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Matrix 4 Memes

We are sharing our favorite Matrix 4 Memes just in time to celebrate the highly anticipated release of the Matrix Resurrections trailer that just dropped.

We are sharing the best memes about the Matrix 4 with deets we’ve learned about the movie that diehard fans will want to know.

matrix memes

Matrix 4 Memes

If you have followed the trilogy and can’t wait for the fourth movie, then these Matrix memes are for you. Here’s the deal with Matrix memes.

matrix 4 memes are coming
Matrix 4 Memes

This iconic movie, originally released in 1999 are iconic. The imagery and video are followed by diehard fans that have used images of our favorite characters, Neo, Morpheus, Trinity for all kinds of themes!

not friday tuesday meme matrix
Matrix Trinity Meme – When you think it’s Friday but it’s only Tuesday (see Tuesday memes)

With the new 4th movie coming out, we decided those old Matrix memes needed a refresh. Nothing like a good parody, that’s what memes are for, right?

nextdoor posts meme matrix 4
Tell me I am not alone – Matrix 4 meme

We have rounded up our favorite Matrix 4 memes and also are giving you the complete low down on all the things we could find and learn about in regards to the new Matrix movie.

zoom call meme matrix resurrections
Trinity Screaming Matrix Meme – when you are on your third zoom call of the day (zoom memes)

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer

First things first. Did you watch the September 9th release of the Matrix 4 trailer? No? Let’s watch it.

Then we can talk specifics about the movie and also more in detail about an obvious change that I sure didn’t expect!

I mean, I could go into all kinds of details on how crazy the amazing graphics are and the evolution of the Matrix movie series from the original Matrix to where the franchise is now, but I think you can see that for yourself.

matrix resurrections monday meme
Neo Meme – You Vs Monday (see Monday memes)

What is Matrix 4 About

The Matrix 4 trailer leaves us all kinds of clues which has us theorizing and following various rabbit trails on what the movie plot will be. While the plot still remains a mystery, here is what we do know about this much anticipated release.

Matrix Resurrections Release Date

Okay, so the trailer is great but when can I watch it and where? The Matrix Resurrections release date is December 22, 2021.

stepping on a lego matrix 4 meme
Stepping on a Lego meme (mom memes for those who can relate)

Can I Stream Matrix 4 When It Releases?

Good news for all of us couch dwellers, the Matrix 4 or Matrix Resurrections will release both in theaters and on HBO Max on December 22nd – just in time for Christmas. Who am I kidding, my family will be watching the moment it goes online.

you kids time change meme matrix 4
Time Change Meme (time changes – daylight saving memes)

HBO Max has an exclusive one-month access period, so you will be able to stream Matrix 4 for one month after it’s release. (via USA Today)

sugar toddler meme matrix
when someone gives the toddler sugar (toddler memes)

Wait, Is Matrix 4 Only in Cinemas?

Well, that’s just confusing. First reported that HBO Max will have a one-month access period. But oddly, I noticed on the Warner Brother’s trailer on YouTube the following mention: Only in Cinemas soon. I mean, yes, that makes all AMC stockholders extremely happy but not my homebody self.

matrix 4 when your boss no remote working meme
When your boss tells you no more remote working (work from home memes)

Once I find out more specifics as to if this movie is in movie theaters only or if it will be a synchronous release on HBO Max and movie theaters – I will update!

Cast of Characters

MOST of your favorite Matrix characters are returning for the fourth edition of the movie. Hence, I said most

matrix 4 mess with my kid meme
Mess with my kid – fight you like Neo fighting Morpheus meme

Here is who is in and a few surprise names have been added to the cast:

  • Keanu Reeves as Neo
  • Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity
  • Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe
  • Ian Pirie as Lieutenant
  • Daniel Bernhardt as Agent Johnson

Yes, Trinity is in Matrix 4 and Neo is alive, or so we think!

halloween christmas thanksgiving meme matrix resurrections
When you can’t decide – Thanksgiving is left smushed. Halloween memesThanksgiving memesChristmas memes

Other familiar Hollywood faces that will be making appearances:

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas
  • Christina Ricci
  • Jessica Henwick
  • Johnathan Groff
covid close contact school notice matrix meme
When you get a 3rd close contact covid notice from school – you scream like Trinity from Matrix Resurrections (quarantine memes)

Why isn’t Laurence Fishburn in the New Matrix Movie?

If you, like us noticed an obvious missing character in the Matrix Resurrections trailer, and want to know WHY Laurence Fishburn isn’t in the new movie, here’s what we found out.

mom matrix 4 meme
When you know mom is done – leave her alone! (mothers day memes) attempts to answer this stating:

In 2005, a few years after the film trilogy ended with Matrix Revolutions, Warner Interactive released The Matrix Online, a massive multiplayer online role playing game that picked up where the movies left off. In the game, players learn that after Neo’s death, the robots and humans broker a deal in which people can freely leave the Matrix — but only if they knew it wasn’t the real-world in the first place.

Matrix 4 – Where is Morpheus,
Neil Patrick Harris in Matrix meme  my therapist trying to keep a straight face after telling him about my week
Neil Patrick Harris in Matrix meme – my therapist trying to keep a straight face after telling him about my week

This causes problems after the robots refuse to return Neo’s body to the humans, which leads Morpheus to start setting off “code bombs” in the Matrix that reveal the truth about the simulated world. Of course, the robots don’t like that so they send a freaky assassin after Morpheus.

Matrix 4 – Where is Morpheus,
tylenol advil decisions meme matrix resurrections
Matrix Red Pill Blue Pill meme (covid memes)

Long story short: just a few months after Matrix Online was released, the game killed Morpheus in a major event that almost no one remembers anymore.

Matrix 4 – Where is Morpheus,

Laurence Fishburn, told Vulture back in August 2020 that he had not been invited to do The Matrix 4. The Matrix Resurrections trailer does not show him featured. Could it be?

will the real morpheus meme
Morpheus Meme – will the real Morpheus please stand up?

Who Plays Morpheus?

Wondering who is going to play Morpheus in Matrix 4? Rumors say that Fishburn has been replaced by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. I know, WHAT? I said the same thing. But seeing that the under 3 minutes Matrix 4 trailer gave us minimal insight into the specifics on the movie, rumors have said that Yahya is playing a younger Morpheus.

But Inverse theorizes that maybe Laurence Fishburn does in fact make an appearance, though he does not appear in the trailer.

when my kid touches something matrix 4 meme

Maybe Laurence Fishburn is just stuck in the matrix? Guess we will have to find out when the movie releases on December 22nd.

Who is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II?

Maybe the name Yahya Abdul-Mateen II doesn’t sound familiar, but perhaps his face does. He actually has quite the IMDB filmography list starring in shows that now make sense on where he is known from.

matrix 4 morpheus parents be like
Parents be like – take your melatonin, it’s bedtime (sleeping memes)

The biggest shows that come to the forefront are Yahya starred in the Handmaid’s Tale in 2018 as Omar in the Baggage episode. He helped June get the kids on to the plane to Canada. (Can you tell I’m a Handmaid’s Tale fanatic?)

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has also appeared on Black Mirror in the Striking Vipers episode (such a great Netflix show!) You may also known Yahya from Watchman, Aquaman (Yahya played Manta), or the 2021 sequel to the 1998 horror film, Candyman.

What is the Song in the Matrix 4 Trailer?

After watching the trailer, and wondering WHERE IS MORPHEUS? I did want to know about the song in the Matrix 4 trailer. Here is what I found out and crazy!

walking out of work on friday meme matrix 4 resurrections
Walking out of work on Friday be like (see Friday memes)

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

White Rabbit is the song in the Matrix 4 trailer. Written by Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit is performed by lead singer Grace Slick – though obviously the trailer music version has been updated with a 2021 cinematic cover. Ironically (or is it?) – Jefferson Airplane released White Rabbit in 1969.

white rabbit by jefferson airplane  song in matrix 4 trailer by grace slick. one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small, and the one that mother gives you dont do anything at all. go ask alice.
white rabbit – song matrix 4 trailer based on

I am still trying to find out which artist covers White Rabbit for the trailer song.

We will update when I find out!

Matrix Influenced by Alice in Wonderland

If you haven’t noticed the theme, yes – the Matrix movie series is heavily influenced by Alice in Wonderland. Follow the white rabbit…

matrix 4 resurrections introvert meme
Introverts be like – bye – (check out introvert memes – perfect for the introverted)

More Matrix 4 Details

  • Lana Wachowski is the Matrix Resurrections director. She also serves as writer along with her sister Lilly Wachowski, David Mitchell, and Aleksandar Hermon.

hate job meme matrix 4 pill choice
When you hate your job but don’t want to find a new one (check out work memes)
  • The film was produced by Grant Hill, James McTeigue and Lana Wachowski. The executive producers were Garrett Grant, Terry Needham, Michael Salven, Jesse Ehrman and Bruce Berman.
  • There is a LOT going on in the new Matrix trailer. I suggest joining reddit Matrix subreddit if you want to go down the deep rabbit hole of analyzing the random theories that may or may not come true.

Matrix Birthday Meme  Neo  Happy Birthday too bad you don't age like neo
Matrix Happy Birthday Meme (see all birthday memes)
  • The Matrix franchise is now Yes, Neo and Trinity are getting older.
    • Neo played by Keanu Reeves is now 57 years old. In the original Matrix, Keanu was just 35 years old.
    • Carrie-Anne Moss is now 54 years old. In the original Matrix, Carrie Anne was just 32 years old. (Yay for Hollywood hiring actresses that are older than 40! Crazy to think this was a rarity just a few years ago.)
because i said so matrix resurrection meme
Because I said so – that’s why (every parent ever)
  • Matrix 4 was filmed in San Francisco and in Berlin, Germany. Production started in February 2020. Because of the pandemic, production had to pause for a bit but was able to resume in mid-August 2020. Here are all of the filming locations.

Things We Don’t Know

While there are certainly things we do know about Matrix Resurrections, there is a TON of information that we don’t know.

matrix 4 work responsibilities meme
Matrix Meme – you vs work responsibilities

Unfortunately, we may have to just wait until the December 22nd release date for the answers to these questions:

  • What’s the plot of Matrix 4?
  • How is Neo alive?
  • Where is Laurence Fishburn?
  • Is Matrix Resurrections a prequel to the original trilogy?
  • When can I watch it on Netflix?
  • Will there be a Matrix 5?

As more information develops and as we find more amazing Matrix memes, we will continue to update this post.

Share the Matrix Memes

As we always say, funny memes are for sharing! We share memes often and hope that these funny Matrix 4 memes bring a smile to your face. Please share away, we do appreciate a tag on social media if you do share one of our memes about Matrix Resurrections.

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