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30 Funny Barbie Memes and Fascinating Facts About This Toy Doll

We are sharing funny Barbie memes and also if you have ever wondered what a real life Barbie would look like, you are in for a treat.

Let’s give the low down and history of this infamous toy doll and also laugh at some memes about Barbie. Also new in 2023, we have a Barbie movie releasing July 21, 2023.

Funny Barbie Memes and Facts About the Toy Doll

Have you ever wondered if Barbie was real – what she would be like? *sigh* I have a total love – hate relationship with Barbie. Let’s look at these interesting Barbie facts and funny Barbie memes. Facts and funny sounds like a win to me.

funny barbie memes
funny barbie memes 2023

This post was originally written in 2013. At the time my daughter was 10 years old and Barbies were her thing, then. Fast forward to 2023, Barbie memes are her thing – so bringing this post full circle with stats and facts about Barbie.

barbie life in the dreamhouse is great until the mortgage is due
barbie life in the dreamhouse meme

Yes, Barbie has a little known sister named Skipper.

if you ever feel unimportant and unseen remember that barbie had a sister named skipper
barbie meme funny

All of us who spent our childhood playing with dolls can now relate to this funny messy Barbie meme.

messy hair dont care
barbie meme messy hair

Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Barbie was named after Ruth Handler’s daughter, Barbara, and Ken after her son, Kenneth. And is from the fictional town of Willows, Wisconsin.

barbie class reunion meme
barbie class reunion meme

There are two Barbie dolls sold every second in the world. Since there is 86400 seconds in a day, that’s 172,800 Barbies sold a day.

carbie barbie meme
barbie meme

How old is Barbie? Did you know that Barbie is 62 years old in 2021. Barbie’s birthday is March 9, 1959. In just a few years, she can retire though some people think she should have quit years ago. Don’t miss our birthday memes.

birthday barbie meme may your birthday be as perfect and unrealistic as barbie
birthday barbie meme

The target market for Barbie doll sales is young girls ages 3-12 years of age. Got a toddler, then these toddler memes will totally be relatable.

fake barbie meme

A girl usually has her first Barbie by age 3, and collects a total of seven dolls during her childhood – or 94 if you were my child.

facebook barbie meme
facebook barbie meme – hate meta then check out quitting facebook memes

Over a billion dollars worth of Barbie dolls and accessories were sold in 1993, making this doll big business and one of the top 10 toys sold.

Party Barbie

These funny Barbie memes are not for kids.

looks like barbie but smokes like marley
funny barbie meme

Who remembers the 1997 hit song by AQUA, I’m a Barbie Girl. Watch it on YouTube if you want to relive the “come on Barbie, let’s go party” fun.

come. on barbie lets go party they say
drunk barbie meme

The night did not end well.

funny barbie meme
funny barbie meme

Barbie fits the weight criteria for anorexia. She likely would not menstruate. Keep reading to get Barbie’s measurements. All that said, Barbie you cannot be drinking that much – especially when you are that thin.

party barbie meme
party barbie meme

If Barbie was a real woman, she’d have to walk on all fours due to her proportions.

Fat Barbie Meme

While the world is finally turning a corner to understanding that not everyone has to look the same, let’s flip the narrative on this iconic dolls looks with this fat barbie meme.

skinny fat fit or over weight love you for you
fat barbie meme

A few years back, this carbie Barbie meme dropped and all the laughs because the iconic doll wasn’t rail thin.

she's pretty, self-confident, loves tacos and does't care what you have to say about her appearance more carbie less barbie
carbie barbie meme

Sure, name her Carbie – ain’t nothing wrong with carbs y’all.

Barbie Doll Meme

Slumber Party Barbie was introduced in 1965 and came with a bathroom scale permanently set at 110 lbs with a book entitled “How to Lose Weight” with directions inside stating simply “Don’t eat.”

What if Barbie was a real person?
barbie meme – if barbie was real.

What if Barbie was a real person?I swore if I had a daughter that she wouldn’t play with her. Barbie represent everything that I loathe about beauty.

looking for the perfect girl go buy a barbie doll
barbie doll meme

The idea that someone has to be tall, blonde, thin with big bs slays me. Why would I let my daughter play with such a toy?

no filter old barbie meme
no filter barbie meme

And then I had a daughter – an EXTREMELY girly daughter at that. I remember the first Barbie doll she received when she was 2. It was actually a Disney Princess doll the size of a Barbie.

beautiful meme
beautiful meme

Okay, that’s fine, it will pass. And then she turned 3 and it was if that was the default birthday gift for the next 7 years of her life.

barbie eyes meme

If Barbie Was a Real Person

Recently the internet has dissected the plastic doll and figured out exactly how fake Barbie really is. Check out these details if Barbie were actually a real person.

if barbie was a real person
if barbie was a real person

Real Life Barbie Dimensions

Ever wonder what scale is Barbie? Like how tall is she, how much does Barbie weigh if she was a real woman.

Let’s take a look and pretend that the Barbie doll is an actual woman, If she was real, here are her stats:

barbie stats
barbie stats - 30 Funny Barbie Memes and Fascinating Facts About This Toy Doll
  • Barbie would be 5’9″ tall
  • She would have a 39″ bust, an 18″ waist, 33″ hips and a size 3 shoe.
  • Barbie would weigh 110 lbs and her BMI would be 16.24.

Barbie Doll Without Makeup

Ever wonder what a Barbie doll without makeup looks like. Oh, B you look so refreshing.

photo of 2 barbie dolls. 1 without makeup 1 barbie with make-up
Barbie Meme – What Barbie would look like without makeup. via Jezebel

If you are into makeup – check out these makeup memes.

How to Remove Barbie Makeup

Did you know you can remove Barbie makeup with nail polish remover? Make sure to be careful with the fumes and to keep away from children.

Barbie and Ken Meme

Barbie and Ken have been together since 1961.

barbie and ken faking their relationship since 1961
barbie and ken meme

As with any relationship, the fake wears off and reality creeps in. This funny Barbie meme shows it best.

longterm relationship barbie
barbie ken meme

As mentioned, the Barbie movie releases in July 2023. One of our favorite celebrity memes, Ryan Gosling is playing Ken.

90s boy bands be like
barbie ken meme

Barbie 2023

This article on the real life stats of the Barbie doll were first published on Digital Mom Blog back in April 2013. Fast forward, we are now in 2023 and good news, Barbie is evolving.

barbie mom meme
barbie mom meme – check out these funny mom memes for more mama humor

More Funny Memes about Barbie

Coming in with more funny Barbie memes, let’s share some that are relatable to life.

when my eyeliner is on point my life is on point
meme barbie

That moment when you meet someone and think “did we just become best friends?”

did we just become best friends

If I ever go missing, make sure to use my selfie with the most likes. It always slays me when the worse possible photo is used – take it yes, I know it needs to look like the person. With all the filters and the apps like Facetune App who knows what people look like in real life.

if i ever go missing make sure to use my self with the most likes
funny meme barbie

That constant stare, you know she is judging you.

silently judging you

Hot mess express barbie is the mom meme we can identify with.

finally a barbie i can identify with hot mess express barbie
messy barbie meme

Speaking of moms, for anyone who has kids that love the cartoon Barbie movies – you’ll totally get this bibble Barbie meme. Bibble From Barbie Fairytopia: we were introduced to the Bibble character who is Elina’s pet puffball and sidekick.

nighty night dizzle poo
bibble barbie meme

Toddler moms be like. Don’t miss our funny toddler memes!

being a toddler mom be like
raquelle barbie meme

When life gets hard, we go shopping.

when life gets hard we go shopping

A funny Shrimp on the Barbie meme because who doesn’t love a good pun.

shrimp on the barbie iykyk (if you know you know)

Why yes, most Barbies still are pretty – thankfully Mattel has woken up to the reality that we aren’t all white, blonde, skinny Bs. (see what i did there)

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