31 Days of Technology for Kids


We talk a lot of things here digital here at Digital Mom Blog, but one thing that is a constant theme in my life is technology for kids. With 4 digital native kids of my own, my husband and I being tech people – there’s a lot in my life technology in our lives.

tech for kids
technology for kids

Let’s spend the month of October talking about technology for kids. We’ll talk about everything from the latest and greatest products, using technology in parenting, apps for kids, internet safety to screen time and learning online. Join in on the conversation – we’ll be talking about it all month long.

If you have a topic you would like to see covered, drop a comment!

  1. Online Schooling – Technology changed how my kids go to school.
  2. Sphero 2.0 – A robotic toy – perfect for STEM kids!
  3. iBaby M6 Monitor – The baby monitor for the modern parent.
  4. Cheap Laptops – Buy your kid a laptop without having to cash out your 401k.
  5. Teaching Handwriting with an iPad – Using technology to teach means entertained toddler!
  6. Tweens and Instagram – Why my tween is no longer using Instagram.
  7. Best Toddler Websites –  The 7 favorite websites of my toddlers.
  8. Track Teen Drivers – Find out how your teenager drives, when you aren’t in the car.
  9. Best Tablets for Kids – Looking to buy your child a tablet? We’ve rounded up our favorite 15.
  10. Visit Your Doctor Online – A look at virtual doctor visits.
  11. Tweens and Technology – Read what my tween has to say about technology.
  12. Kids and Cell Phones – 5 things we learned from giving our kids cell phones.
  13. No Screens in the Bedroom – This is one rule we aren’t budging on!
  14. Digital Halloween Costumes – Kick up your Halloween costumes with an app.
  15. Teens and Sexting – 7 facts about teens and sexting that you should know before talking to your teen.
  16. Phone Stacking Game – Help curb cell phone usage at the dinner table with this game.
  17. Digital Family Schedule – Learn tips and tricks to keeping a Google Calendar for your family’s schedule.
  18. Clean Bathroom Apps – Road tripping with kids? You will want to know where a clean bathroom is!
  19. Kids Alarm Clocks – Sleep training your toddler? Check out these toddler alarm clocks.
  20. Clean Your Screen – Keep your kid finger-printed screens CLEAN with these tips.
  21. PhotoMath App – A photo calculator app that helps your kids “Show Their Work”
  22. Screen Time & Eye Damage – Learn about the 20/20/20 rule when it comes to screen time.
  23. Lice and Selfies– Something to make your teen aware of if lice is spreading at their school.
  24. Cell Phone Etiquette – 4 tips to teach your kids before handing them a cell phone of their own.
  25. Better Apple Products for Kids – Apple is missing the boat with the kids and technology market!
  26. Minecraft Facts – Amaze your kids with these interesting facts about Minecraft.
  27. Robot Turtles – Teach your kids to code before they know how to read.
  28. Fitness Trackers for Kids – Could a fitness tracker get your kid moving?
  29. Setup Parental Controls On Your Router – Learn how to configure times and more on your router.
  30. Kids Allowance App – Manage your kids allowance and never worry about forgetting their money again!
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