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50 Funny Introvert Memes That Will Make You Say OMG Thats Me

Introvert memes are the secret handshake of the quiet and contemplative, a beacon of humor in a world that often feels like it’s turned up a few decibels too high.

These digital snippets of joy resonate deeply with those of us who find solace in solitude, offering a chuckle that’s as soft as our spoken words at a bustling party.

introvert memes

As someone who is a total extroverted introvert, I hope you enjoy these memes as much as I do.

woohoo! i'm finally alone

Funny Introvert Memes

With every scroll, introvert memes whisper, “It’s okay to relish in your peaceful corner of the world.”

an introvert preparing for a phone call

So, let’s cozy up in our introvert-friendly nooks, perhaps accompanied by a furry friend or a favorite plant, and explore the world of introvert memes, where every laugh is an affirmation of our love for quietude and personal space.

when overwhelmed this is what's going on in an introvert brain

Warning, these memes about introverts may give you all the feels.

alone introvert memes: what my friends are doing tonight vs what i am doing as an introvert

From our drinking meme collection, this is introvert gold. Those of us who don’t do crowds, know that drinking at home always tops drinking at a bar.

Drinking at Home Meme

Introverts tend to be more quiet, reserved, and introspective. Some may call us anti-social, but I like to think of it more that we are selective in who we want to spend time with.

me trying to charge my extrovert battery so i can talk to my friends

An example would be in this conversation meme.

when an extrovert tries to make conversation

Put us introverted personality types into an awkward spot like in a group to introduce ourselves. That would be a hard pass.

"Alright everyone, we are going to go around and introduce ourselves."

And it just happens that we like to spend a whole lot of time with ourselves.

introverts when plans
are canceled
funny introvert meme

Typical introvert and their feelings: Me comforting myself while going through a hard time because I don’t want to worry my friends and family about my problems.

introvert feelings meme: Me comforting myself while going through a hard time because I don't want to worry my friends and family about my own problems.

Introvert Parent Meme

Introverted parents – I feel your pain! As an introvert mom, it’s hard forcing yourself to do things for your child that are out of your comfort zone.

when you are an introverted mom with extroverted kids

With our 4 kids, we have 2 that are introverts and 2 that are extroverts. It’s weird how we relate to each child and that both my husband and myself are introverted.

when your kids play sports but you hate talking to other parents

If you are a mom and consider your self introverted, here is a book for you to read – The Introverted Mom.

Another great book is Quiet – the power of introverts by Susan Cain. I prefer listening, so downloaded the audio book.

introvert funny meme: how i feel when i am at a party

Introvert vs Extrovert Meme

Introverts vs extroverts and 2 different people that can make the best of friends.

extrovert vs introvert meme

The yin and yang theory work well when it comes to these personality types! This introvert vs extrovert reality was the most apparent when we were in lockdown and quarantine.

introvert vs extrovert meme

Here’s a great introvert vs extrovert meme that demonstrates perfectly the difference between the two personality traits.

introvert vs extrovert meme: people, people everywhere

Woody, looking scared of all the people while Buzz is happy.

Relatable Introvert Memes

Have you ever looked at a meme and just thought, wow – that speaks my language. These relatable introvert memes will do just the same!

people got me like...

See Cashier meme – yeah, if I get a see cashier message at the gas station, I am not going to see the cashier. I am going to get into my vehicle and drive to a different pump.

see cashier introvert meme

We shared this over on our pollen meme collection, but too funny not too share here. When you are allergic to people and pollen…

i can't go outside i'm allergic to pollen and people

While I’m more of a puppy fan than a fan of cats, this is so true about introverts being like cats. Introverts want attention on their terms and will disappear when they’ve had enough.

Introverts are like cats, they want attention on their terms and will disappear when they've had enough.

When you don’t want anyone to know you are online but want to read the messages. Oh the ways of us introverts!

me reading the messages via the notifications bar so it doesn't show that i'm online

How Introverts Make Friends

Extroverts find them, like them and adopt them. If you are an extrovert, here is a good read on how to befriend a shy introvert.

introvert friends meme
introvert friends meme – via shylostconfused

All of us introverts have those extrovert friends who think they are saving you from being alone. DUDE – we like being alone!

introvert extrovert friend meme

Group Project Meme

Who else hates group projects? When the teacher says “okay, break off into groups for the next part of class.” who else freaks out? Introverts do! See our Spongebob Memes for more yellow sponge funny.

introvert group project meme

Yeah group project time isn’t a introvert favorite, especially with people they don’t know

funny teamwork meme results

Did someone say you want teamwork memes? We got them.

Introvert Hug Meme

An introverts face when they are the recipient of unsolicited physical contact. Hug an introvert and this is the face they will make!

introvert hug meme: an introverts face when they are the recipient of unsolicited physical contact

Funny Introvert Quotes

Gotta love a good introvert quote. Here are a few quotes about introverts that are totally relatable.

Being Introverted and Extroverted Quote

Sometimes us introvert extroverts are the most misunderstood. Here is an introvert quote that explains this personality type well.

introvert quote about extroverted introverted

I used to think I was introverted because I enjoyed being alone but it turns out I really liked being at peace with myself and my surroundings and I am extremely extroverted with people who bring me comfort and happiness.

Human Connection Quote

This introvert quote nails the importance of human connection in a world that is full of screens and klout dreams.

introvert quote about human connection

In a world full of algorithms, hashtags & followers – know the true importance of human connection.

Party Chitchat Quote

Introverts crave meaning so party chitchat is like sandpaper to our psyche.

Introverts crave meaning so party chitcha

Diane Camera is the author of this funny introvert quote.

Old Soul Quote

Introverts are just old souls and they’ve had enough of everyone’s bs. I like this theory.

introvert old souls meme

Passive Meme

Another introvert trait is passiveness. These funny introvert memes are great examples of how introverts deal with life.

passive meme introvert ordering food  restaurant gets order wrong Introvert "not exactly what i had in mind but this will do."

Introvert Quiz

Which type of introvert are you? Are you a social introvert, thinking, anxious or restrained introvert?

introvert quiz


JOMO is the joy of missing out. The Antonym for FOMO, the fear of missing out. While extroverts may experience FOMO, introverts experience JOMO.

jomo meme  JOMO meaning Joy of missing out. Feeling content with staying in and disconnecting as a form of selfcare.

Share this introvert meme with your favorite FOMO person who doesn’t understand JOMO or JOMO person who doesn’t understand FOMO.

Antisocial Memes

As this antisocial meme shows, some of us would rather stay in bed rather than socializing.

when you would rather stay in bed than go out and be social

So you just look at memes all day instead of socializing? Pretty much describes my anti-social life and i’m okay with that. This introvert meme about going out and being anti social says it all.

"so you just look at memes all day instead of socializing?" its a peaceful life meme

This antisocial meme says it all, also welcome to my life. I share memes, lots of them.

Anti-Social Club

What if we started an anti-social club. No meetings, but we do share memes – virtually of course.

proud member of the antisocial club

Introverts Unite Meme

Or of course, there is the introverts unite club. We all meet separately at our home. Have I talked about what a dream work from home is for those of us introverted?

introverts unite seperately at our own homes

Ambivert Meme

Are you an introverted extrovert? Like you enjoy people but then you need alone time. You find yourself on both ends of the personality spectrum. You are not alone.

when you are an ambivert
but you also think too much

An ambivert is someone who has both the qualities of introversion and extroversion. So extroverted introvert could be you!

you can be both introverted and extroverted
extrovert introvert meme

Introvert Birthday Meme

An introvert birthday meme – for the person who would rather people not know it’s their birthday. Don’t miss all of our amazing birthday memes!

introvert birthday meme

Being an introvert is just who you are. It doesn’t necessarily mean you hate people (though I do like to joke about that.)

happy birthday to my favorite introvert now if everyone could just leave you alone

And perhaps you are an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert. Whatever you are, own who you are and you be you.

"Yeah, I can't come out
tonight. I'm super busy."

Embrace the beauty of your individual self however you define that or don’t want to define that!

More Funny Memes About Introverts

Here are more introvert memes for us who prefer time alone.

when an introvert is invited to a party
party invite meme

I don’t always talk to people, but when I do – it’s because I’m at work and my job requires it. Don’t miss our hilarious work memes.

I don't always talk to people, but when I do  it's because I'm at work and my job requires it.
introvert work meme

Just don’t make eye contact when talking to people. It works 75% of the time.

if you don't make eye contact when talking to people they will think you are weird and go away
talking to people meme

Those extroverts, I know they mean well – but us introverts, ain’t nobody got time for that.

extroverts ain't nobody got time for that
extroverts meme

Ew People Meme

From our Schitts Creek meme collection, ew David? Nah. We ew people over here on the introvert side.

ew people meme
ew people meme

Be Quiet Meme

Rather than shut up, be quiet meme is a polite way to tell someone that you just can’t with them at the moment.

be quiet my brain cannot process you right now
be quiet meme

Leave me alone and be quiet, please and thank you.

if you could just stop talking that would be great

Social Anxiety Meme

All memes and jokes aside, social anxiety is real.

social anxiety meme: not sure if i should talk to people or leave quickly

Shy vs Introvert Meme

This is a great example of telling the difference between is someone is shy vs introvert. Is it oh no people, which would be shy. Or the latter – ew, people.

the difference between shy vs introvert meme

How Introverts Make Friends Meme

But also, as this shy introvert meme shows the stretched truth about making friends when you aren’t social. Introverts make friends by extroverts introducing us to people. Gotta love them.

Hard Times Meme

When you try to start a hard conversation but your introvert brain is all like, wha…

hard times meme: when hard times hit and i need to talk to someone but every time i go to form words my brain be like

Introvert Canceled Plans Meme

When plans are canceled, I might feel like Dr. Evil getting that billion dollars.

how i feel when plans are canceled

Enneagram and Introverts

Have you studied the enneagram personality theory? It’s fascinating, even though I am an extroverted introvert, I am a Enneagram 7 (though I think more of a Enneagram 7w8).

enneagram 9 memes

If you are into the enneagram thing, don’t miss our enneagram memes!

Share the Memes for Introverts

As we wrap up our journey through the delightful realm of introverted memes, it’s clear that they’re more than just quick chuckles; they’re a celebration of the introvert lifestyle. These memes remind us that there’s beauty in solitude and strength in quietude.

introverts avoid all the things

So, the next time you opt for a book over a bash or tea over a turn-up, remember that there’s a whole community of like-minded souls, chuckling along with you in spirit. And who knows? Sharing an introvert meme might just be the way to connect without having to leave the comfort of your bubble.

funny introvert meme: yoda saying introverted i am leave me alone you must.

So go ahead, spread the joy of introvert memes far and wide—quietly, of course, and from the comfort of your own home. Tag us on social at @digitalmomblog on Facebook or @digitalmomblog_com on Instagram! And follow along for some more funny!

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