A Look at the iBaby M6 Video Monitor

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In today’s age – technology start at birth. As soon as your child is born, you will be turning to technology to help raise them in some form or fashion.  For today’s kids and technology feature, will be checking out the iBaby M6 video monitor.

iBaby M6 Video Monitor

iBaby Video Baby Monitor

The iBaby M6 is another gadget we were able to get hands on with at CES in Las Vegas last year. A few weeks ago, iBaby reached out to see if we would be interested in giving their latest monitor a test drive.

Our toddlers are getting older, but one toddler has this thing where he doesn’t want to sleep —- sooo, he sneaks into the playroom and turns on the Wii until we catch him. With the playroom being upstairs – unless we hear him – he will be up all night until he falls asleep playing the game.

A toddler that has slept 3 hours is not a pleasant toddler to be around.

We’ve positioned the iBaby M6 on a desk in the playroom and now we can be alerted when he walks by. There is even a function where we can talk back to him. There’s nothing like saying “I SEE YOU! GO TO SLEEP IZAIAH!” and watching your boy jump a mile high – when he forgets there’s a camera watching him and then realizing that he’s busted and won’t be spending the night playing Wii.

iBaby Video Baby Monitor

The iBaby M6 baby monitor works through the free iBaby Care app on your smart phone or tablet. This monitor offers a plethora of features. Here are a few of our faves:

Play Music


Play your baby’s favorite bedtime lullaiBaby Care Appbies with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Video Quality

The video quality is amazing compared to other video monitors we have used.


You can setup alerts to trigger a sound for motion or noise.

360 Degree Viewing

The monitor sits on a base and spins 360 degrees. Via the iBaby app, you can slide all around the screen and the camera will follow.

Two-way Audio

Talk back and forth with your kids with two-way audio capabilities.

Record Video and Take Photos

With a tap of a button, you can take photos or record video of what your kids are doing on the video monitor.

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Overall, the iBaby M6 is a well made product with a cool design. It functions just as I hope it would. There is a slight lag between the app and the camera, but isn’t a major issue.  This monitor comes with a ton of features that all work very well. The video quality is amazing, in all types of light. This is definitely a product I would recommend to a new paret.

Learn more about iBaby M6 at ibabylabs.com

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  1. Thank you so much for this review. I have been dying to read a review of the product to see if it really is what I was hoping it would be. I am happy you touched on different features of the monitor. Thank you!

  2. I am curious if you can hear what is going on through your phone even if you are not in the app, or have your phone locked.. Or do you have to actually have the app open and your phone unlocked to be able to hear.


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