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Introvert Memes – Relatable and Funny Memes for Introverted People

Introvert memes that are totally relatable and for enjoying when you are by yourself. Lets face it, alone is our happy place and there is nothing wrong with that!

For years I always thought I was an extrovert. It took until my mid-30’s for me to realize that the only reason I thought I was an extrovert was because that is what people told me I was. I enjoy time by myself.

friends vs introvert meme
my friends out and me staying in

While I like people, I get energy from being alone and that’s the definition of being an introvert!

Introverts tend to be more quiet, reserved, and introspective. Some may call us anti-social, but I like to think of it more that we are selective in who we want to spend time with.

introducing introverts meme

And it just happens that we like to spend a whole lot of time with ourselves.

Funny Introvert Memes

If you too get energized by alone time, then these funny introvert memes are for you. Share with your introvert friends or maybe even your extrovert friends to help them understand you a bit more.

introverts plans cancelled meme
when plans are cancelled introverts be like

Typical introvert and their feelings: Me comforting myself while going through a hard time because I don’t want to worry my friends and family about my problems.

introvert feelings meme tom and jerry - Typical introvert and their feelings: Me comforting myself while going through a hard time because I don't want to worry my friends and family about my problems.
introvert feelings meme

Introvert Parent Meme

Introverted parents – I feel your pain! As an introvert mom, it’s hard forcing yourself to do things for your child that are out of your comfort zone.

introverted parent meme
introvert parent meme extrovert kids

With our 4 kids, we have 2 that are introverts and 2 that are extroverts. It’s weird how we relate to each child and that both my husband and myself are introverted.

introvert parent meme sports game
when your kids are in sports but you hate talking to other parents (via ramblin mama)

If you are a mom and consider your self introverted, here is a book for you to read – The Introverted Mom. Another great book is Quiet – the power of introverts by Susan Cain. I prefer listening, so downloaded the audio book.

Here’s a few good reads for parents. If you are an extrovert with an introvert child – and 12 tips for caring for introverted kids

How Introverts Make Friends

Extroverts find them, like them and adopt them.

If you are an extrovert, here is a good read on how to befriend a shy introvert.

introvert friends meme
introvert friends meme – via shylostconfused

All of us introverts have those extrovert friends who think they are saving you from being alone. DUDE – we like being alone!

introvert extrovert friend meme
extrovert saving introvert meme

Group Projects

Who else hates group projects? When the teacher says “okay, break off into groups for the next part of class.” who else freaks out? Introverts do!

introvert group project meme

Hug an Introvert

An introverts face when they are the recipient of unsolicited physical contact. Hug an introvert and this is the face they will make!

introvert hug meme
hug an introvert meme

Introvert and Extrovert Meme

Introverts and extroverts and 2 different people that can make the best of friends.

introvert meets extrovert meme
when an introvert meets an extrovert meme

The yin and yang theory work well when it comes to these personality types! This introvert vs extrovert reality was the most apparent when we were in lockdown and quarantine.

introvert vs extrovert meme
introvert vs extrovert

Introverts were loving life without people and extroverts were scratching the walls to see people. Funny how that works!

Introvert Quote

Gotta love a good introvert quote. Here are a few quotes about introverts that are totally relatable.

Party Chitchat

Introverts crave meaning so party chitchat is like sandpaper to our psyche. Diane Camera quote about introverts

Introverts crave meaning so party chitchat is like sandpaper to our psyche. Diane Camera quote about introverts
introvert quote

Old Souls

Introverts are just old souls and they’ve had enough of everyone’s bs. I like this theory.

introvert old souls meme
introvert quote about old souls

Passive Nature

Another introvert trait is passiveness. These funny introvert memes are great examples of how introverts deal with life.

introvert ordering meme

See Cashier meme – yeah, if I get a see cashier message at the gas station, I am not going to see the cashier. I am going to get into my vehicle and drive to a different pump.

see cashier introvert meme
anti social meme – see cashier at gas pump, no thanks!


JOMO is the joy of missing out. The Antonym for FOMO, the fear of missing out. While extroverts may experience FOMO, introverts experience JOMO.

jomo joy of missing out meme introverts
introvert meme about jomo

Anti-Social Memes

So you just look at memes all day instead of socializing? Pretty much describes my anti-social life and i’m okay with that.

memes for introverts
antisocial meme

Introvert Birthday Meme

An introvert birthday meme – for the person who would rather people not know it’s their birthday. Don’t miss all of our amazing birthday memes!

introvert birthday meme

Being an introvert is just who you are. It doesn’t necessarily mean you hate people (though I do like to joke about that.) And perhaps you are an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert. Whatever you are, own who you are and you be you.

super busy introvert meme
can’t come out tonight, i’m super busy

Embrace the beauty of your individual self however you define that or don’t want to define that!

Enneagram and Introverts

Have you studied the enneagram personality theory? It’s fascinating, even though I am an extroverted introvert, I am a Enneagram 7 (though I think more of a Enneagram 7w8). If you are into the enneagram thing, don’t miss our enneagram memes!

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