Free Minecraft Birthday Invitations Ready in 5 Minutes

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Download our Free Minecraft Birthday Invitations for print and evites to make party planning easy!

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids are OBSESSED with Minecraft – still. It is now 2024 and while we originally created a set of free Minecraft invitations back in 2017 for you guys to use and these are still hugely popular! Since then, we have expanded our free invites to include evites!

Minecraft Invitations Made Easy

We are taking the headache and cost out of making Minecraft invitations. If your kids this game as much as our kids, throwing a Minecraft party will be a huge hit!

minecraft birthday invitation pdf free
minecraft birthday invitation pdf free download

Let’s learn how to download the Minecraft invitation PDF and also learn how to customize the invite for a personalized custom invitation.

Download Free Minecraft Birthday Invitations

We are approaching birthday season in our house, and one of the birthdays will be Minecraft themed.  I found a few options for Minecraft birthday invitations online, but you have to buy them. 

minecraft all the things
minecraft meme

Who doesn’t love free printables? We wanted to offer a FREE Minecraft birthday invitations since the Angry Birds Invitations were so popular and well received, I have a feeling these will be as well.

We are even showing you

So let’s get you a free printable Minecraft invite for your Minecraft themed party.

Looking for a free Fortnite invitation? We have that, too!

How To Personalize Your Minecraft Party Invitations

The best part of these free Minecraft invitations, it’s easy to personalize! Follow the below directions and learn how to customize the free DIY Minecraft birthday invitation to your liking. We have also added a free Evite Minecraft invitation template – keep reading to see this!

This Minecraft invitation is 5 x 7. If you are looking to mail this like a card, send these in a A7 envelopes – these are 5.25 x 7.25.

minecraft invitations - party invite 8 bit birthday party

Personalize the Minecraft Invitations with PicMonkey

Let’s look at how to personalize this free Minecraft birthday party printable. Editing the invite is SUPER easy. I went through and made sure of this – you can see a completed invitation below. Here is how you do it. Make sure you’ve downloaded the invite first, and then follow these steps for easy editing.

Have you seen our Minecraft crafts? These might make a fun birthday activity to do!

Easy PicMonkey Invitation Tutorial

Let’s get started personalizing your free Minecraft birthday invitations. First, let’s visit

Click Edit > Computer

edit invitation in picmonkey easy tutorial

Select the Minecraft invite file from wherever you saved it to on your computer.

edit the minecraft invitation in picmonkey

Using the Add Text function, add the party details to the invitation. I have an upgraded account at PicMonkeyso I have more font options. I used the Times New Yorker font (the items in green and the RSVP). I used the Didact Gothic font for the party details.

Next, add in any details you want. And then hit SAVE. Love the way the pixel look of this invite came out!

Last – you will want to save your invitation as SEAN – the highest quality – if you are including in email or an evite, you can save as a Roger or Pierce.

save as minecraft invitation - picmonkey screenshot

These are FREE, the only thing I ask is that you please share these with your friends. Pin, Facebook Like, Tweet, Stumble.

Digital Invitations Free to Send and Print!

Since you get the invites free, why not send a digital invitation? My favorite service for sending digital invites is Evite. It’s super simple with free options. This so saves the headache of printing, mailing and addressing!

Minecraft Evite

We are all about simplicity so one of my favorite party hacks is using evites to manage our party attendees and RSVPs. Evite has really upped their game in allowing you to send free party invitations or premium invites! 

Did you know that the cost of a US stamp is now 68 cents? Go digital invite to your Minecraft party. Send an evite rather than printing invitations. Sending an Evite is so much easier and costs a lot less.

For Evite – Online Minecraft Invitations

We’ve create free Minecraft birthday invites evite graphics! These will make sending your birthday invites even easier. 

Digital Invitations Free minecraft graphics

How to Create an Evite for a Minecraft Party

This is how you create your Minecraft evite:

  • Click here to create your evite.
  • Determine which size of graphic you need.
  • Click save as on the graphics below and save to your computer. 
  • Upload the appropriate size graphic. 
  • You will just need email address of the attendees

This is the most popular size evite graphic. You can use this with both free and premium evites. 

Digital Invite – Option 1

Here is the first free Minecraft birthday evite graphic

Evite Minecraft Invitation Graphic
Minecraft Evite

Digital Invite – Option 2

Option number 2 for Minecraft evite invitation.

Free Minecraft Evite - vertical invitation
Minecraft Birthday Evite

Digital Invite – Option 3

Here is the third Minecraft birthday invitation evite to download.

minecraft evite invitation
Minecraft Party Invite

We hope that these free Minecraft invitations make your party planning easy-peasy! Don’t miss out on all of our Minecraft content at All Things Minecraft