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Keep Your Kids Drawings Forever With the Artkive App

The Artkive App lets you keep drawings forever. No more boxes filled with kid artwork needed!

My kids love to draw, write me notes and make kid art – which I LOVE. There is nothing better than a sweet little note from my daughter, or a photo or what my son thinks I look like.

artkive app review
artkive app review

The problem comes in, well I have 4 kids. 3 of which are budding artists. While I am no means organized – there isn’t enough room in the world for all of the kid art my kids want to keep!

*Cue this APP!*

ArtKive App Review

The ArtKive app is your God send!  ArtKive lets you snap photos of all of your kids art and saves it in an account. The photos save to your phone, as well as to your ArtKive account.

Simple, easy, but why use ArtKive?  Not only is it great having all of their images in one place – the ArtKive app allows you to create products from the kid art, such as a mug or photo book!  

artkive app
artkive app

Plus, I don’t know about you and your phone’s photos – but mine are anything but organized. Finding all of the pictures I took of my kid’s art would be a nightmare.

My favorite thing about this app is my kids love it. Now as I am clearing out the papers from their backpacks, they say “Mom, take a picture of this!” meaning ArtKive it.

No More Mom Guilt!

Gone is my guilt for throwing their beloved art away, and my kids don’t hate me now knowing that their works of art are stored somewhere digitally.

If you are thinking about going minimalist, or are just a mom tired of the clutter, this app is for you.

App Details

The ArtKive app is free to download and available for iOS and Android.

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