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Best Flu Memes To Help You Feel Better With Laughs

With all the yuck in the air, had to share these flu memes. Influenza isn’t funny but these memes are! I am a true believer in finding the LOL and humor in everything. Yes, even when it comes to talking about the flu.

Flu memes are a delightful genre of internet humor that captures the essence of flu season. From the common cold to the full-blown influenza, these memes depict the relatable moments we all face when we’re feeling sick.

flu memes

They offer a lighthearted take on the challenges and absurdities of being under the weather. 2024 has already brought the flu to our home. Spread the funny but not the flu!

Flu Memes

Anyone who has had the flu, or has had to take care of a kid with the flu knows how awful it is.

sick people toy story sick people everywhere  buzz lightyear

Stay well friends, and share these funny flu memes with anyone you know that has the flu! If you need to sneeze, look at a light!

Funny flu memes sneeze  that face you make before you sneeze i feel it

This influenza meme is spot on. Nobody gots time for that!

lawd jesus it's the flu, ain't nobody got time for that

Lysol Meme

It’s flu season, and as this lysol meme states – just don’t come near me with your germs, please and thank you.

its flu season if you even hiccup near me, i will mace you with lysol

Teachers During Flu Season

The official teacher uniform during flu season, should totally be a hazmat suit! I don’t know how teachers can be around all of those sick kids! Another reason that teachers are superheroes!

the official teacher uniform for flu season

If you want to help a teacher out, consider buying extra tissues, hand sanitizer and Lysol for her classroom! Don’t miss our teachers be like memes.

Flu Shot Meme

This flu shot meme may not be something your family does, but I will say those in our house that got it didn’t catch anything when half the house was down and out.

get a flu shot you must or sick in bed you will be

There is an experimental flu shot that aims to target 20 influenza viruses in a single vaccine. Read more on USA Today.

Cold Memes

Cold and Flu Season infographic showing how much time I spend sick, and how much sleep we got. Hint: not much.

this cold and flu season

If you have a cold or the flu, or have been exposed to anyone who has had in the last week – please don’t even hiccup near me. I may mace you with Lysol!

Germ Memes

You guys, germs are everywhere. Good news, there are ways to combat them. And humor is how I am doing it, but hopefully with a side of a PSA to please for the love, see our wash your hands memes.

For every handshake, yes, there is a handwipe! germ meme

This germs meme is just a no, Dwight.

technically you should welcome germs as they strengthen your immune system

The cost of germs, is real. Like this funny germ meme states – the damage is real.

this little germ has the ability to keep you in bed for a week costing you hundreds of dollars, your sanity and hours of lost productivity.

More Funny Influenza Memes

Again, the only thing funny about the flu are these influenza memes!

not today flu not today

I shall take you to bed and have my way with you. I will make you ache, shake, and sweat until you moan and groan. I will make you beg me to stop! When I am finished you will be weak for days. Sincerely, the flu.

funny flu meme that says I shall take you to be and have my way with you.

I will make you ache, shake and sweat until you moan and groan. I will make you beg me to stop!

When I am finished you will be weak for days.

Oprah – don’t give the flu to everyone, please.

Oprah flu meme  you get the flu everyone gets the flu

Kermit judging is the best. It’s flu season and come near him – he will mace you with Lysol and so will I! Also applicable to these allergy memes.

Kermit Meme Flu Season

This blocked nose meme is relatable. Use that nasal spray, it can help!

cave left nostril right nostril funny flu image

Everyone with the flu be like!

parenting meme  You know what's awesome about taking a sick kid to the doctor? Eve if your kid tests negative for the flu, he can still get it from the waiting room toys.

You know what’s awesome about taking a sick kid to the doctor? Eve if your kid tests negative for the flu, he can still get it from the waiting room toys. TELL ME ABOUT IT!

sick and tired meme

Keto Flu Meme

On Keto or low carb and feel like you have the flu? Learn about the keto flu – while it’s not the regular flu, it can feel like it. See this keto flu meme.

when someone asks you how you are doing during keto flu

Stomach Flu Memes

Because while the flu typically means influenza – the stomach flu – well it’s a flu as well. Enjoy these stomach flu memes because I can tell you now, if you have the stomach flu – you are NOT enjoying it.

oprah meme  you get the stomach flu you get the stomach flu  everyone gets the stomach flu

Vomiting and diarrhea are not caused by the stomach flu. You are sick because you ate poo. Wash your hands and get well. (Please, wash your hands!)

Vomiting and diarrhea are not caused by the stomach flu they are caused by poo  stomach flu meme

The kids having the stomach flu – lysol all the things and ban them to their rooms!

The Kids have the stomach flu and you think you aren't going to get it? Parenting meme

Y’all the stomach flu meme says it best. This stuff is contagious.

when everyone has the stomach flu but you

Funny Fart Memes

This funny fart meme is the truth. One does not simply toot when you have the stomach flu. Shart, we all know that moment when you realize what just happened.

one does not simply fart when you have the stomach flu

Stomach Flu Season is here, it won’t be just a toot – watch out for those sharts!

Stomach Flu Season is here, it won't be just a fart  watch out for those sharts! south park meme

This stomach flu meme is hilarious but way too accurate. You guys, the stomach flu diet is NOT fun.

funny meme about stomach flu being a diet

That feeling after you have the stomach flu…

stomach flu and eating taco bell

Fart over shart.

that feeling you have when you can fart instead of shitting your pants

When you feel it coming on, let’s pray it’s not a shart.

When you feel a fart coming on

Stomach Bug Memes

Maybe it’s not the stomach flu, but a bug. For that, the only thing we have to treat it are these stomach bug memes.

when your kids have the stomach bug and you realize that your whole house will soon have it

Gatorade can be the hero that you didn’t know that you needed in your life.

gatorade flu meme

This stomach bug meme says it all. When the stomach bug is going around and you think you avoided it – wrong. Wash those hands, y’all.

Man Flu Memes

If you have a man boyfriend, husband or partner – watch out for the man flu. Here are funny memes and about the man flu and man flu quotes.

man flu memes

Man Flu Memes because I mean, really – I love my man but the man flu is real and can be comical.

wishing you a speedy recovery from the man flu

This man flu meme sums it up. When the husband has the sniffles but you’d think he is dying.

man sick in blanket has man flu

Love you men, but women – we just don’t appear to have the same symptoms when it comes to getting sick. This woman flu meme says it.

a woman does not simply get man flu

Ladies, prepare yourself for the upcoming man flu season.

mam flu meme funny

Man Cold Meme

When the man catches a cold, send him this man cold meme.

can i bring you anything else? orange juice, tissues

Mom Flu Memes

As a mom, I can totally relate the these mom flu memes. Us moms give all the love and support, but when mom gets the flu – help a mom out, people!

mom flu meme  mom flu like the regular flu except no one takes care of her and no one gives a crap

Alright, so we laughed with man flu memes, mom flu is real too – and no one cares about that either (sadly.)

have the flu as a mom shows you how well your family would survive without you. they wouldn't.  mom with flu meme

Sorry fam, love you but you need me.

Don’t miss our funny mom memes!

Bird Flu Memes

Yes, bird flu is not influenza either – but alas maybe you need a little bird flu meme chuckle.

If I get the bird flu should I eat chicken soup or will it make it worse  dinosaur meme

If I get the bird flu, should I eat chicken soup or will that make it worse?

bird flu meme

Gets a pet parrot, gets bird flu next day.

Dr Evil Bird Flu Meme

Woman Flu Memes

If I am going to laugh at man flu memes, I might as well laugh at woman flu memes. Equal rights, isn’t that right y’all?

Flu Sucks – Period Sucks More

The flu sucks, but it’s not as bad as a monthly period. Aunt FLO is NOT fun.

woman flu meme

For the love – do not ever compare pain to labor pain. But do enjoy our humor about pregnancy.

during labor the pain is so great that a woman can almost imagine what a man feels like when he has a fever  funny mom flu meme

Spread Flu Memes Not the Virus

I think one thing we can all agree on is that the flu sucks. It really does!

when you have the flu, yet still have kids to take care of, a job to do, meals to cook, laundry to wash and a house to clean

Stay well people, use Lysol, Thieves, wash your hands and keep away from anyone with the flu! (And all the moms roll their eyes to trying to stay away from anyone with the flu!)

Remember, laughter is contagious, and so are flu memes! Share the joy, and let’s get through flu season together, one meme at a time.

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