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Covid Memes: Coronavirus Isnt Funny But These Are

Rather than crying, we are sharing these funny covid memes. While there is so much sadness due to this virus – we are sharing the humor about Coronavirus. I know some might roll their eyes because hello there are people dying – than these meme about covid aren’t for you.

Carry on and please wash your hands. Yes, the virus is real. The world has changed since it Covid-19 made it’s appearance in 2019.

covid 19 memes

We will prevail, but until then – you gotta laugh. We have updated the covid memes style, but have left the coronavirus memes that didn’t age well.

covid vaccine meme  WHAT? covid is a hoax and the vaccinations are being used to chip you? please use your smartphone that is gpsenabled, with 2 microphones & 2 cameras to show me the evidence you found from a friend on facebook
covid vaccine meme

Funny Covid Memes

The information we know and what has happened since this post was written – wow things have changed, and we as a human race has as well. Check out these here we go again memes – if you keep catching the vid.

covid positive test here we go again meme
covid positive test here we go again meme

Unfortunately, there have been over 6.3 million deaths to date worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. It’s been such a sad time. So many people spreading lies and believing the most unbelievable things.

covid 19 memes  response to covid 2020

These funny covid memes are for those of us who like to laugh rather than cry and find humor a great way to deal with anxiety. This post initially ran as the world shut down on March 4, 2020. At that time, this was just a topic in the news.

When these coronavirus memes were first posted, no one had any idea what it would become and how our world would change because of it.Each of us has been personally victimized by this pandemic and can all agree with this covid sucks meme.

covid sucks meme

Having loved ones that are high risk means we have taken this pandemic seriously *but found humor in because covid sucks* since the very beginning.

covid meme  love is in the air. Wrong, coronavirus is in the air.

Remember when we sanitized all the things. Groceries? Better wipe those down. Hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol and Lysol were all hard to come by.

sanitize meme  sanitize all the things

This covid 19 meme sums it up best – 2020 worse year ever.

covid 19 meme most of us in 2020 be like
covid 19 meme

Dodging Covid

Now that we’ve had multiple covid variant strains enter the picture, these dodging covid memes are even more relatable!

dodging covid meme
dodging covid meme

Like this dodging covid mario meme shows, it’s feels like nearly impossible now to be someone who hasn’t contracted it yet.

dodging covid mario meme 2022

Dumb and Dumber

We just thought politics divided us, who knew a virus would become political. Suddenly, 2020 hit and science didn’t matter. Covid deniers were everywhere and then this thing started spreading.

dumb and dumber covid meme the look on the faces of people who thought covid 19 was a hoax but just tested positive
dumb and dumber covid meme

This dumb and dumber covid meme made me laugh and pause at the same time. It’s sad what this thing did to us. It definitely brought out the best and the worse in people.

corona meme  you told me you were sick no i said i had a case of corona
corona meme

At one point, did you know there are people who think the Coronavirus is caused by drinking Corona beer? For real and we have the Corona memes to LOL at. Bless.

Covid Variant Meme

Covid variant memes because hello – we are in the wave of covid variant Omnicron ba.5 is vicious. Here is how it is different from other strains.

covid variant meme
covid variant meme

After nearly 2 years of masking, vaccinations and social distancing – to catch covid because of the omnicron variant was disappointing to say the least. Totally feeling this omnicron meme. Thank GOD for mild symptoms.

omnicron meme

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Working and Covid-19

Remember when we were all working from home (see work at home memes) and the world was shut down, not even a plane in the sky? These work covid-19 memes are about just that. While we are back to business as usual, it doesn’t mean that the coronavirus isn’t still wrecking havoc at work.

sneeze at work meme

We all know people who have gone to work sick. The struggle is real, bills have to be paid but also this thing is viral.

covid cough meme
covid cough meme

God bless the teachers. This covid teacher meme is the start of why now teacher are leaving the profession at record speeds. Between how they were treated the last 2 years, the pay and the other tragedies happening in the classroom, I don’t blame them at all. School closing memes because remember when school abruptly ended in 2020?

teacher covid meme wash your hands
teacher covid meme wash your hands

Coronavirus Memes

At this point, pretty much all of us have experience the dreaded nasal swab. This covid test meme brings me back to the days of mass testing. What a time to be alive, y’all.

covid test meme testing in the read  and i thought it was just a nasal swab
covid test meme

There are so many things that will stand out when we think about this pandemic. This Simpsons appeared to predict covid meme. Well, not exactly covid-19, but Osaka flu.

simpsons covid meme osaka flu
simpsons covid meme osaka flu

“The Simpsons” have continued their streak of being our pop culture Nostradamus. Fox’s long-running animated series — actually the longest running in history — has an episode from 1993 which appears to foreshadow 2020 with the pandemic and “murder hornets.”
simpsons corona virus meme

Remember when all of the birthday celebrations were cancelled or done via zoom or in a driveway, socially distanced? Yeah, I don’t want to remember it either. But zoom memes, I’ll keep those.

covid birthday meme
covid birthday meme

Since we had to social distance, introverts thought that this was a gift. It was, for approximately a month and then sweet Jesus give me people. Introvert memes for my people, the introverted!

coronavirus introvert meme

From this point forward, you shall sing COVID-19 to the tune of “Come on, Eileen.” This is a total COVID 19 parody video waiting to happen right here, folks.

covid19 come on eileen

Baby Yoda has a lot to say about this whole crazy situation that is happening in the world right now.

cough baby yoda coronavirus meme
baby yoda covid meme – source: @babyyodavibes

Spock knows what’s up. This is how to properly greet someone when you can’t shake hands.

covid meme funny how to properly greet someone
covid meme funny

Then there were people trying to hawk cures. There is no cure, this is a deadly virus, Karen. Your essential oils won’t magically heal me.

coronavirus essential oils meme
coronavirus meme

Moms know what it’s like to have to try to get rid of lice, and now covid – we know the struggle of dealing with a household of sick people as well.

mom cornavirus lice meme
moms covid19 meme

Covid Mask Memes

I was a mask girl before the pandemic and wore it faithfully until fully vaccinated. That said, it doesn’t mean that I can’t laugh at these covid mask memes. These are the funny moments we will look back at a decade from now and face palm.

covid 19 mask meme
covid 19 mask meme

This covid mask meme is the DIY sanitary napkin mask. While this maxi-pad mask won’t stop you from getting covid-19, it will absorb blood when on your period.

maxipad covid mask meme
maxipad covid mask meme

Another covid mask meme is of the homemade mask made from a bra. Here is what not to do when making a homemade face mask.

bra mask meme
bra face mask meme

I am not sure what to say about this coronavirus meme because I am too busy laughing. No, the Norton AntiVirus won’t prevent or rid you of COVID 19.

anti coronavirus mask meme

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Covid 2020

The year was 2020 and these covid memes were hitting hard. It was the first major pandemic for many of us. Unfortunately, it most likely will not be the last.

corona virus sponge bob meme

Pandemics are anything but new.

pandemic meme
pandemic meme

If the Coronavirus was on Tinder, it would be like…. and yes, I know its 19 not 18) New in town, looking for fun. Just got out of China, traveling the world wanderlust, lol! Love being outdoors, especially in crowded places. Mask and google are a huge turn off, swipe left if you’re a doctor. Give me a chance, Ill take your breath away and leave you in bed for days.

coronavirus tinder memes

Might as well throw a plague meme in for giggles (cue the awkward laugh.)

plague 2020 meme

You guys, just the thought of rats. No.

Covid Cruise

When looking at the bright side of things. You could say that one of the positives are cheap cruises. See our cruise memes. We can finally get back to traveling and then hello Omnicron ba.5.

back from our cruise coronavirus meme

Yes, y’all. You can cruise for CHEAP. The reason, people don’t want to get quarantined.

coronavirus meme cruise

Actually ALL travel is cheap – at the moment. Fast forward to now, the price of travel is higher than ever.

cruise deal meme


We had to share funny stockpiling memes because hello, the store shelves are emptying. People can’t find toilet paper, paper towels or bottled water.

cdc meme water bottle stockpile

Oh, bless the CDC and the people who contact them. I can’t even imagine some of the craziness they are having to answer! Remember these toilet paper memes because tp was SCARCE y’all.

toilet paper stockpiling meme

These stockpiling memes are exactly why I stockpiled last week. After finding out toilet paper alternatives are, I paid for a huge box of bulk tp from Amazon.

coronavirus costco meme

end of the world meme

The world isn’t going to end, y’all. But this end of the world meme is everything.

Coronavirus and Donald Trump

You have to admit, regardless of which way you sway that the Trump response to Coronavirus is a comedy act in itself. While I have no idea what I would do in his position, the good news is I would never put myself in his position.

coronavirus donald trump meme

Well That Didn’t Age Well

Remember, this post was first written in the early days of the pandemic, March 2020. Then, the vid was spreading all across China – and then finally hit the US but mostly New York. What we know now, is that these covid 19 memes did not age well.

chlamydia coronavirus memes

In 2022, 58% of the United States has had covid. That covid-19 stat is from February 2022, which means the number has grown even larger since. This covid meme was back from when only a small number of people had contracted it here in the states. Times have changed and these covid memes aged fast.

coronavirus memes spreading

Mike Pence was put in charge of Coronavirus messaging. The backlash comes because many things, including his lack of belief in science, his handling of the HIV outbreak in his state a years back and because he has zero healthcare experience. I’m just going to leave this here. I believe in prayer, but prayer did not cure covid.

mike pence coronavirus meme
covid mike pence meme

Keep Calm, Y’all

All that said y’all. Seriously, this too shall pass. Sure, we have some bumps ahead – but this won’t end the world. And for the love – if you feel sick, STAY HOME!

calling in sick

Keep calm and don’t panic.

Oh the funny Coronavirus memes just won’t stop, but remember – humor can help anxiety.

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