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Meet Sphero 2.0 Robotic Toy

Let me introduce you to Sphero 2.0 robotic toy. This is definitely something we have on the list to buy for our kids this Christmas. This is a really cool gadget, way more than your average robot toy. Let me explain.

Meet Sphero 2.0 

| Meet Sphero 2.0 Robotic ToyLast year, my husband and I had the opportunity to attend CES in Las Vegas. We were introduced to a plethora of amazing technologies – but one that stood out was Sphero.  Sphero is a robotic toy that you control from your smartphone or tablet. You can play games and do tricks – all with this light-up ball.

Here is some footage from Sphero at CES:

Meet Sphero – the app-enabled ball that does it all. Intelligent and well-rounded, Sphero lets you play, learn, and explore. Create obstacle courses, upgrade family game night with multiplayer fun, or learn to program with our free SPRK lessons. This virtually unstoppable companion is waterproof, pet-proof, and ready for any adventure. It’s time to upgrade your play.

You can create obstacle courses, turn your living room into a video game with augmented reality apps, and upgrade family game night with multiplayer fun. Take crash courses in programming with free SPRK lessons and discover limitless possibilities through Connected PlayTM.

How to Control Sphero

Sphero ReviewSphero is controlled via Bluetooth with your iOS, Android, or Windows device.

What Is Sphero?

Sphero is the app-controlled ball that does it all.

A Brave Explorer
Control Sphero, turn your living room into a video game with augmented reality apps, or upgrade family game night with multiplayer games. Sphero is also pet-proof, swims and is ready to roll wherever you go.

A Teachable Robot
Sphero is even making moves in the classroom with crash courses in programming using MacroLab and orbBasic. Check out SPRK at

A New Way to Play
Choose from over 30 apps and launch a whole new world of gameplay. The result is limitless possibilities for new types of connected play that meld the virtual and real worlds for a fun gaming experience.

Introduce Coding to Kids 

One of the things that I loved that Sphero is doing, is encouraging kids to learn how to code.  You can program Sphero to do a plethora of things.  Schools are bringing Sphero in to help kids learn to code.

Sphero is $119 at Amazon. 

Sphero has sent us over an Ollie to try out! This is another app-controlled Robot that you’ll want to check out. Review coming soon.