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Work From Home Memes – 50+ Funny Images About Working Remote

For those of us who still get to work remote, enjoy these funny Work from Home Memes!

Now a days working from home is almost the norm. Employees are demanding remote work and due to the great resignation, inflation, potential recession, insane pandemic – should I go on? Let’s laugh at the fun with these memes about working from home.

Funny Work From Home Memes

While I may not be able to fix the chaotic state of the world, one thing I can do is bring these funny work from home memes. I am serious when I say memes are my love language.

work from home memes funny
work from home memes funny

We are sharing over 40+ funny work from home memes. Share this link with your fellow co-workers that are adapting to this new work arrangement.

remote work skype meeting
working from home meme

Millions of workers who worked in an office now are working remote due to that awful c one nineteen word self distancing CDC recommendations.The cvirus outbreak has triggered an anxious trial run for remote work at a grand scale. 

Working From Home with Kids Memes

As a working mom who juggles work and kids, it is crazy trying to juggle the kids and work. Thankfully my kids are older. I don’t know how you parents who wfh with toddlers and babies do it.

trying to work from home with kids meme
trying to work from home with kids meme

When you have to work from home with kids meme gave me a good laugh. This is so true. There is no working 9 to 5 as a work at home parent if your kids are at home.

funny working from home with kids meme dolly parton
funny working from home with kids meme dolly parton

Not saying that you don’t get your time and hours in (and more importantly your work done!) You are working a bunch of random hours to get the job done.

working from home with kids meme
working from home with kids meme

From hiding in the closet to do conference calls because your kid is home sick, to putting a note on the door making sure that no one comes in to your home office because you are on a video call. These are the realities parents who work at home with kids.

WFH Memes

I’ll never forget when I started working from home 15 years ago. I can’t imagine having a boss tell me that it’s back to the office!

wfm memes - when my boss says we have to return to the office
wfm memes

This WFH meme is relatable to so many whose boss is making them return to working in an office. (Thoughts and prayers.)

Pretending to Work Meme

My parents just did not understand how I could not go into an office and still be paid.

remote work pretending to work meme
pretending to work meme

It blew their minds that a company would allow such a thing. Now, it’s a total norm. Check out about working remotely and find out how many people work remote now!

meme about work from home

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you aren’t working, but that also doesn’t mean you are necessarily adhering to the work dress code.

work from home clothes meme

The remote workforce is alive and well, but you do have to admit it is laughable. I totally get the mid-day nap.

work from bed meme

It most likely means, you are working MORE, even if it means you are working from bed.

toilet home office meme
hiding in the bathroom at work meme

Or maybe even from your bathroom home office.

home office days meme

Make sure to share our work memes and meeting memes – also funny memes your coworkers will love!

housebound wfh
funny work from home meme – when someone asks how long its been since you left the house

WFH Distractions Memes

These funny distraction memes are relatable. Kids are of course a distraction for working parents.


Parents are scrambling to find child care now that schools could be closed for 8 weeks or more! Don’t miss the hilarious school closure memes.

distractions oatmeal work from home
distraction meme funny work from home jokes

Oh the videos to be distracted from!

office chat work from home meme
work from home distracted meme

Office chit chat with the kids. 

game of thrones one does not
work from home distraction meme

One simple does not work from home without distraction.

on video conference no naked
humor work from home

When both you and your boyfriend work from home!

work from home dog meme
You thought kids were hard to work with, try dogs!

The dogs, omg talk about distraction!

cats work from home memes
work from home meme – You’ll be productive they say.

Memes for Work from Home Haters

There are people who just don’t get working from home. This Coronavirus situation is making remote working easier.

working from home dr evil
funny work from home image

If you have a job where you can work from home but your work has not enforced it, read this post from QZ on how to talk to your boss about working from home.

work from home pun
work from home cat meme

Where Have You Been Meme

When you work from home and people don’t know where you have been. This where have you been meme with this silly seal face is just perfect for when your coworker is out of sight out of mind.

working from home meme 8
where have you been meme

Jealous co-workers be like.

Boss Memes About Working Remote

working from home meme 6

When your boss works from home and you don’t. 

hypocrite boxx

Your boss when he is working from vacation. (via @brosbeingbasic)

Not reality

Gotta love the boss who doesn’t let workers work from home, but he works from home “through the holidays.”

Boss doesn’t like WFH but WFH

More Working From Home Humor

More working from home memes. While these aren’t all exact – they are pretty funny! Enjoy the work from home humor!


What a home office really looks like.

working from home pretending to work

PJs and couch, yes.

office space meme
working from home meme

UGH – nothing like a bad boss…


Not really, but that’s what your boss thinks.There isn’t anything wrong with working in sweat pants – as long as it’s not in the office.Nope, not leaving the house. I WFH.

work at home meme drew cary
working from home meme funny

Welcome to working from home. The place where the house you actually work are made up and your pants don’t matter. 

Working in Pajamas Memes

Why get dressed when you work from home? I don’t know about you, but my working from home uniform is yoga pants and a hoodie. If you too don’t fancy it up for the home office, you are in good company. Enjoy these work from home attire memes!

Sorry Pope, you don’t work from home. 

pope before and after
working in pajamas meme

No thanks, pants! I’m working in pajamas, or possibly just my underwear.

no pants working
pajamas meme

Rolling out of bed and getting work done!

work at home sweat pants
working in paja

I wake up in the morning to change out of my PJs into my other set of PJs!

PJs – WFH Uniform

Relatable Work From Home Memes

Emails from the toilet when working from home – it’s really a thing.

toilet is your office
hiding in the bathroom at work meme

WFH means rarely leaving the house. 

Day drinking wfh

You can start drinking early. 

whats a homeoffice
home office meme

What a WFH home office really looks like. 

Advantages of working from home

Yes, no office politics!

Getting along is so easy

That’s right! 

wfh means working all the time

Yes, working from home on a Tuesday looks like a Saturday (but you still gotta work – just in your pjs!)

work from home or live at work

Yes, working from home can feel like you are working all the time. 

More Funny Work from Home Images

More funny work from home images. This is pretty much true of all of us that work remote from our home office not leaving for day.

funny work from home image - me working from home looking like
funny work from home image

Working from home – one of the perks of being on the Jedi council.

working from home star wars

This funny tractor meme is a good laugh about farming – the first “work from home” job.

funny tractor meme about work from home
funny tractor meme about work from home

If you working from home as a working mom or dad and your boss sends you home early – where did you go? 

going home early work from home

It’s Friday – go WFH!

sorry folks – john candy was hilarious

Share These WFH Memes

I hope these work from home memes put a smile on your face. Please share this post with your co-workers or fellow friends who think working from home is a joke. We know the realities and we can laugh at ourselves – in our underwear. That’s the great think about remote work – no pants, no shoes, no problem!

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