Phone Stacking Game for the Family Dinner Table

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Continuing our Kids and Technology series, today we talk cell phones at the dinner table and a little game to play to prevent cell phone usable during the meal.

Phone Stacking Game – if your kids (or yourself) are habitually bad about having the phone at the table – we have a game for you. It’s called the phone stacking game. You may have heard of how to play it at a restaurant, but we have given it a new twist for the family dinner table.

I have revised this game after we unearthed 2 lost iPod touches that belong to our kids. My husband recently jumped the Android ship and got an iPhone. All that is grand, except dinner time has become us talking to each other via messenger.The lovely Pinterest, introduced me to the phone stacking game. Brilliant, except one thing – I needed this for our home dinner table. So, with a little adaption here you have it

Phone Stacking Game for the Dinner Table

So here you have it. An adapted version of the phone stacking game for families. Check out the rules and enjoy some quality non-technology time at your next meal.

phone stacking game at dinner

The phone stacking game starts at the beginning of a meal.

Everyone puts their phones face down at the center of the table.

No one is allowed to pick up their phone during the meal, no matter how many times your iPhone buzzes, it doesn’t matter – NO picking it up!

The first one to give in loses the game and has to wash everyone’s dishes.

If no one gives in, then everyone pitches in and helps with dishes because Mom can’t do it all!

The game ends when everyone is done.

See mom always wins! My kind of game!

Original Phone Stacking Game

Here is the original:

phone stacking game

4 thoughts on “Phone Stacking Game for the Family Dinner Table”

  1. Re: The Phone Stacking Game


    Saw your post & wanted to tell you that we have just recently designed an iPhone app for
    the phone stacking game called PhoneStackr. We think it’s pretty cool and it works great.
    We designed the game because we too were getting frustrated w/ not being able to have
    conversations w/ our friends or family w/o our phones constantly interrupting us.

    Also, like your new set of rules about doing chores!

    We have a press release we could send you if you’re interested and our website is,

    Another nice feature of our app is that parents can monitor kids who are texting while
    driving. The parent & the child both start PhoneStacker and if the kids use their phones
    for texts, email or FB the parent will know immediately. We think this would work best as
    a kind of reward system where the child might get an increase in their allowance if they
    don’t text while driving.

    Well hope you like it & I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.


    [email protected]

    • Rich, Just found you via digitalmomblog. What a great idea. I’m a blogger who’s online a lot myself. I’m going to look for your app. How did you come up with this idea? I have a tech obsessed daughter and I’m frantic to find some ways to make her put the phone down!

      thanks! Rosemond

  2. What a great way of modifying the original game! I will definitely have to try this at home. Do you have any other recommendations for games like these?

  3. If you’d like to try it we’ll gift it you with codes you redeem in the App Store for free. Just email a request & I’ll send you as many codes as you like, within reason of course. It’s a great game & we think you’ll love it. We only ask that you tell us what you think & what features you’d like to see added.

    The same offer would apply to Digital Mom. We think she is great!

    [email protected]


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