payment method unless the account is attached to 2FA!

Due to credit card fraud and what have you – make sure that your account or your kid’s Fortnite account has 2FA enabled. 2FA is 2 factor authentication. Learn about enabling 2FA.

The New Playdate

6. Kids aren’t hanging and having playdates in real life anymore, they are doing it on Fortnite.

Our teen son all of a sudden is on the phone all the time. It’s not talking to friends in a normal sense, it’s him SCREAMING at friends as they strategize and play Fortnite Battle Royale. What we did as teens, you know hanging out at people’s houses and malls is no longer. It’s now online. 

Fortnite for Families

7. Fortnite can be a great family activity and way to bond with your kids over something they love.

Fortnite for families? YES! My husband setup a lan party in the playroom. Each kid has a computer and he jumps on and they ALL play Fortnite together. Consider using this game as a bonding opportunity. My brother and sister-in-law often plays with her kids too!

Playing Solo

8. If you are concerned with your kid playing Fortnite with others online, consider letting them play solo. 

While yes, most people play in groups or squads on Battle Royale, you can play solo! Save the World is the single player Fortnite game.

Playing solo maybe a good way to ease your child into the game and to see if this is a good fit for your kid. Remember, you are the parent – you decide this not your child.

NOTE: Certain platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, only let you play Battle Royale and not Save the World (single player mode.)

There is No Such Things as Free V-Bucks

9. Don’t let your kids fall for free v-bucks scam!

free vbucks scam

V-bucks are the in game currency and there are multiple YouTube videos and websites claiming they have ways for your kids to get free v-bucks (basically think of this as Fortnite money.) 

Make sure that your kids know that they aren’t going to get free v-bucks! Make them do chores, earn those v-bucks!

Fortnite Predators, Stranger Danger and Keeping Safe Online

10. Like anywhere your kids go on the Internet, Fortnite predators exist. 

kids safe on fortnite

Just like sending your kids out to the grocery store by themselves, when you send them on a game or the internet you have to prepare them.

There are Fortnite predators. Yes, but there are also sexual child predators everywhere on the internet. You must teach your kids to be safe on Fortnite and online.

Is Fortnite Bad for Kids?

Personally, we let our younger kids (7 and 8-years-old) play, but with limits and most of the time that they do play, they are playing with their dad. 

The truth is, it all depends on the kids. While there is minimal violence and no real blood and gore in Fortnite, some kids just may not be mature enough to play.

is fortnite bad for kids?

Regardless of your child’s age, do make sure that you are moderating screen time, that you understand the game and know what your kids are doing (and who they are talking to) online.