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Best Zoom Memes that Shatter the Remote Work Routine

Welcome to the virtual world of Zoom memes, where laughter transcends the digital divide! As the world shifted to remote work and online gatherings, Zoom became an integral part of daily life for many, bringing with it a slew of humorous moments and relatable experiences.

From accidental mute button mishaps to virtual background blunders, these memes capture the essence of remote communication with wit and humor.

zoom memes funny video meetings

Join us as we embark on a journey through a collection of memes that will have you laughing at the quirks of virtual meetings.

dog zoom meme  when i hear a dog bark on zoom call

For the rest of us who are stuck on daily zoom calls, we give you these funny zoom memes. Continuing in our series of funny work memes, we are bringing the humor about video calls. A now staple in our work life, these funny zoom memes are definitely relatable.

coworkers video meeting meme

If you are sending one a zoom meme to a coworker, then you won’t want to miss out on all of our hilarious coworker memes. Hopefully not wearing pants, just business from the top up and these funny zoom meeting memes will help make these video meetings not as painful.

video zoom meme anyone else stare at their own face during a zoom call and wonder who you tricked anyone into being attracted to you?

I am obviously a boy mom so this zoom meme made me laugh way too hard. (Boy moms, we see you – check out these son memes.)

zoom fart meme

Okay, maybe the zoom meme is too much for an intro call icebreaker, but it is hilarious none to less!

looking at peoples office zoom meme

The end of every zoom meeting be like….

end of zoom meeting meme

Hilarious Memes About Zoom Calls

2020 turned Zoom into a household name. Now it feels like Zoom calls happen more than regular phone calls. With video calls, at home, with kids or pets or even by yourself – there is plenty of opportunity for awkwardness.

cat zoom meme

Here are our favorite funny Zoom memes.

Fired on Zoom

These zoom memes are a bit painful. With the recent mass layoff, these zoom meeting memes are way too relatable. Can we not do a mass layoff on a Zoom call? Let’s be better than that.

better ceo layoff zoom meme

If you need more context, on December 7 the CEO, Vishal Garg held a mass-firing (or mass layoff depending on who you talk to) on a Zoom call. He invited about 9% of the company, 900 employees to a zoom meeting and shortly into the call the staff was informed that if they were on the call they were let go.

As you can imagine, the media took this to crazy. Of course, with that type of bad publicity, you know the CEO apologized.

No Pants for a Zoom Meeting

Of course when talking about zoom memes we had to include no pants memes because let’s be honest. How many of us are guilty of this? Just don’t stand up! To get dressed or not to get dressed for a Zoom meeting? That is the meme.

dressing for a zoom meeting meme

How seagulls see me as I’m sporting the half business attire.

zoom meeting outfit what my coworkers see vs what others see

The beautiful thing with video calls, it can be business on the top and party on the bottom. No one has to know – just don’t stand up!

pants on zoom meeting meme

This no pants zoom meme in a locker room just cracks me up!

no pants zoom meme

Zooming for Work

Another day in the office, I mean on the kitchen table while we work from home. These work zoom meeting memes capture the humor that working from home and zoom calls can bring.

baby yoda zoom meme

When you have to get ready for a zoom call that should have just been an email.

zoom should have been an email meme

Sometimes you forget looking at the screen that this is life now and not just a virtual reality show that you are apart of.

boss zoom meme

Funny Zoom Call

Anyone else have a RBF that they can’t get rid of. This hilariously funny zoom meme had me rolling as I could see something like this happening to me.

On a zoom call I received a message from the host: While I appreciate you staying muted, we can see exactly what you are thinking based on your facial expressions. I am going to ask you to please turn off your video as well." I dont know how to not be this person.

Anyone else been asked by the video chat host to please turn off your video camera?

Work Video Call with Kids

Working from home with kids is fun! Not really, and things like this – remember the guy who was on the news and his kids zoom bombed him?

work zoom with kids meme

Yes, this is what work video calls with kids are just bound to look like sooner or later!


What would work be like without your favorite co-workers. It would be great, I know because I work for myself. I do miss co-workers, sometimes. But other times co-workers be like.

zoom coworkers meme

When you and your work coworkers get ready for a day of Zoom calls. Better get dressed (up top!)

coworkers zoom no pants meme  my coworkers and me ready for another day of zoom meetings.

No Zoom Fridays

So the firs large company to seem to understand that their employees are tired of zooming is CitiGroup. My husband actually worked here for a few years, and even back then they had a great workplace culture.

joe exotic work zoom meme

Now with the rise of the Zooms – Citi has announced no Zoom Fridays (or Zoom Free Fridays.)

Zoom Fatigue

Instead of the dreaded video call with your team, you can now do internal calls audio – though while there will be no internal zooming, external clients calls are still permitted.

another zoom meme

Zoom fatigue is one of the many emotional impacts that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some workers feel self-conscious about their appearance or see the screen-centered meetings as yet another intrusion into what used to be their private spaces, separate from the office.

mrs doubtfire meme zoom  when the zoom meeting is ending vs the second the zoom meeting ends

Virtual meetings are also lengthening the work day. Roughly 40% of employees working remotely at least part of the time say their workdays have become longer in the last 12 months, according to a new Gartner study. –

too many zoom meetings meme

Are you a serial Zoomer?

all day zoom meetings meme

Anti Zoom

How to say goodbye after a very long video call. Anyone else ready to go all anti-Zoom?

video meeting humor anti zoom meme mrs doubtfire

By the time the 14th video call rolls around, the business jacket comes off and the hoodie and shades are where its at.

zoom meetings all day meme

Screen Sharing on Zoom

Okay, this Zoom screen share meme cracks me up. Hopefully there is one big brain on the call who can figure it out. We have big brain memes for moments like this.

screen share zoom meme

And then after the host has spent 10 minutes trying to figure out Zoom screen sharing and then finally does…. SUCCESS!

zoom screen share meme

Hilarious Memes About Muting the Mic

Then there is the person who obviously has things to say by the way their lips are flapping, but no sound is coming out. FOR THE LOVE – YOUR MIC IS MUTED!

mute your mic meme not muting your mic is the new reply all

That face you make when you realize that your mic is muted… this mic mute meme is just too real. Love monkeys? Don’t miss these funny monkey memes.

you are on mute meme

These funny mute memes are way too relatable for all of us who have spent way too much time video conferences on zoom calls.

mute mic zoom meme

Or the person who doesn’t say anything at all during the Zoom, until the very end. This hilarious zoom meme is from @middleclassfancy, a must follow for all middle-classers.

muted zoom meme

Doesn’t Know How to Use Zoom

There is always someone who is new to Zoom or just has never been able to understand it. These are the people you want to video chat with. Why?

filters zoom meeting meme 2

There is this video chat where the boss turned himself into a potato and had no idea how to turn the video filter off. So, he proceeded to do the entire meeting as a potato. Don’t miss our boss memes.

Zoom Cat Lawyer

Then there is the infamous zoom cat lawyer meme from the zoom cat lawyer video that is going around where the lawyer turns himself into a cat during a public trial.

cat lawyer zoom meme

He was using his secretary’s computer and could not figure out how to turn it off.

zoom lawyer cat meme

Hilarity ensued with this viral video. Things like the Zoom Cat Lawyer are what makes the internet great. It gives life to us all working from home not seeing people for the last year!

zoom cat lawyer meeting meme

Zoom Call Memes

When we are audio call, there is no need to “dress up” our voices. These zoom call memes are so funny comparing your conference call without video compared to what you look like when you use video.

zoom meme video audio

Then there is the video chat. All business (except who cares about pants), and put together – somewhat. Audio only definitely has a different look.

dog zoom audio video meme

When We Go Back to the Office

You guys, the struggle is going to be so real when some of us have to actually go INTO an office again. I mean, there is the whole getting dressed, commuting to work, seeing people when maybe you are an introvert and prefer not to see people.

zoom meeting meme facial expressions

Oh, and then there is the whole facial expression thing because back to work means face to face meetings, not constant Zooms!

Taking Classes on Zoom

Video classes on Zoom are now common. This last year with so many kids virtual learning (parents and kids are struggling, with remote learning ya’ll) – has brought all kinds of tears, but humor as well.

leaving zoom class meme

When you should be paying attention in class, but instead you are daydreaming – this funny zoom class meme is for you.

zoom class meme funny

Zoom class memes so we laugh rather than cry.

zoom rules meme

God bless you teachers. Some of my kids virtual learning teachers teach both in-person and online at the same time. I can’t imagine.

zoom class meme  me waiting to give a zoom lesson and the kid never shows up

Zoom Waiting Room

The virtual lobby of a Zoom meeting waiting room. It kind of reminds me of when you are waiting in a doctor’s office for them to call your name.

when you are in the zoom waiting room

Zoom waiting room memes for that weird time when you just want the meeting to start.

zoom waiting room meme

Funny Zoom Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds are what all the cool kids use when Zooming. Enjoy these funny Zoom background memes.

zoom background meme virtual

And while the virtual backgrounds are fun and add a new elements to zoom calls – it also is another things that can create humor.

virtual background zoom meeting meme

Then there is always the person pushing the limits, even in a Zoom staff meeting. Teamwork Memes – whats going to work? Team work!

zoom background meme

Profile Pic vs Reality

Here is the deal. Our Zoom profile pics, we spent a good deal of time orchestrating to make sure it is exactly how we want people to see us.

profile pic vs reality zoom meeting meme

Then reality hits and whoever you are on a video call with gets to see you and then the real you.

profile vs reality zoom meeting meme

Chances are the photo profile of you looks much more put together. than the profile you.

Zoom Meeting Humor

While Microsoft Teams and others are joining in on the popularing of the video chat space, personally I will always call it Zooming and hope to always find some humor in it.

morning zoom meme

The first 10 minutes of the call when I just woke up a minute before the Zoom started.

zoom meme waking up

Brady Bunch on Zoom

Yes, Brady Bunch zoom meme is way too relevant at this stage of the video meeting game.

brady bunch zoom meme

I hope that you enjoyed these zoom meeting memes. Zoom meetings be like – no video chat, please.

As we bid farewell to our virtual gathering of Zoom memes, may the laughter continue to echo through your digital corridors.

Whether you’re navigating the challenges of remote work or simply attending virtual happy hours with friends, these memes remind us to find joy in the everyday moments, no matter where they take place. Please share away, we do appreciate a tag on social media if you do share one of our funny zoom call memes.

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