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40 Best House of the Dragon Memes for GOT Fans


We are obsessed about these House of the Dragon memes and the new HBO series!

Alright, Game of Thrones fans, the next addiction is here. The new HBO series, House of the Dragon takes place 200 years before our beloved series that ended so poorly. After episode 1, we can definitely say that we are here for it.

Funny House of the Dragon Memes

Episode 1 launched August 21, 2022 on HBO and the reviews are in. It’s a hit! What better way to follow up the show than with House of the Dragon memes.

house of the dragon memes
house of the dragon memes

Even though Game of Thrones poorly ended in 2019, we are still here for the memes and i’m sure we will be here for the House of the Dragon memes as well!

house of dragon meme when someone asks if i am ready for the game of thrones prequel
house of dragon meme

House of the Dragon episode 2 dropped August 28, 2022 – what do we think? If we have learned anything in this Game of Thrones prequel, we should know now that House of the Dragon, as a general rule, chooses violence.

Two royal heirs stand off and one stands down, and we are here for it.

house of the dragon spoiler meme
house of the dragon spoiler meme

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Watching HOTD Be Like

Here are a few things to know about the Game of Thrones spin-off, House of the Dragon.

There are a lot of blondes. They gave dragons and their names might sound the same. There will be 10 episodes of House of the Dragon in season 1 and let’s pray that it doesn’t end as bad as that other show! Love Adele as much as we do? Don’t miss these Adele memes.

watching house of the dragon meme
watching house of the dragon meme

What are we calling the House of the Dragon fans? Dragonheads, of course!

first episode house of dragon meme

Just like in Game of Thrones, the House of the Dragon soundtrack does NOT disappoint. (Tweet from @nemivant001). If you need to hear the song at the end credits, we got you.

house of dragon soundtrack meme

Targaryen Memes

Is it too early in the House of the Dragon series to pick favorites? Whoops – too late. We are here for this Price Daemon Targaryen memes. Seeing a lot of the love Daemon hate Viserys happening. This will be fun to watch playout!

tagaryen house of the dragon meme
tagaryen house of the dragon meme

Matt Smith plays Prince Daemon Targaryen and the acting… wow. (source: @mercvrioo)

matt smith meme
prince daemon targaryen matt smith meme

Heir for the Day – like the Daemon Targaryen meme states, zero f’s. (source: @manny_rae)

daemon targaryen meme
daemon targaryen meme

House of Targaryen…

house targaryen meme
house targaryen meme

The younger brother to King Viserys, and peerless warrior and dragonrider, Prince Daemon Targaryen possesses the true blood of the dragon.

funny house of the dragon meme
funny house of the dragon meme

Just when you thought you had given up on the Game of Thrones franchise… This Targaryen meme hits. (Tweet from @RFiguraLima)

targaryen meme me after the house of dragon trailer drops
targaryen meme

More HOTD Memes

The House of the Dragon memes don’t stop there. Here are more funny memes about HOTD.

so are we calling house of the dragon hot d for short
hotd meme

Did you know that House of the Dragon is based on a book? Fire and Blood by George R Martin is the answer if you want an idea of what will happen in this series.

house of the dragon book meme
house of the dragon book meme

Remember that saying, the book is better than the movie? We won’t know until the series ends how much it stuck to the book but will give you a good idea of what’s ahead.

Who else remembers WWE wrestler Mordecia?

when you realize that mordecai created the look for house of the dragon
house of the dragon meme funny

Did you know They were written by linguist David J.Peterson, who has created over 50 fictional languages, mostly for movies and TV shows. He constructed Valyrian like a real language nearly from scratch, complete with grammar and rules. (source: cnn)

valyrian meme hotd me everytime someone speaks valyrian
valyrian meme hotd

GOT Starbucks cup, we will never forget.

hbo has announced that house of the dragon will also explain the ancestry of the game of thrones starbucks cup
house of the dragon starbucks cup meme

There will always be the people that spoil it. Listen spoilers, no talking HOTD until we have BOTH watched it!

if you could just not talk about house of the dragon until i watch it that would be great
funny house of dragons meme

Share a House of Dragons Meme

Until next week, folks. Posting this final House of the Dragon meme for all those who can relate.

me waiting for the next episode of house of the dragon
waiting meme house of the dragon episode

The House of the Dragon memes are just beginning. We are only on episode 1, Dragonheads! Stay tuned for more HOTD memes (or should I say HOT D – yeah maybe not.)

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